Thursday, November 04, 2010

REVIEW Simply Bags

I was contacted by Simply Bags and they generously offered me a Monogrammed Tote Bag. Simply bags is run by a husband and wife team and you can tell they really care about their product. When I was asked what I wanted monogrammed on it, they noticed I had actually given them the wrong order for initials and they contacted me to make sure. Many places would of just done it and not even of noticed.

The bag was in my hands TWO DAYS after speaking with them. TWO DAYS. Seriously how is that for service?


The bag is red velvet and it comes with an attached pouch! (I love pouches)

detail monogramed bag

This is the first time I have had anything monogrammed with my married name. It looks nice! (Yes I have been married almost 8 years. ha!) The bag is large enough to hold an over nights worth of clothes and a book. It would hold a cat too. Waffle is in love with it.


She wouldn't stop petting it. I literally had to pry her off it to get pictures.To give you an idea on how big it is I put a magazine next to it.


While I received the bag for free I was not asked even asked to review it. I am because I really like it and think the customer service and product are great. If you are looking for a gift for a woman in your life or even for yourself I suggest checking out Simply Bags.


Dave77459 said...

Can the red possibly be that vivid? It goes so well with Waffle!

What is the little pouch for? Cat treats for when you carry a cat in the bag?

hillary said...

It is like fire engine red. It is velvet so I think the flash made it a tish brighter than it is but it is VERY true red/

Joy said...

God, I love that bag. I love red anyway and this is fabulous!!