Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Replacing a staple

The holidays are approaching fast. I am already planning outfits involving big cuddly cowl neck sweaters and knee high boots. In the summer I tend to be more of a necklace gal but when winter comes and I start to cover my decolletage and focus more on my earring selection. (Do you do this as well or am I alone in my seasonal jewelry habits?) Last year I had a pair of silver heart hoops I wore almost every single day and one of them broke and the piece was never found. My mom has a pair of silver earrings I bought her when I was in high school and she still wears them daily and constantly gets compliments on them. I want them so bad! She has told me she will Will them to me. Smart alec!

I am loving all of these sterling silver earrings from Birks. The wave hoops are particular are going on my wish list! The subtle wave to them is just like a secret surprise! The long dangle ones are a change from what I had. I can see me wearing those with a ton of looks.

I was kindly asked by Birks to check out their site. Any items purchased will be out of my pocket I think I will be giving them some money very soon. I NEED those wave hoops!!!

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Anonymous said...

Ooh, I love the wave hoops too! How cool are those?!!