Thursday, November 18, 2010

I whip my hair back and forth

We live on the water and sometimes the wind coming off the ocean is wild. Today was one of those mornings. It was just coming from every direction.


I am literally holding it down at this point.

This is an old photo but I am wearing this owl ring.

photo 2.JPG

For makeup
Lips MAC Creamstick Liner in Red
Lipstick Fatale by Chanel
Eyeshadow MAC Naked Lunch
Liner MAC in Smokey Heir
White eyeliner NYX Milk
Benefit HighBeam highlighter on top cheekbone, under brow, down nose, above lip, chin.
MAC Concealer in NW15 (no foundation)
MAC blush in Dollymix

Now I have a question for people who use an iPhone and wear lipstick.

So I took this picture with the front facing camera which is MUCH lower quality than that back camera. Whenever I wear red or bright lipstick and take a picture with the front camera it puts like a black ring arounds my lips. Like Chola lips. Anyone experience that?

So today. I want you to make me a list. A friend of mine Kelly Sue asked for lists of 40 things for her birthday it was so neat seeing what people sent. I will only ask for 4. 4 of anything.
These are just ideas of what kind of list you could do.
4 things you need to do today, 4 nicknames you have for your pet, 4 ways to say red,

    I will start.
    Songs that I have on repeat today
    1. Forget you
    2. Friday night
    3. Electric Twist
    4. Peach Plum Pear

    Four things I would like to eat for lunch but won't
    1. Pad Thai
    2. Chicken Parm
    3. Some sort of melty cheese sandwich
    4. French Fries

    Names my mom calls me
    1. Medula Petula
    2. Matilda
    3. Lucy
    4. Dollface

    I will pick my favorite list and think of something fun to do.


    Sheila said...

    Things I need to do today:
    1. Take something out of the freezer so that it's thawed for dinner tonight.
    2. Scan/fax 94 letters to various clients.
    3. Dig out my scarf (it's cold today).
    4. Get caught up on my DVR shows.

    Nicknames for my kitty, Inigo:
    1. Bubby bubby juju kitty
    2. Inigo Bedigo
    3. Panda
    4. Jub-Jub

    Ways to say red:
    1. Carmine
    2. Scarlet
    3. Vermilion
    4. Cherry

    Have a good day! :)

    Anonymous said...

    4 nicknames for my cat (his real name is Spike).
    1. Mr. Fur
    2. Mr. Pink Ears
    3. Fierce Hunter
    4. Shed Machine

    Lorena said...

    Well, I will give you
    4 things I would like to accomplish today:
    - Take my grandmother to the dentist
    - Go to get a pair of shoes fixed
    - Pick up clothes from the seamstress
    - Go grocery shopping

    Dave77459 said...

    So the iPhone photo adds a darker line around the outside of your lips... that isn't intended? It looks great, but if inaccurate... bah! Also, your hair looks fantastic in the indoor shots. The colouring is particularly excellent, even the slightly plum parts that you will say is not there despite photographic evidence.

    4 Things I am doing instead of drafting the RFQ:
    1. Listening to iTunes
    2. Plurking
    3. Annotating photos of Big Bend on Flickr
    4. Reading your blog

    My 4 favorite songs on iTunes how
    1. Cee-Lo - "F*ck You"
    2. Glee's cover of Cee-Lo, "Forget you"
    3. Black Sheep, "The Choice is Yours (Revisited)"
    4. Glee's cover of "Teenage Dream" (and the Katy Perry original -- I like pop, don't judge)

    My 4 favorite things about you
    1. How to say this, "Quirky"
    2. Your patience to explain details to idiots (me)
    3. Your outlook and force of character
    4. Your bangs
    4B. Waffle
    4C. Your voice
    4D. Your husband and you, together

    hillary said...

    Dave see the first makeup picture compared to the second. The second has a black line around my lips. It is so weird and only the front camera does it not the back one.

    hillary said...

    I paid for the plum lowlights so they better be there!

    Dave77459 said...

    Maybe the front camera is giving you a cosmic clue that you should be rocking the Chola Lips look? (BTW, I went to ask Mr. Google what that meant and saw a great video on sexy chola lips -- I bet you could make better makeup videos)

    I'm glad you have the plum lowlights. The variations are subtle but adds a "fun sophistication," as if that makes sense.

    hillary said...

    this is front the first day it was done.

