Friday, November 05, 2010

Friend Friday Do you no poo?

I thought I would jump on the Friend Friday train hosted by Modly Chic because all the cool kids are doing it! Today's topic "Do you no poo?" (Poo in this case refers to shampoo and the movement away from using traditional Shampoo that we are learning probably aren't the best for our hair.

1. The move to do away with soap, shampoo and deodorant has been growing in popularity in the last year. What are your thoughts on this trend? 
This is a bandwagon I will not be getting on. If it works for others more power to them but I personally can't stand the smell of B.O and in my mind at least soap gets the germs and allergens off me after riding public transportation. I also happen to like how my soap and deodorants smell. I also tend to ahhhem **Glisten** (see sweat) so my deodorant aids in that. The shampoo I am more likely to possibly try.

2. Be honest how often do you wash your own hair?
I wash my hair every single day.I find that often I can't even go one day in between. My hair gets very oily and picks up environmental smells. (cooking being a big one.) I also don't like how my hair FEELS when it is dirty. It hangs closer to my head and looses the fluffy aspect. I have been trying more and more to go a day inbetween but I haven't been able to stretch it longer than that. I have tried "training" it like some places suggest but I have not been successful in that. Bangs make it hard as well. I use dry shampoo on the off days.

3. Have you tried to go the more natural route by forgoing shampoo? What happened? Or would you be tempted to try it?As I mentioned above I have tried it on various occasions. What happened was it looked disgusting and felt disgusting. My hair is very heavy and thick and it honestly felt heavier the dirtier it got. It plastered itself to my head and I just was no a fan. I tried all kinda of natural washing methods. Just using beer or eggs or olive oil and all sorts of things like that. No dice. I do try to buy a sulfate free shampoo and ones without silicone.Both of which strip hair color. Color fading is a big issue for me when I use products with those in them.

4. What products do you use and have you ever gone with more organic alternatives?
We use handmade and sometimes also organic soaps. I have bought organic face wash and shampoo. I tried organic deodorants and they just did not work for me. I use an organic shaving cream and lotion and both have helped me so much. I was getting a rot of rashes. Once I switch over they disappeared. 

5. What about that daily shower? Would you forgo that opting to shower three times a week instead?
I shower daily. That is not going to change. I love how I feel after a shower. No way could I or would I give that up. I personally would feel so gross. Sorry not for me. I know when my gram was growing up or even in other countries that people don't bathe daily and it probably isn't necessary but I like it so what is the problem.

Always a bride never a bridesmaid.
pink hair day after I did it.

When my hair was pink I tried not washing it daily so as to keep the color from bleeding. (When it was wet the color would wash out and get on EVERYTHING)

So what about you?


LAPT said...

I get criticized a lot because I have curly hair. Everyone tells me "curly hair is better if you don't wash it everyday." But really? I use a TON of products every day (anti-frizz, curl lotion, and then hairspray). If I don't wash the products out, then they build up and my hair gets gross. Also, I exercise almost every day, so I have to shower/soap up sometimes twice a day.... Unfortunately it's just not a movement I can get behind!

hillary said...

You brought up a very good point and something I totally forgot to mention. The hair products! Me too I use a ton and that stuff needs washing out!

Jeweled Thumb said...

For me I shower every other day unless I exercise or sweat during the day (in which case it's everyday). Doctor's orders due to very very dry skin on my body. And I swear by my Secret deo!

Bridgett said...

i love the idea of not having to wash my hair every day but whenever i try it- same as you - i just don't like it. my hair feels greasy and gross.

recently i decided to try the curly girls method. just use conditioner. i would like my hair the first day but after that it felt icky and looked greasy.

A-C said...

I can't wash my hair everyday. It would strip it super quickly and end up dry and flakey. I had to wash it everyday a few summers ago because the hotels we stayed in while studying abroad didn't have a/c and I would wake up gross and sweaty. My hair and scalp have NEVER been in worse shape.

As a result I wash my hair at most every other day and sometimes I'll go a third day without washing it. To be honest, second day hair looks almost the same as first day hair and on day 3 its generally in a pony tail or updo of some sort. It just works for me.

Rachel said...

I can't imagine not showering daily. On gym days I shower twice. I know it's accepted in other countries, but in my house, we shower daily.

I wash my hair every other day and every third day in the winter. I have very dry, curly hair and a very dry scalp (no dandruff, just itchy) and cold, dry weather wrecks havoc on it, even with the most moisturizing shampoos/conditioners. My hair picks up smells too, esp cooking smells, but I use a refresher spray to help that. On gym days I'll usually condition it only b/c I can't stand a smelly scalp. I've tried sulfate free shampoos, but they made my curls limp.

