Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Megan Mae of Daily Waifu Snapshot tagged me for 7 secrets.

1. I've HAD to wear glasses since 1993 but only actually started wearing them in 2003. I've worn them daily since then.

2. I only need rx in one eye. The other is nearly perfect.

3. When Dave and I first started dating we were standing along a walkway by the ocean and I gestured largely and kinda punched his glasses off his face and broke them.

4. When I was in highschool I wore turquoise contacts. It freaked out one of my friends.

5. My mom got one of my friends on her side and got him to DAILY say in English class "shouldn't you put your glasses on to read?" she still talks to him via Facebook 17 years later. (no worries he doesn't like girls. Dave is still her favorite child).

6. I HATE having to wear glasses and I feel soooooo uncool in them. Contacts and I don't get along well.

7. I ordered new glasses tonight. My rx is so f-ed up that they kinda giggled when they saw it and before the discount they kindly gave me they would of been $890. All because of my lazy eye. Bah! (thank god for my pretax medical account I put in all year just for this!! No eye insurance.)

7a. I have to wait 10 days because they have to be special ordered! Booooo!

I tag you, you, you, oh you, you, you in the corner and YOU!


Megan Mae said...

Okay I giggled at number 3. And then felt a little bad.

I wore silver ("moonlight" color) contacts for the first year I needed glasses. I have issues with contacts too, but I've sortof come to terms with glasses and now like them. :B

Between Laundry Days said...

I'm a big 'ol glasses gal myself. Been wearing them since I was 9. I look like a goober, but they let me see, so I guess it's okay.

Melissa said...

Okay so I just want to tell you that YOU are beautiful! Glasses or no glasses, contacts or not, you are gorgeous.

Cara said...

OH GOOD! I was worried when you tweeted last night that you prescription hadn't changed that you weren't going to get the glasses! I'm so uninspired by my glasses, and I only wear them every once and a while (fortunately, I get along with contacts, and am willing to spend ludicrous amounts of money on the kind I can sleep in!), so I can only imagine how excited you must be for new ones!!

MsKatieKat said...

Hi Hilary!

I just started subscribing to your blog recently (found you via AlreadyPretty). I just want to tell you that you are NOT the only one with the lazy eye and with the single eye with RX! I thought I was SERIOUSLY the only one with this!

And ugh, like you I feel totally uncool with glasses on. My vision is mostly corrected so I only wear my glasses when needed (longer distance). I'm vain like that :P

And I like your blog a lot! Keep at it!

hillary said...

Thanks so much every!

Cara mine **needed** replacing. Someone chewed on the arms (daisyboo). They are cracked and the lenses badly scratched. The lenses along were over $500 so at that point you might as go for the whole thing. The contacts I was wearing were $100 a box and I had to take them out daily they don't come in sleepers I need prisms and bifocal contacts so I had this specialty (see stupid) kinda and they were different thicknesses for each eye and it freaked me out. I could feel it all day and it drove me bonkers. I need to wear glasses to read even with contacts in :( STUPID ONE EYE I HATE YOU.

Mskatiekat I've been doing this site for 8.5 years so I don't plan on quitting any time soon :) Welcome and thanks for checking it out!

McKristie said...

Ohh - fun! if you don't mind I will do 7 things on eyes as well!

When I was 12 and in 7th grade I, developed bad skin, had braces with head gear put on, and had to start wearing glasses - I also cut my own hair during that time - as if it couldn't get worse:).

I tried green contacts for about a month in my 20s, they freaked me out.

I had hard contacts in high school, and I accidently swallowed one (who in the world told me that if I needed to clean them to pop them in my mouth! - EWWW)

My eyes were so bad, Wavelength (a version of Lasik) was not approved for my eyes until a few years ago, and I finally had it done - I went from not seeing the alarm clock to clear vision - It made me cry -

I actually miss a few pairs of my glasses still...

Patricia said...

I totally relate about not wanting to wear glasses. I think my bf purposely compliments me everytime I wear my glasses in hopes that I'll wear them all the time.