Thursday, November 04, 2010

I like pancakes

Pouring and cold here. I was not feeling well last night so I didn't want to wear anything too constricting. I've had a phantom pain for 6 years and had every test known to man and they have no idea. It kicked me last night and it periodically is stabbing me in the side. Freaking hurts. It will probably go away for 5 months tomorrow. That's how it works. So yeah don't suggest a belt for this outfit or I might kick you. Gently. In the shin.and yes my doctor is fully informed. If I have to do one more barium swallow I will hurt someone. I'd rather be stabbed with a fork than drink that again.
I had a medicinal cookie this morning. Purely scientific I assure you.


OK so maybe someone left a Pepperidge farms sampler at the water cooler... OH and someone totally walked up on me today taking this. This is my OH CRAP they totally saw me posing in my cube face.


Because Dave77459 likes details I made sure to get some today. (Dave77459 is not my husband dave. Husband's screen name is "david" )

Das boots



this detail

Dress Target
Sweater NY&Co
Cami H&M
Boots Kenneth Cole
Tights Target
Bangles Gap
Earrings Defunct Heidi Klum collection.


Felicity said...

Did you get to try the barium pudding? ; )

hillary said...

OMG NO! I can't even imagine. I hate pudding so sounds like my own personal hell. I seriously was almost vomiting drinking the barium and I don't throw up. Then I fainted and craked my head on a wall. I found a colonoscopy easier to deal with than drinking that. **shiver**

Heather said...

Ickkkkkky. I hope you feel better really soon. Also can I admire your bangles over and over?? Love them.

Cara said...

I too am familiar with phantom pain, though now that mine has disappeared they're certain it was an ulcer they just missed. Ah, yes, those infamous moving ulcers!

I don't think the outfit needs a belt - you defined your waist by how you buttoned the sweater!

I love the unexpected pop of colour in the cami in the last pic!

hillary said...

Cara had an ulcer twice (that I know of) too. OY I hate complaining but I hate pain no one can explain even more.

rlutz said...

tou outfit looks warm and cozy...the buttoning of the cardigan shows your waist so no need for an uncomfortable belt...
I hope your pain goes away soon...and never comes back.

Dave77459 said...

Sorry you had another pain episode. :-(

I like your boots. Are they distressed, or is that a reflection for overhead lamps? Your tri-metal bracelets are pretty cool too. Thank you for the detail shots. They were nicely done today!

Thanks for explaining that I am not your husband. I am sure people were worried that you were somehow attached to me. Or, they might have mistakenly ascribed to me the amazingly positive attributes of your husband David.


hillary said...

Dave77459 OH PISH I just think our conversations would look very confusing to someone if they thought you were my dave. They are distressed looking they came like that. They have a waxy coating on them too. My cobbler loves them says I got a good deal $10!! They have leather soles so I had him put anti skid pads on them.

rlutz thank you me too!

heather I have no idea why I almost never wear them they go with anything!

thank you everyone for dropping in and your concern I appreciate it.

Dave77459 said...

I love that you have a cobbler. That's probably a very good relationship to foster. I need to find my own, since my motorcycle boots have been worn slick on the bottom and need to be resoled.

I propose a blog entry from you on what other craftsman relationships it is penny-wise to make. A seamstress? Perfumery? Haberdasher?

hillary said...

I don't have a tailor but last week I had a pile of 8 items that needed repairs that weren't in my specialty.
Ripped silk, buttons on leather and dave repairs every single thing in under an hour. Seriously it would of taken me days.

I pay to have my laundry done. I don't have a washer and dryer so I pay for fluff and fold.

I take shoes to a cobbler for repairs.

My pop used to be my mechanic and I have had a young fireman who is friends with the family work on my car since pop passed but I need a mechanic because my heat is broken and I am not paying some stranger to rook me.

I have a makeup girl/guy at all my favorite brands. They know what I like and let me know about things.
Leland at Sephora, Carrie at Chanel and Penny at MAC

I made friends with a guy at the barneys perfume counter who is insanely patient and helped me find things based on my vague likes.

I "know" people who own a GF baking mix company that keeps me well stocked in flours.

I try really hard to be UBERnice to people in helping fields so they know me and they help me out. The deli guy knows how I like my ham cut into a steak. The counter girl at wendys knows I like sweet and sour... I send thank you notes to PR companies... I make friendly with people on etsy for when I want custom things. The guy at the thai restaurant puts our order in when he sees us walking from the parking garage. It is SO NICE to have those relationships. Oh the guy at the grill in the student union knows I am allergic to the sesame bread for when I get grilled cheese. You can never say thank you too many times.

Marieke said...

OMG Barium is the worst - I have to do it every month :( I love the outfit and don't think it needs a belt at all. Looks cute!
P.S. your style blog is my fav ;)

Tina said...

Everyone in my family is either a doctor or a nurse and I have it on good authority that medicinal cookies totally work! :)

Kelly said...

Oh no!! I hope you feel better soon. I've done the barium tests a few times and I wanted to throw up all over myself. Disgusting.

I really like your bangles too, btw.

Between Laundry Days said...

I'm sorry you feel ick. It's no fun, and I'm sure the weather's not helping any. I just arrived in Boston this afternoon and I'm currently watching the rain from my friend's room. It is gloomy.

Also, I love these boots, and your "oh crap" face is fantastically cute. :)

hillary said...

I had no idea you were even coming!

Iris said...

I hope your feeling better, I would honestly have no idea based on how fabulous you look! Perfect outfit for a yucky rainy day :)