I do like natural/organic lotions, creams and facial care and currently use a lot of the Pevonia line. As long as they are effective, I will purchase natural/organic skin and body care over chemical laden ones.

Mrs. C said...

If I take my shower late in the day (I'm a stay at home mom) then the next day I won't need to wash it, but my hair gets oily, too after just one day.
I will always shower & wear deodorant. I like to smell nice :)

PS- where did you get that plaid dress? I love it!

hillary said...

Mrs. C I got that dress in 2000 at Burdines in Florida for a wedding we went to.

Dave77459 said...

I am now imagining you smelling fresh and good. Some people I encounter don't exactly stink, but they don't smell good. I imagine that you would be pleasant to be around.

At the opposite end of the "attempt to be non-stinky" is the gal who I park next to when I ride Roxie. She sits in her car, chain smoking as she puts on makeup. Then she applies perfume in an attempt to mask the cigarette stench. Several times she's exited her car in a cloud of smoke and stank and I walk behind her into the building. Horrible! I pretend to take a cell call so as to not share the elevator with her.

I like to think I am in the middle. Shower daily or more often as necessary to wash off Houston-humidity sweat. Shampoo my 1/2" long hair every other day. Skip the shaving Saturday and Sunday and when on vacation. I use a highly effective (clinical strength) deodorant that works for a couple days unless I actively sweat.

Oh my, I see I am wordy again. Sorry.

mamichan said...

I like to wash every day, but I can get by with every other. (Except in summer when I get sweaty bike riding every day.) I've tried to go less but it just doesn't work with my hair - oily roots - and I agree with you, I hate how my hair feels. And I feel dirty all day.

Megan Mae said...

I shower daily for the same reasons you do. Even short my hair is super thick and oily. Even when I had pink (and blue, and red) hair I washed daily. I re-dyed about once a week, since veggie dyes don't cause harm.

The only thing I don't use every single day is deodorant. Sitting at home I don't sweat, and my skin tends to be sensitive to most formulas.

Ms. Ten said...

I don't use shampoo, but I condition my hair every day. Generally the conditioner has enough of the same stuff as shampoo, so for most people (like me) it is good enough to keep hair clean. I was in the habit of shampooing once every couple of weeks, but at this point I honestly could not tell you the last time I shampooed my hair.

Anonymous said...

i did "no poo" for ten months. TEN. everything i read said that you needed to let your hair adjust before giving up. well, i gave up. my hair was waist-length at the time, and very fine. it got horribly tangled, wasn't shiny and bouncy like it usually is, and felt gross. i couldn't find anything that worked for me, and shampoo and conditioner really go well for my hair.

my 4 year old daughter, on the other hand, has naturally curly hair and i have always done the curly girl method for her hair (conditioner only). it works great for her hair, and i don't have to use a lot of product i add jojoba or avocado oils to her hair when it's wet and her curls look great.

i've also gone without deodorant for years and years. i don't naturally have BO, and no one believed me when i told them i didn't use it. (i did shower daily and shave my pits tho). since my youngest baby was born, i've found my body chemistry has changed, and i've started using deodorant again. i generally do use the natural stuff and that works fine for me. i'm not a really sweaty person so that works.

in general, we avoid products with -parabens, SLS and stuff.

Anonymous said...

i should also add that my hair is like yours. i've been told over and over again that i should skip a day between washing my hair, but my hair gets incredibly greasy and oily looking. if i shower before bed, my hair will look dirty by evening of the next day. if i go anywhere or if i have work, i shower and wash my hair every day. i can't fix my hair if it's not clean. just doesn't happen. i do skip showering/hair washing on weekends/off days. no amount of skipping days between washings has made my hair adjust, however. on the plus side, my hair is naturally very shiny and has a lot of body, and i figure that's the trade off for all the oils in it.

Pixie Needle said...

I'm going to borrow these questions for my own blog because I think it's interesting.

I couldn't imagine not washing my hair for extended periods of time- and I have dreads! And I wouldn't ever give up my right to shower.

Lisa said...

First of all you look so good with pink hair! I love your hair color now too. You've definitely got the hair color thing figured out.

I've tried no poo before, I heard it was the answer to all my curly hair woes. It was not. My hair is fine and super oily, it looked absolutely awful. I do use sulfate free shampoos, and silicone free styling products. I don't necessarily wash my hair every day, but I do put conditioner in it (I couldn't get a comb through my hair without conditioner in it).