    I have thought of doing makeup videos and I don't say this to be selfdeprecating but I am not that good at makeup. I am learning and improving but I am so not there yet. I also have a problem with symmetry. I can't make things look the same on either eye for example. (Mostly because I am nearly blind in one eye so when I have to close the good eye to put liner on the wabbling starts)

    Cara said...

    The nice thing about the wind is that I got to see what you'd look like without bangs! Now if only there was some similar way I could see what I look like with bangs! I get jealous of people who have the courage to cut them!

    As for my list, we're in our third blizzard of the year, my brain is stuck on snow. Since I'm at my parents this week, and they're both at work, my list is 4 reasons I should shovel their drive way
    1. It's a good ab work out
    2. My mother hurt her back yesterday and really shouldn't lift anything
    3. I'm definitely taking advantage of their well stocked cupboard
    4. They just paid for fixing the heater in my car which is current parked in their drive way

    Of course, this list must be countered by reasons I shouldn't shovel their driveway
    1. My dad loves to use his snowblower
    2. It's still snowing, so any work I do now will just be undone
    3. I only brought my pretty winter boots, not my warm ones
    4. My feet are still cold from running some errands this morning.

    And of course, I will shovel their drive way, so a list of things I won't get to do because I'll be a good daughter:
    1. Knitting slippers
    2. Working on my thesis
    3. Reading and commenting on blogs
    4. Drinking hot chocolate with Baileys (ok, I'll probably do that after I'm done shovelling!!)

    DaniellaBella said...

    List of things that I'd like to learn to do:
    1) wear red lipstick with out the fear that it will be all over my face
    2) make my grandma's butter tarts (perhaps even come up with a GF substitute)
    3) paint well and more realistically... kinda
    4) stop multi-tasking so voraciously and focus on doing one thing well with intention and joy.

    List of places I'd go just for the food:
    1) Greece.... everyday. I learned to love tomatoes here, they just never tasted that way before. The tzatiki, saganaki, hummus, gyros... oh mercy!
    2) France. The copious amounts of cheese and the acceptability of sitting in a cafe all day eating it (and drinking wine and watching people)
    3) Mexico. I dig anything with salsa, avocado, cilantro, beans, rice...
    4) Africa. I've never been but when I eat at african restaurants or eat food that my clients bring... The texture, the spice!

    Ok that' all I can do. Now I'm hungry and have to forage for food.

    EvaNadine said...

    The next 4 songs on my Grooveshark playlist (which also happens to be my wedding playlist):
    (1) Anyone Else but You by the Moldy Peaches
    (2) It's Oh So Quiet by Bjork
    (3) Just Like Heaven by the Cure
    (4) If You Were A Sailboat by Katie Melua

    4 nicknames I have for my husband:
    (1) Bebe
    (2) CBOP (cutest boy on the planet)
    (3) da hubz
    (4) Cute-stopher

    Megan Mae said...

    Love the red lips! Minus the black ring around them. No idea why that happens. My camera sometimes pixelates funny if I'm wearing something bright red.

    4 Things I accomplished yesterday:
    1. Got D to get a haircut.
    2. Got a manicure while I waited.
    3. Fought Turkey-Day grocery shoppers
    4. Vacuumed.

    4 things I'm doing instead of homework:
    1. Watching old episodes of Glee and playing catch up.
    2. Listening to Gaga.
    3. Blogging.
    4. Watching kitty videos.

    rlutz said...

    Love today's outfit...I always use the reverse camera to put om my lipstick
    4 things I want for dinner (I plan to pick only 1
    1. pizza
    2. burrito
    3. lasagna
    4. ice cream

    4 things I could live without today
    2.bad hair day
    3.very stinky diapers
    4.tripping on my heels

    Kelly said...

    Things I do when Erik is out of town (like tonight!)
    1. Eat cereal for dinner
    2. Sleep in
    3. Do something girly and time-consuming, like play with makeup or do a face mask
    4. Convince myself that someone is going to break into our house and kill me in my sleep because I am defenseless

    Things I ate today that I shouldn't have
    1. Waffles
    2. Nutrageous
    3. Cheez Its
    4. A caffeine pill

    Things I call my dog that aren't her name
    1. Fuzzy Butt
    2. Space Puppy
    3. Stinks and Oinks Factory
    4. Honey Bear

    Andi B said...

