Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Tuesday I do actually care about you.

This morning before work I headed up to the stacks and then realized I didn't have my tripod and there were people EVERYWHERE! but attempted anyways.


How about this?


Screw it. I grabbed camera before it went off again.


So I went down to my desk. I heard someone moving in the cube next to me. Dang I thought they weren't in yet.


Oh and I had a teal hoodie I ripped off right before that.


But you know what. I kinda love this outfit. A girlie cut dress. Slightly utilitarian boots and a bright scarf.It was literally a case of it was all clean and not planned but I think it is a very ME outfit even if I haven't ever worn a combo exactly like this.

How are you my dears?

I am well. I have had a lot of heartache lately (I lost a 5th family member last week) and it wears you down but I am feeling OK. Seriously I didn't know I could ever do that again a month ago. A really good friend had a baby yesterday and my heart exploded with love. I sent a gift off to my first "nephew" who was born a few weeks ago (oldest friend's bebe. I am an only child so I gotta get it where I can!) yesterday and it felt like a little cosmic happy. Despite all the loss there is always going to be new adorable little life. Dave is insanely busy. For those who are fairly new he went back to school for a degree in architecture and he is in his 6th year and he is supposed to graduate in December! He has been going FULL time and working FULL time for 6 years and the closer the end is the happier I get. (The busier he is unfortunately finishing up his thesis project!) My gram has a mental count down. When ever I talk she says "so its two months and week" She know Dave out of school = we visit more often.

We are planning some sort of graduation trip. We are still in the "where should we go?" stages. We need/want to keep it as cheap as possible but are open to just about anywhere right now. Its so wild to be able to plan things like a vacation. It's been so hard the past 6 years because he was ALWAYS busy. We were throwing the idea of Greece out there this week. It has everything we want fun architecture, completely different than what we've ever done and it has aqua waters which is my only request.I "might" be 1/4 Greek too so that is fun to think about. Have you ever gone anywhere fun and affordable you'd like to recommend? I have been to England, France, Switzerland, Germany, Mexico, Canada, Aruba and Venezuela and Dave went to Amsterdam, Germany, Austria(??) and France in one epic trip and our honeymoon was to the Keys and Mexico and we went to Canada a few years ago. So we are thinking somewhere neither us have been. Food is a BIG concern. We actually are looking for a place we can get an apartment for a week because eating all our meals out is not an option with his Celiac and hypoglycemia. I don't want to go on a GO GO GO vacation. I want to chillax.

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Jeweled Thumb said...

OMG He's in Architecture?!?! And working full time? Is he insane? I did Architecture for my Bachelor's and didn't even get all the way through (got very sick). He must be amazing at time management!

hillary said...

Yup he works at least 50 hours a week and goes to classes 5-1030
he has terrible time management and has been very very sick off an on through out the past few years. Three trips to the ER and countless other visits. He has Celiac Disease on top of it!

Dave77459 said...

First, I love your photos today. I just seem normal, I guess. <3 I especially like the kneeling one and the tearing off the hoodie one. I guess you didn't accessorize today, because there weren't any detail photos. Chewing your nails, or what?

Chop busting aside, if I could pick one place for you to vacation, it would be Umbria in Italy. It is Etruscan (Greece only thinks it is old). There is no architecture like in Perugia, and Orvieto is my favorite city anywhere. We based out of Todi and day-tripped.

Depending on the time of year, you might also consider Buenos Aires. It is like a fabulous European city, only in your timezone. It is also cheap, and if you like leather...!

Just a couple thoughts.

hillary said...

I did take one detail but then someone saw me and I didn't like it so I didn't post it. I only wore earrings with the scarf.

Dave77459 said...

I was just giving you grief, because I like you. But I also thought you had stock photography of your accessories?

No matter, you look great and people who really want your accessories can squint.

hillary said...



Andie said...

I hate when people come in on your photo session and you feel like they are in your way. LOL

Have you ever considered New Orleans? :)

Dave77459 said...

Really very nice, and the pick up the colors in your scarf. Maybe? I like the dangly hearts and stars. <3

Lorena said...

I was in Greece two summers ago and loved every minute of it. I also think that it is one of the cheapest countries in the European Union (you also have to consider the exchange rate).
There was A LOT TO SEE, the food was great and the people were friendly and loud - in a positive way.
Barcelona is also quite nice, there is a lot to see there too, you will not get bored - very city life and transportation is very good.

Marjolein said...

Do you want to stay in the USA or come to Europe? Sweden is nice :) But it might be cold in 2 months ;) Denmark is good too :) Hungary/Budapest is pretty cheap and they have very nice bathing houses and old buildings :)
Enjoy your planning! ^^ I love planning almost as much as going :p

Megan Mae said...

Love the scarf with that dress. You look really cute.

I'm doing okay. A little rushed, a little crazy, but okay.

I'm sorry to hear about your loss, and congrats on the new little joy. Life's a real balancing act.

Alison said...

Hillary, Italy in general is supposed to be a perfect place for celiacs to visit because they have tons of gluten free food. A lot of Italians suffer from the disease so it's ideal for Dave!

hillary said...

That very interesting. I would assume the opposite based on our local experience we live in an Italian neighbthood with over 150 restaurants 95% Italian and ONE is accommodating. We had people literally laugh in our face and say "well Italian is out" and refuse to accomidate us.
You got me wondering.

Dave77459 said...

I still converse with the owner of the castle we stayed at in Todi, and I will ask how easy celiacs have it Italy. I'll report back privately!

Chalkdust and Boots said...

I've also heard that Italy is good for Celiacs, although I've never been. Dying of curiosity to go. If you DO go to Greece, eating out (in a real restaurant, rather than a souvlaki place) is pretty easy because food is prepared so simply that you can just say you don't eat flour and you'll be fine [pretty much]. I've been very lucky (and NOT sick) the times I've gone since being diagnosed some years ago. If you do end up going, feel free to contact me - my husband is Athenian and he has all the scoop! Sigh. Have fun planning...!

DaniellaBella said...

I would go back to Greece in an instant! The food in Greece changed my life. I ate a tomato like an apple and I hated tomatoes...
Oh I think I'd better have a snack!

Cara said...

Currently, I'm the one working hard at school, while Scott works full time. Fortunately, we've got to the point where I only need to have one job while in class, because balancing 2-3 and school was so hard! We're even hoping that when we switch roles, I'll get a good enough job that he won't have to work at all when he goes back to school next fall.
Also, I miss having a more private cube so I could take pics in the office, but I still always felt so self-conscious when I did. My current office is much more accessible for wheel chairs, but means virtually no privacy.

lawyerdoll said...

Love the dress and scarf together. The boots are a great contrast to the lightness of the rest of the outfit.

Boutique Girl said...

Spain is great for a break - lots of fabulous cities Barcellona Madrid. I am sure you would easily get an apartment there.

Heather said...

My suggestion is Spain or Italy. Remember that North American versions of most all other food cultures are completely different. You might also investigate Croatia - the Dalmatian Coast but I don't know for GF there.

I'm planning for Serbia, Croatia and Italy next Fall.

tina said...

I am Greek and have been to Greece several times. You and Dave should go straight to the islands and hang out. It's beautiful and relaxing. If you go in May, it is cheaper than waiting until June. That is when the prices jump.

Iris said...

I love the scarf with this dress, this colors are great!

Anonymous said...

Valencia Spain is AMAZING!!!