Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I want your love. Love love love I want your love.

Last night around 11:00pm
Me: "You have to take a picture tomorrow for me. I got a good outfit planned"

This morning.
Both my cameras were dead, one was missing a chip and it was POURING and dark out.
FOILED. I had to make do with hallway cellphone pictures because I had no other options. (I haven't yet mastered a full length picture of me on my iphone NOT taken in a mirror)

My landlord put in a new INSANE lightbulb right outside our door. Doesn't he know this is my winter photo spot? This lighting will never do!

A little potatoshop later this is a bit better. (Is it obvious I talk to myself often?)


Still you can't SEE it. GAH bathroom it is. I take my glasses off and I don't notice all the pics are blurry.


My little cuckoo clock earrings.

OK yeah so there you have it. I was REALLY excited with my "inspired by outfit". I don't do many inspired outfits. Mostly because I fear the "oh that looks NOTHING like" comments when I was just going for something similar. eh. It's years of art critiques. I get gun shy when I do derivative pieces. When it is my own creation I am a bit more sure about it. I think I look good today! I don't say that or think that very often. (once a month if I am lucky. I am TERRIBLE to myself)

Skirt Banana Republic 2008?
Sweater H&M 2008
Tights unsure?
Clarks 2007
Scarf 2010 Marc Jacobs
Earrings I know they are from a Target collaboration but I can't remember which one.

My scarf is insanely awesome. It is enormous but so soft and fluffy you can wrap it around your neck lots. It's cashmere and silk.

Do you know who I was inspired by? Here is a hint. I would love you forever if you could make me one like that. Or get me that one. ha! I was actually inspired by two people. The second because I wanted an excuse to wear my new scarf.

Edited to add. I have had this video of Waffle since last Christmas and I wanted to share it but I needed to strip the sound out because I sounded like an idiot. So finally 11 months later I finally did and  here is Waffle discovering Dave's new toy for the first time. It is AWESOME and so cute.


Cara said...

Good news! If you take blurry cell phone pics, and add blurry morning eyes, they actually cancel each other out, in some form!!
I love the outfit. I can't put my finger specifically on what it is that pulls it together so well, but it looks like you dressed with intention, and with ease... a perfect combination, in my books.
I have those cuckoo clock earrings in necklace form! It was a gift from my grandmother, who got it as a gift from a friend in Switzerland, so I'd love to know where you got yours!

freeda said...

OMG I want that scarf so bad!!!! You look perfect! Good hair day, too.

hillary said...

They are from Target a few years ago.

mamichan said...

gwyneth's skirt from last night!
and i adore this scarf. i love that it's grey and huge.

hillary said...

I just added a video to the post if you guys are interested.


thanks peeps!

Felicity said...

You look fabulous!! I love Waffle!!

Rachel said...

The outfit is fab, but the Waffle video is the best part of this post! You can just see his little brain going "What the Hell??!" Too funny!

hillary said...

Thank you. Waffle is a little girl. Both my kittens are girls. Dave refers to them simply as "my girls"

Melissa said...

AHHH! You look gorgeous! I totally love this outfit!

Most of my pictures end up blurry because my mom has been taking them and she doesn't have such great balance. So she shakes my phone when she snaps the pictures. Eh.

That video is HYSTERICAL! I love how confused she looks when she puts her paw on it and it stops. Fantastic.

Megan Mae said...

OMG that scarf is HUGE! But really awesome. Silk and cashmere? very lux. The skirt is really cute.

Also Waffle vid is adddooorable.

Chalkdust and Boots said...

I LOVE this outfit: I think you look totally smashing. Yay for cute kitty love. When my husband comes home from work, he calls "Hi, girls!" to AmalĂ­a and me in Greek. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Love the scarf! I bet this was inspired by Gwyneth Paltrow last night in Glee, amirite - I noticed her skirt too :) Nice interpretation!

IrishRedRose said...

That outfit is SUPER flattering on you! Love the skirt especially...

And Waffle is so adorable and funny. I love cats who grab things. My Womulus does that--she doesn't just lick my hand, she grabs it forcefully and licks it lol. *purr*

Between Laundry Days said...

You're adorable, and I LOVE this outfit.