Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekend roundup

My weekend was quiet. I dragged Dave out for 2 hours on Saturday because I needed him to help me pick new glasses. I have an appointment on Tuesday. I think we settled on these.

I think these might be the ones I get. They have Tiffany blue on the inside

I will decide for sure on Tuesday. While we were heading there on the T Dave was multitasking and ordering  groceries via the new Peapod iphone app

I love technology

and we finished it over lunch. With such precious free time we had to get as much done as possible.

I think the guy thought it was weird we were both sitting on the same side of the table hunched over a phone. I was making a conscious effort to take pictures this weekend and he kept making this manic face. Hey standing policy if you make the face infront of my camera I have full right to use it. Don't like it don't make the face! :P

make a gif

The best part of the afternoon was the tiny red velvet cake at PF Changs. He got the only GF one which was a chocolate mousse.

Tiny desserts

It was a good weekend for mail. My iphone case I ordered off Ebay what feels like weeks ago finally came  in. It was $1.95 and that included shipping. Just search Iphone4 case hello kitty and you will see them all.

My new case! $1.95 from eBay. That included shipping

My new tattoo necklace from Orangyredink from Etsy came in too!


Some of you may remember my other piece by her.

hillary etsy necklace cherry cherries

I hate to admit this but I lost it about a year ago. I was thinking about replacing it but I knew the second I had her make another one it would turn up. Instead I went with one a little less self centered and went with my husband's name. I miss my cherry one SO BAD!!!!!!!!!! She is seriously one of the nicest people you will ever do business with and her work is exquisite. My cherry necklace is by far the most complimented item I own hands down. So go check her out!! (I get no kickback I just love her stuff!)

Sorry for lack of outfit I am so annoyed with myself. I charged the camera this weekend. GO ME! But there is no chip in the camera!!! ACK I was so annoyed when I got to work and it said "no memory" GAH.

For those of you who haven't seen it yet I got Waffle sitting very unlady like on Friday night. She will sit like that for hours. Propped up against something.

What did you do this weekend? What did you eat?


Dave77459 said...

That necklace is the bomb! I might have to get one for the ladies in my life. Something not rude, for a change.

Peapod used to serve Houston, but no longer. Neither does Amazon Fresh.

Food: Saturday the highlight was a motorcycle meetup for a buffet breakfast. The rest of Saturday was wrecked as a consequence. Sunday, the highlight was a gourmet hamburger truck and delicious beer.

Otherwise, the weekend was chill. OH! EXCEPT for House Hunters, where the house hunting babe was from Boston. She said 'wicked' all the freakin' time! Really crazy to see some actually say that, just as you allege!

rlutz said...

mmm...that tiny red velvet cake looks amazing!
I ate alot of pizza this weekend...
I love that tattoo necklace, I think I am going to go check out her etsy site right now!!

Anonymous said...

That little cake looks delicious!! Yum! I ended up working most of the weekend, but I did find time for some fun in the kitchen and made Nigella Lawson's Tarragon Chicken. Yum!

Chalkdust and Boots said...

I love that tattoo necklace - I've been wanting one for a while but I always manage to forget to order one. I gotta get on this...

Lisa said...

I like those glasses! I always wanted glasses (never needed them . . . yet), it seems like fun to pick out frames and such.

That red velvet cake looks so good. I love red velvet, I wanted it to be my wedding cake, but my husband doesn't like it.

I won an apple pie in a raffle this weekend, so most we've kind of been nibbling our way through that slowly.

KayeStar said...

First off, I like those glasses. Crossing my fingers that you will like them on tuesday when you see them. I think they will look great on you.

I have the same rule about making faces in front of a camera. My husband always complains when I post pictures of him with crazy, strange or rude faces or gestures. Well if he didnt want it in a photo, then dont do it!

Waffle is too cute. It may be unladylike, but look at that pink belly!!

My weekend was crazy, took myself to the movies Saturday morning to see HP, went out to a new hibachi restuarant Saturday night and had an allergic reaction to something. My lips, toungue, hands swelled up sooo big and got hives all over. Not fun since Sunday I had to wake up early and drive 3.5 hours to my best friends baby shower. Luckily by the time i got to the shower the hives were gone and the worst of the swelling was gone. But if i took out 12 hours of allergic reactions, my weekend was actually really nice. And I'm glad you got to pull Dave away for a bit!

Megan Mae said...

Kitttyyyy belllyyy.

I love both necklaces. I hope you find the other one. Orangyredink actually has really reasonably priced stuff for having custom words and unique designs. I'm definitely adding a few things to my favs (to hopefully get in the future).

My weekend was full of prep for this week. It's going to be super busy. And of course the Hubs worked allll weekend long, so it was a lonely, but quiet weekend.

freeda said...

Hubby's gone hunting and it was a no-custody weekend so I basically sat in my jammies and watched premium cable series on demand till it was time to get the kid!!

Likewise, I ate whatever was closest. Leftover stew and tortilla chips figured prominently.

I love Waffle... need more Daisy though.

hillary said...

Daisyboo will always be my favorite girl but I say this out of love. She doesn't photograph well or do things that lends you to grabbing a camera. She makes angry faces closes her eyes and turn out as a black blob. I take pics
Of her and they aren't flattering. She's quiet and never misbehaves and hangs out inside my closet.. Waffle is a wild child. She's always into somethig and doing something wacky. She also SMILES at the camera. There are new pics of both them on their blog. I updated it this weekend.