Monday, November 01, 2010

Don't ever look back


Dress I never thought this would happen but I have NO IDEA where I got it. I am guessing it was from Macy's. I never wear it because it is a horrible synthetic and I bought it before I realized synthetics and I have a mutually hateful relationship.
Tank H&M
Tights Target
Boots Clarks
Necklace it was Katie's. I am guessing she got it in the 60's because most her stuff is from then. She passed away 5 years ago. She was my step-grandmother
I am wearing a navy velvet blazer too. Gap


I tied the tie in the front for various reasons. I can't be the only one who finds dresses with ties in the back uncomfortable. I sit at a desk all day and it is very annoying. So I tried it in the front then I realized it kinda lended to the kimono look of it. So yeah totally intentional. *nods*

My weekend was quietish. Waffle was a holy terror but she is so funny. She was driving Dave bonkers Godzilla Catting through his model all weekend. So he thought he'd get her back and put a hair clip on her. The results were gut busting hilarious. I didn't get the best part on camera. I honestly couldn't of turned the camera on fast enough I was crying with laughter. I did get the tail end of it though.

How was your weekend?

Bonus question. 

Did you ever have a beeper?

I did. I got it in 1994. I went to high school in Miami which was a big change from the small town in New Hampshire I grew up in. One of the first things I noticed was EVERYONE had a beeper and a nameplate. I wanted one so bad and in 1994 for my 16th birthday I got one. My mom who was not a strict mom but had her moments would say things like "I am not paying for that" so I used birthday money from my grandparents! She couldn't argue with that logic.I wasn't sneaky about it. I am just painfully literal and always have been. She said SHE wouldn't pay for it.  (That is how I got my tattoo too but that is a story for another day) Anyways the reason I am asking is I heard a song today "143" and I instantly smiled and remembered all the stupid beeper codes we used to use. People still use them apparently? They must how else do teens send 435,898 text messages a month if not for shorthand? I write mini text novels.


La Chula said...

Bwhaha I was just telling my boyfriend about the beeper I had as a teenager! I never got into the codes too much tho. Halloween was good, this morning not so much as we got word that my niece's husband passed away, another life taken too young :(

Lisa said...

Ties in the back of dresses irritate me too. Especially while I am driving. I don't sit often at work so I don't really notice it then. Mine also tend to come untied so I have the ribbon dangling down my back, also annoying.

My weekend was pretty good. I found out my husband passed the bar (he's a real lawyer now!) and went to a Halloween party. I never had a beeper, but had some friends who did so I always kind of envied them, but then cell phones started becoming popular so I quickly got over the beeper thing.

Mama C said...

Ties in the front are cute. Ties in the back always make me feel like somebody is going to think I'm wearing a maternity dress and nobody wants that mistake to happen to them! :)
I never had a beeper, but I had one of those ginormous Motorolla cell phone in the 90's. It use to heat up & burn me after talking for awhile.

Lorena said...

I totally agree with you .... dresses that tie on the back are a PAIN - plus it's like they did not take the time to FIT the garment properly and you have to do it yourself.
I am trying to stay away for those items, but I have quite a few in my closet.

Lorena said...

Oh, I never had a beeper.
In fact I REFUSED TO carry a cel phone for a long time.

hillary said...

La Chula. I am sorry to hear that my prayers are with your family. My Uncle passed away on Friday. It has been a year of sadness. (that was 5th person I lost this year) but in a vein of happiness my friend just gave birth today.

Lorena I have a friend who held out to recently. Dave and I got ours in 2000 after we got in a really bad car accident and no one would call police for us. I was on side of road begging people.

mama c My dad had a giant bag phone he still talks about it. He now has an iphone but he speaks fondly of that bag phone that worked out in the ocean.

Lisa CONGRATS Mrs. Esquire!

Megan Mae said...

I like the dress tied at the front. It's really cute.

My weekend was fun but a bit of a let down. I wanted to go on a ghost tour or something and plans never worked out. Maybe next year.

Also OMG my mom had a beeper. My grandfather had one too. We didn't use then super often, but we very quickly got the old style cricket cell phones. The ones with the faceplates? I miss having my hello kitty faceplate.

hillary said...

PS I edited the post to include the video of waffle. I talked about it but then forgot to post it! If you have 17 seconds it is worth watching.

Associate Girl said...

I had a beeper - but, of course, I worked in a hospital. What is a nameplate?

hillary said...

Associate girl a necklace

Cyn said...

I'm weeding out a lot of my polyester items as well. I still have some blends, but I'm finding some of those dresses look cheap or don't hang well. There are a few I'm keeping, but they're more of a jersey blend. And bleh to ties!

How strange- we were discussing beepers in a meeting at work last week. I brought them up as an example of technology everyone had to have that is now obscure and useless.

Which brings me to my beeper, circa 1995. I too had to have one which I financed with every dime I could find until I got my first job. Hardly anyone ever paged me. It was sad. But not really- I mean, I was 15 with a pager. People either called you at home, saw you at school, or used that new AOL stuff. (28.8k modem yo!) The only person who benefited from that damned pager was my Mom. :(

lawyerdoll said...

The dress looks great, but you look unhappy in it... time to donate or consign?

I had a pager in the mid-nineties, when I was in college. I needed it because I shared a car with my brother, and didn't want to wait by the phone for him to call for a ride when he got out of his restaurant job.

His code was 80085- "boobs". He still is a bit of a perv....

hillary said...

I'm curious why you would say that. I am not unhappy at all. As a matter a fact I thought I looked pretty darn good. This is just the face Jesus gave me. If you search my archives I've written multiple posts that people say that to me and it's just my face. I'm even smiling big here!!

Anonymous said...

Cute dress, great color combo, but I know what you mean about synthetics -- I purged practically all of them. They just don't feel good on my skin.

Lovelovelove that necklace! So cute!