Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday snippets

Oh boy I must not of got enough sleep last night. Dave gets home after 11 and he fixed my 4 day old scarf I got a pull in from my earring. I wad freaking out because it's brand new. But he fixed it as good as new and you can't tell where it was. He fixed it with a tiny needle and lots of squinting.


See it right down the middle? Ack. It's such a delicate silk cashmere that apparently catches easily. Pair what with me being notorious for staining and ripping things. Waffle does a good job of all that too.

Speaking of Waffle... Our heat broke and Dave stayed home to wait for repairman so he locked the girls in the bedroom. He heard a crash. He knew to get the camera ready. He opened the door and he was greeted with this.

Not the bureau in the back. Yeah so she is at eye level. How you ask? She's standing on the doorknob. Nut.

Oh then tonight.

Not sure where she thinks she's going. Moments before she was braced on the cabinet in front of her.
Totally forget to charge my camera again.

I hate pencil skirt and boots on too. Had some good butternut squash an apple soup too. And a salted hot chocolate.

Tonight is consisting of a rented movie and Dave making something good for dinner.

What are your plans for this weekend?

Dave is in his last month of school and will work on his thesis all weekend. I bought a little ham for tomorrow and I'm gonna make some baked beans from scratch.


Anonymous said...

Gingerbread biscotti?! That sounds awesome. My Starbucks needs to get on board with that!

Robin said...

I'm trying to be a better commenter, since I've been reading your blog FOREVER.

Yay, Dave! Is there anything he isn't able to do?

By the way, I had a literal LOL from seeing that first picture of Waffle. I never use the term LOL, but tonight...oh my.

mansionmogul said...

that is really funny how Waffle looks like she's mimicking the posture of your rooster jar :)

HollyElise said...

We saw the new Harry Potter flick tonight with TM's family, and after he finishes exercising we're going to watch another movie before bed :)
Unfortunately TM is working tomorrow morning but he'll be home by 1pm and then we are being totally glamorous and romantic... Going grocery shopping XD

A-C said...

Dave was clutch w/knowing to grab the camera. I cannot believe Waffle is able to chill on the doorknob. He's also clutch w/the scarf repair. Kudos to him.

This weekend sees me studying for the bar, cleaning, laundry and some xmas decorations. :)

dotty said...

that's so awesome that dave fixed your scarf during thesis crunch time!

p.s. wish him good luck...i've still got another semester, but thesis is already taking over my life.

hillary said...

Dotty he is in his 6th year(well 6th year but he did 11 semesters to get technical). He's gone full time the entire time. It's supposed to be 14 semester or 7 years because they do IDP at the same time. He's finishing "early" because he had an associates degree. It's a very Long road and the hours are insane right now. Works 8-4or 6 then class until 10:30 all week. Then comes home and works until 1 on a good night. (to my chagin later some nights) you so get it though so I will stop talking.

Franca said...

that second photo is hillarious!

Good luck to Dave for the final spurt!