Wednesday, November 03, 2010

I'm not afraid to take a stand, everybody come take my hand

Today was an interesting photo day. I use the word interesting because frustrating is well too frustrating. I FELT cuter than the photos were saying. It's the awkward camera angle which doesn't help. I always wear wide leg pants and ones tight in the thigh make me feel like I am ALL thigh. (this is why I default to the wideleg usually)

This is such an odd angle. I was looking at my desk but I kinda liked it the most.


Yeah so here is my authoritative face. (OK not at all. Its my regular face the one baby Jesus gave me.)


I have said it at least 10 times on my blog before but it bears repeating. My face was made this way. I do not appreciate comments that I look pissed/unhappy. This is how I look. I can be deliriously happy and I will still look like this. BORN that way. See my early wardrobe photos from 30 years ago even have me making that face.The reason I am repeating it again? Don't say it. Or my mama will come out swinging. Seriously. She did today. I can't protect you from her. Heee.

early posing practice

Here is a photo that is great to show my hair color and how it is settling in nicely. Bad for makeup detail though.

hair detail

So here is makeup closed. I have on brown eyeliner with gold glitter over it.

another closed detail?


makeup detail open

Shirt Ann Taylor Loft
Cami and Blazer Forever 21
Pants Gap
Boots Clarks

I love these boots.

Clarks Fall 2005

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Anonymous said...

omg, little hillary photo is SO ADORABLE! Tiny little fashionista!

that first "looking at desk" shot is pretty awesome, I think. I luuuuve that jacket.

Cara said...

Little Hillary isn't sad, I think she's rocking a good solid model pose, face and all!

The jacket must be so comfortable - and still looks so polished!!!

Sal said...

Oh lady, the hair looks AMAZING! So glad you gave us a close-up.

Felicity said...

I was born that way too. I was told I look like i'm disgusted. : /

Cute baby photo.

Megan Mae said...

Do not feel bad one bit. I apparently have "angry brows" so people assume I hate everyone and am angry all the time. Keep rocking the face that's YOURS and no one elses.

That said, I love those boots too. I need a pair of cowboy boots, like yesterday.

I BLEED PINK said...

I love your new hair color!!

Cutest baby picture EVER!!

Biba said...

You look lovely. Love the hair!
I really enjoy reading your blog, you must be an incredibly pleasant person to be with. Don't mind negative comments, you're you. And luckily, you seem to know that!

hillary said...

Thank you so much everyone!

Biba thank you. It doesn't bother that much anymore I'm so used to it. But my mom was a very unhappy mama over a recent comment and like I said I can't save ya from her. Heeee

Fel said...

Love your hair. Really really love it. :)

HollyElise said...

Love the baby picture, how cute were (and are) you!!??

Also, the boots, Mmmm, I like 'em.

Dave77459 said...

That first photo is particularly good in combination with the "hair color" one. Check out your bangs in it.

Then, the hair color one is great too. The colors are settling in nicely.

Overall, I am not sure why you think the photos don't reflect your cuteness? You are really cute today, but if you are actually more cute... wow.

Finally, not sure what is happening with the drag up footer. I guess I need to tweak AdBlock or NoScript again.

hillary said...

"Finally, not sure what is happening with the drag up footer. I guess I need to tweak AdBlock or NoScript again."


Dave77459 said...

There is a pink ribbon... footer... "powered by wibiya" at the bottom of your page, just over the status bar of the browser. I generally use AdBlock or the NoScript plug-in to defeat webbugs like this. *shrug*

hillary said...

Oh! It's not an ad but a little tool bar that you can use to help you share on other sites, recent posts and search my site. You're not missing anything if you have a blocker.

Katie said...

I love your blog and the face Jesus gave you !!!! You are beautiful, Im a 51 year old grandmother with 4 daughters and we love Target too:)This is my first post but just wanted to let you know how much your beautiful face brightens my day!!!

hillary said...

Katie welcome! Thanks for stopping by. I loooooove tarjay. My mumsy is 51 as well. I mean 29. She's 29. Three years younger than me.... Wait a minute.

Thanks everyone. Hug to you all!!

DaniellaBella said...

My face sets in a way that says "Get out of my way or I'll kick you". Which, I guess, is helpful in crowds.
I think that it's pretty adorable that you're wearing nearly the same thing today as in your baby picture. You were born to have style!

Between Laundry Days said...

Oh. my. god. I LOOOOOVE baby Hillary! Almost as much as I love grown-up Hillary. Oh, and that jacket? FanTASTic.

Kasmira said...

You look so gorgeous in that last close-up!

Iris said...

I love the picture of little you! You look the same just more grown into your fabulousness :)

Lorena said...

Very cute..., i love that last picture :)
I have the same issue with my "face" - it makes me upset. Are you mad ? Is something wrong ?
I think I told you before, the worst was when my dermatologist recommended I get Botox because I "always look so upset".... hows that ?!