    4 reasons to visit Rhode Island:

    1.It’s called The Ocean State for a reason!

    2.Waterfire installation in Providence-

    3.Lots of movies and TV shows shoot here and our schools attract celeb students- my husband just spotted James Franco.

    4.The official full name is The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations and voters just vetoed changing that extremely long moniker.

    Chalkdust and Boots said...

    Things I did today instead of taking advantage of the return of my computer and working on my dissertation:

    1. Watch "Arrested Development"
    2. Read Salman Rushdie (which is kind of a given in my home)
    3. Catch up on blogs
    4. Go bother my husband legitimately working in the other room

    Nicknames I have for my cat (real name AmalĂ­a):

    1. Loafaki (loaf [what we call when she sits and tucks her paws underneath her] + Greek diminutive of "aki")
    2. Shrimpaki
    3. Curly-fry
    4. Whiskers McGee

    chunkstyle said...

    4 ways I'd like to leave work today:
    1. Inflate the slide, grab two beers, jump
    2. Throw an office chair through the window, use tied-together gym clothes to lower myself down the wall
    3. Slip out the back, Jack
    4. Leave, just leave.

    A-C said...

    4 things I'm hungry for RIGHT NOW:
    1. cinnamon sugar bagel w/cream cheese
    2. pumpkin pie w/whipped cream
    3. almonds
    4. chocolate chip cookies

    4 nicknames for Bella (doggie)
    1. Fluffs/Fluffers/Fluffs n'Stuff
    2. Mama
    3. Retardo-dog
    4. HER

    LisaJ said...

    I've decided to provide you with the nicknames of my three minpins (dogs)...don't ask how we came up with these :)

    Daxton-the oldest and only male
    2.Big Daddy
    3.Baby Bergie
    4.Dax (not too original but it works)

    Mia-the middle child (and it shows)
    1.Ming Ling
    2.Nee Nee Roo
    4.Meena a Neen

    Grace-our beloved baby girl (AKA Spoiled brat)
    1.Meat hooks (she has HUGE feet)
    2.Ruby Tuesday
    3.Woobie Woo

    As I am typing this out I am suddenly realizing that my husband and I have too much time on our hands (this is only the beginning of their nicknames)!

    Have a great weekend!

    Anonymous said...

    Places I want to visit in 2011
    1. Milan, Italy
    2. London aquarium, London Eye and Camden Town Market in London
    3. Edinburgh in Scotland
    4. Blackpool

    Things I want now
    1. Galaxy milk chocolate
    2. Caramel coffee mocha
    3. German crepe with banana and nutella
    4. Potato pancakes

    Things I should be doing now
    1. push-ups!!!
    2. packing my stuff for a big house move tomorrow.
    3. not eating that cupcake I am eating now.
    4. packing all the stuff, really.

    Cyn said...

    @Hillary- Even before I read the bit below your pic, I thought "Whoa, look at that liner!" But I guess I'll buy your iPhone story... ;)

    @Cara- Your third blizzard? Time for a snowblower. My stepdad bought a used one two years ago and it's hardly snowed.


    Things I'd Like for Christmas x4
    1. A Jack Horkheimer "Star Hustler/Gazer" astronomy DVD. (From PBS- oh the late-night memories).
    2. Urban Decay Book of Shadows #3
    3. Sprite Shower filter (the water is hard in Ohio and rough on my hair)
    4. Powermat wireless charger (for iPods, phones, other devices)

    All About My New Cat, Ginger Peterson
    1. She's from a shelter and came with the first and last names
    2. Her meow sounds like a rusty gate
    3. She purrs with her mouth open and purrs while breathing in and out, so it's really loud.
    4. At 5 years old, I was worried no one else would take her. She also kept staring at me. I'm glad I did- both of my cats passed away this year and while she's no replacement, she's a great kitty.

    Mrs. C said...

    I don't have an iPhone, I have a Palm, but it always does weird color/lighting things to my pics.

    4 favorite ways to eat a cupcake:

    1- The "Smash" where you break off the bottom & smash it onto the top, making a frosting sandwich.

    2- With a spoon, smothered in ice cream.

    3- Bottom first

    4- Cut it in half & eat with a fork.

    Anonymous said...

    4 delicious things I will make for the holidays:

    1. Chocolate souffle
    2. Spiced nuts
    3. Ginger cookies
    4. Hot toddies