Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Throw your hands up in the sky (yeah I dunno. I'm listening to the radio)


Yeah dude the lighting in the stacks is SO WEIRD. It is like bad H&M dressing room bad. Those dressing rooms always tell me I am a fat cow. You'd think they had uber flattering lighting so you'd buy it all.

I found a nice big window for my details though. MUCH better lighting. OY. Lots of natural light.

Earrings and Necklace


Close up necklace

pink dichroic glass pendant


Pink Marc Jacobs ring detail

And now close up of makeup open. Soft pink and dark pink shadow. Very light pink in corners. Gold under brow, filled in brows, bright coral blush, fuchsia lipstick and a brown liquid liner eye wing and white liner in lower lash line. Lots of concealer and highlight powder too. Down bridge of nose, cheekbone, under eye, above upper lip and on chin. It helps disguise pimples really well in photos!

Makeup detail OPEN


Makeup detail CLOSED

and a bonus photo. This was taken in the middle of the other ones and I didn't edit it or change the lighting. I know I shared this before but sometimes when I am very lucky and my camera takes these weird airbrused photos. I wish I knew how to MAKE it do it because it makes me look like I have this insanely clear skin.

Neato right? The only downside is without freckles I look very unlike me.

I have not edited this photo. The lighting just did some weird airbrush on my face which is kinda awesome and i wish I could bottle it.

How is your Tuesday loves? I have an odd one for you today. What do you find attractive that isn't "typically" considered a desirable or attractive quality in people?

I don't know what possessed me but today I tweeted how I like pox scars. I mean I know WHY I did it but I need to keep some crazy thought process to myself. :0 MANY of my favorite people have facial pox scars. I said to one friend when I met her "OH GOOD you have a pox scar" she didn't think it was weird. That's why I love her.(I do not have any pox scars myself sadly)
I also like little gaps in the front teeth. I was SO MAD when Dave had his front teeth fixed (He smacked himself in the face with a plate) and they bonded them and a year later when our dentist undid them she didn't give him back the gap. I don't know why I care but that is the mouth I knew!! It's bad enough he has straight teeth without braces now he gets no gap! I also like turned down mouths. Like frowny ones. If you look like your pouting? BONUS! I also love freckles. LOVE THEM. I know that is attractive but I some people don't like them. I think they are adorable. My mom has them on her ears. So cute.I try to make friends with the person in the room with freckles first.


Willowie said...

I love your hair and nails! (I have extreme hair envy!!!) What color nail polish are you wearing today?

hillary said...

Thank you! I feel weird (self promoting) linking to this but. This is the polish.


On my hair I have been growing it out for 3.5 years and I cut it 2 weeks ago for first time in a year. Today I used Surf spray and twisted it a bunch of times over and over. Also FISH OIL. I swear it has made a difference. Pop one when you take your vitamin.

Megan Mae said...

Love your makeup! And your nails are my favorite color. =]

I like people with crooked teeth. I think it gives faces a lot of character if they have that 'imperfection'. I like people with character!

I also love eyebrows. I love ones that are bold, thin, angry, happy. I think eyebrows are the frames to your soul (lol!).

Kelly said...

Your lipstick is SO FUN!

I love facial scars. Oh man. They are heart breakers. I wish I had one. I tease Erik that one day I'm going to attack him in his sleep just to give him a few scars. Of course that sounds really creepy now that I type it out.

Anonymous said...

I get some of those 'airbrushed' photos on my camera too! I have no idea why, but I love how amazing they make my skin look!

Man, I have a pox mark on my forehead and had straight teeth with a giant gap before I got braces at 15. I was extremely self conscious about the gap and didn't smile FOR YEARS. I'm still nervous my teeth are going to shift back. I never thought anyone would consider that an attractive quality. ;)

As far as a quality that most people don't find attractive, I guess I'd say stockiness in men. There's just something about a big, rugged guy that makes me feel delicate and feminine. I outweighed my husband FOR YEARS and I'm finally relieved that I no longer do!

freeda said...

