Monday, November 08, 2010

Monday yup. All day.

My alarm forgot about me this morning so I was running extremely late. Which threw off my free time before work to take a picture.

Picture a Kurt from Glee inspired outfit with a polka dot shirt, blue moto jacket and black and white scarf. Oh and flatflatflat hair.

My weekend was intentionally lowkey-esque and the reason for that? Dave collapsed on Thursday night. He was in the middle of a presentation and BAM down he went. He is ok now but we tried to keep the weekend quietish. Friday night the one night a week we don't allow homework (for sanity sake) Dave surprised me with Season 1 of Glee and a bag of Godiva!

Saturday my inlaws came and brought Dave's sister who we see so rarely. She is a doctor and is chief resident and in her last year of residency... And you thought Dave was busy!
They came late morning so I had time to play and try a new makeup look.

Inspiration photo

We went for Thai and cupcakes and went to Dave's work to eat said cupcakes (all 4 are Celiac) I only got one photo all day.

Then we went to a craft fair that was next to work. The gingerbread houses were the best they've ever been!

Sunday I watched a ton of Glee and ordered PF Changs delivery (can I gush how rare GF delivery is and how much I appreciate it?!!)
I did the manicure that I posted last night and watched bad tv. And that's my weekend!

How was your weekend?


Lemondrop Marie said...

The Glee marathon sounds lovely- as does viewing all of the gbread houses! Love the oopmas. My weekend was quiet. But I like them that way...
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

Melissa said...

Um, what the heck? Have I been under a rock or something? Is Dave okay? What happened?

Those gingerbread houses look AMAZING. I wish I was crafty enough to make things like that. I did make a casserole on Friday though! Gotta start somewhere.

Love the new eye make-up! I want you to come do my make-up someday. Show me how to be pretty!

Heather said...

OMG! Dave - too much party and not enough rest? (I use the term party in a cheeky manner as I know that is exactly what he needs but instead has to work way too hard.)

And nails and eye shadow look? Umm - yea so can you please for the love of god come and visit me and make me beautiful?

hillary said...

You guys are funny. I never have and probably never would do anyone elses nails or makeup but it's nice to think you guys think I know what I am doing!

You know how I learn? Youtube. I search like "smoky eye with color" and then just copy the girl I do the same with hair. I also stop at MAC and I show them a picture and say "SHOW ME THIS" they totally will and for free!
Iphone in bathroom at mirror. Then I just practice like mad. I go to go "pee" and I come back with like purple eyeshadow. Dave says "oh is this our 8pm look?"

hillary said...

Oh that picture that I used for inspiration? It is an instruction card from sephora. They have a display with like free recipe cards with looks and how to do them on it.

Jess said...

I hope Dave is OK! That is scary.

My weekend was crazy busy...I volunteered at a concert on Saturday that supports cystic fibrosis research, where I got to meet Ben Kweller and Rhett Miller and have them do stuff prior to the concert. That was pretty awesome. Yesterday I was a slug and did some writing on my novel project, and went to Central Market (where I may or may not have gotten you something that starts with Das and ends with YUM). Someone's getting a box in the maiiiiil!

hillary said...

oh oh I meant to say. We don't know why Dave collapsed but we suspect he is having sugar issues (his mom is diabetic. Celiac side effect) and he is totally and completely run down. He was sleep deprived, he was having anxiety like you couldn't imagine and I think his body was saying HEY DUDE CHILL OUT

Dave77459 said...

Oh dear. Dave. He is working SO HARD and doing SO MUCH. He's practically an iron man, and then you add his Celiac.... I'll be praying for this man of yours.

I want Season 1, its the one I missed and it has the Diva Off. :-( You saw the preview of the boys school from this week's Glee, right? I've played it endlessly, it is so good.

Felicity said...

Glad Dave is alright, that sounds so scary-hugs to you guys.

I love the little Oompa Loompas!!

Megan Mae said...

Some serious well wishing to Dave and you both. Take care!

Love the eyeshadow. Also yummm Godiva. I've only been to an actual Godiva store once, but oh was it tastyyy.

Joy said...

Glee? And Godiva?


Love the new eye look!

IrishRedRose said...

I hope Dave is feeling much better!! I once passed out from a combination of low blood sugar, exhaustion and anxiety--luckily I was sort of sitting down at the time. But I'm proof that it's a very bad combination...