You look great today! I wish I'd included a couple other items in my 30/30 challenge, because this is a look I will totally copy.

I like big, rough hands on a man. Hands that say "sure, I can change that alternator for you. you bet, I can repair that door." Competency is a big hot button for me!!

Maria said...

Oh, I love that polish! I just bought my first bottle of China Glaze today (in Delight), and I'm excited to try it out. I'm slowly beginning to paint my nails again, after years of going Plain Jane. Your chic, librarian look has inspired me (a less chic librarian. :)

I love beauty marks and prominent marks on the face. Freckles are what my mom would call "darling", but I don't have any -- but I have a mole directly underneath my left eye. Not a gross, hair-sprouting mole; more like a Cindy Crawford mole. Having one myself, I totally notice whenever someone has a similar one in a prominent place. They can be so sexy, and they definitely highlight whatever facial feature they're next to: the eyes, the mouth, etc. As long as it's not on the nose or between the brows, I guess!

Mrs. C said...

Your hair always looks so pretty to me :)

I love freckles, too (of course) and I like a strong nose. My husband Jude is 1/2 Native American and has light skin but strong Native features and I find it so sexy.

Cara said...

I can remember being desperately in love with my neighbour when I was in grade 4 (he was in his mid-30s, and, of course, married), because he had a chin-bum (dimple in the chin). I got over that for a horrifying reason I may have repressed because I can't remember it.
I love veins, especially when they stick out of arms. I'm not entirely sure why - I think it's because I like to try to make the blood pool by pressing on them. Of course, as I write this I'm realizing what Freud would say about it...eeek!

Cyn said...

Your hair continues to look really good. The highlights/color is really settling in well. So nice!

Your question- I like unconventional noses and stocky guys. I'd rather a little extra weight on a guy than a skinny or lanky guy.

Sheila said...

Hee, I have pox scars and freckles!

I love how your hair looks - the highlights are so nice.

Sheila said...

Hee, I have pox scars and freckles!

I love how your hair looks - the highlights are so nice.

Jessica said...

I dunno if this qualifies as something atypically desirable, but i love glasses. so much so that, when my boyfriend's brother offered to pay for his lasik surgery, I might have talked him out of it. That sounds really selfish now that I say that aloud, but boyfriend wasn't too keen on doing it anyway...or so i tell myself...

Surely Sonsy

Anonymous said...

I also have a thing for facial scars on a guy,they make him look rough and tough,lol.

Even though my boyfriend refuses to use any sort of creams or anything,his skin is super soft,and I love that.His is actually a lot softer than mine,FAIL.

IrishRedRose said...

Your hair looks gorgeous! And you have really awesome frecklage. (BTW is that lipstick the "centrifuchsia" one? I love it...)

You're not alone in liking pox scars, turned down mouths (Katharine Hepburn!) and freckles. I have the first two, in fact. I LOVE hearing that someone else thinks they're nifty. I especially like pox scars and freckles myself, and also facial scars generally. On anyone. Oh, and red hair--but only on women.

In men I tend to like weirdly tall guys and have been with a couple; it's not a requirement, though. I also like beautiful hands, with long fingers. Artistic, interesting hands. It's huge with me really. I actually think I couldn't be with a man whose hands were ugly to me.

EvaNadine said...

i dont know if i have any likes that are considered unusual, but my husband likes things in girls that most guys dont like: fair skin, freckles, short hair (preferably red), and glasses.
lucky for me, i have most of these things! (i dont have the red hair naturally, but i have been dying my hair different colors since high school, and red has always been my favorite.)

mamichan said...

scars! i know what you mean. i have a series of round dots on my left upper arm, scars from a childhood vaccination. i love them.

A-C said...

Your makeup looks fabulous, even in the non-airbrushed pictures!

As for your ramblings at the end---I too love freckles. I wish I had them. :(

D'Rae said...

This makes me excited! I have a pox scar on my arm and freckles! You would be my friend first! lol

Lorena said...

You are looking mighty radiant if I may say :)
I like freckles on the shoulders, grey hair on men...