Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Deliberately messy hair and a product review

(you can really see the two colors of red low lights here)

I don't know how to do my hair deliberately messy. I see girls all the time with messy on purpose "effortless" hair styles and I have no idea how to do it. I spend more time trying to make it messy than I do on flat ironing it. Keiko Lynn is the master of the hot messy hair. Maegan of LoveMaegan too. I just can't seem to get it. I think I am too much of a Libra. My mind likes even precision with somethings and me trying to messy it is fighting myself.  Any tips on how you achieve the look are welcome. One of the problems is my hair is heavy and it doesn't just go UP easily. It tends to hang down. I have it clipped to the top of my head here in an attempt to keep the poof up.I have redone it 3 times too because it keeps falling. argh. Help me make me look like I didn't do my hair!


Dave loves the messy nap hair look. I just don't know how to do it without actually taking a nap.

My outfit is cute but you have seen all the pieces before. Maybe not this exact combo. I did navy tights. So different!


I spent a little time on my eyes today too.


I did Opal pigment on the inside half of my eye and Violet pigment both by MAC on the outside. Then I went back on the inner corner with the Opal wet which made the pink much more intense right there.I lined it in purple liquid liner. My lashes are INSANE right?? It is due to Lash28. I have been testing lash serums. Did you see the post I wrote about NeuLash on another site?

Mind you the before from was from Aug 6th and After Sept 6th. Before and after NeuLash.
before and after without mascara made 8.30.10

So since the above before and after, basically since September 7th I have been using Lash 28. It is a serum I apply nightly along my lash line. I have noticed a great improvement of the length of my lashes. They sent me a sample for review and honestly I was dubious. I have used NeuLash previously and had seen growth with that but I thought that honestly was a fluke. Lash28 totally works! I can't tell you how nice it is to have real substantial lashes. I have always had very tiny almost nonexistent lashes. I have taken vitamins that are supposed to promote growth. I also tried false lashes and even had extensions last year. Lash28 can be bought directly from their site.

What miracle product do you wish you could get your hands on?
I want Latisse. Because I want really FULL lashes and I have seen great results on others. I want something to make the bags and dark circles go AWAY so I don't have to cover cover cover them. I also would like an acne miracle that made it go away FOR GOOD! I keep finding things that work for a few weeks then it is back to bad. wah. I am 32. I mean I am 23 when will this stop?!


Cara said...

My mother and sister deal with bags under their eyes (they warn me it's something I will eventually deal with too!!), and apparently hemorrhoid cream works.

hillary said...

I personally have not had luck with it :( But my eyes are now hemmoroid free.

Chalkdust and Boots said...

I like your messy updo! My hair is also thick and now that it's longer than it's been in years, I haven't quite gotten the knack into putting it up in an effortless, messy, chic knot.

DaniellaBella said...

I totally agree! I look at Keiko Lynn's hair with jealousy. I just can't get it. My hair is super thick and long. It just doesn't stay on top of my head! In about an hour it has slid down to the nape of my neck. I just usually end up with an Auntie Em grandmother bun. No so cute. I need a tutorial or better yet someone to come over and do it for me!
I love the colours! They look great!

Moni said...

We have the exact same wishlist. I tried lash extensions a few weeks ago and loved them. My lashes looked even more wimpy when I took them off, due to the sad comparison, or removing some of my own lashes with the extensions, or (probably) both. Even more than the miracle acne product (since mine is somewhat under control) I'd love a miracle acne scar remover. I have dark mark from picking at my acne that I wish would disappear!

Melrose said...

What I do is tease a bit, mess it up real good, and then throw my head upside down and scrunch like you would if you were diffusing curls, then tie around the bunch with an elastic... works sometimes... others not so much. I also really liked a tutorial B. Jones did on the "carrie bun", a teased out top knot, its a much easier to do alternative.

but besides that.... i feel your pain. i too have dark circles and NO concealer works well enough... and someone in their mid twenties should not get backne. lol.

Joy said...

I'm no help with your hair. I have short, curly hair!

I'm envious of your eyelashes and have to check this stuff out. Your eyemakeup looks great, too!

Megan Mae said...

I think your hair looks great!

I could wish for acne products, but I already know what will work... I just don't always have the $$ to pick them up.

I wish I had super-fast hair growing ability because I miss being able to pull my hair into a ponytail.

Anonymous said...

I've got even shorter eyelashes than you :D Actually I am currently running a little experiment with RapidLash. :D
So I wish I could find the perfect product to make my eyelashes grow long and 'fat'.
My another problem is my sensitive skin. Everything I eat, just as everything I feel (stress, exhaustion, etc), or lots of things I put on my face shows on my skin. That makes me wish to find the perfect product to fight the spots and big pores. :D
Oh, and don't even get me started on hair on my legs. :D

Lisa said...

My hair is naturally messy/curly so while I can do messy buns very easily I can do few other polished looking hair styles without straightening.

As for miracle products, either something for the bags under my eyes, or something where I would never have to tweeze my eyebrows again . . .

Anonymous said...

i'm a bit late for the comment party here, but allow me to offer a fully non-paid endorsement for the hair screw thingies from goody. cvs should carry them according to most internet i've seen, but boston cvs's are weird so i get mine at target.

its kind of the same idea as sticking a pencil or metal pin in your hair to keep it up, but much more effective and it won't poke you in the neck. if you have heavy hair like me you should probably use two, but if you are disorganized like me you can probs get away with using just one because you lost the other.

hope this helps you!

rlutz said...

your haircolor is the low lights...
I wish I could get my hands on something that would permanently cure my extremely sensitive look at it the wrong way and I it gets all red and blotchy!

McQ said...

Hillary I am still in love with your hair - the color, the bangs, and today - the messiness. Very cute. I also agree with the commenter who endorsed the goody screw pins. I am a total hair klutz/novice and I love those things. They work great for the effortless messy bun look. Happy Friday!

hillary said...

Thanks so much everyone!
Cara I have had them since I was a kid. :( I have been told they are allergies. I am dubious.

Chalkdust and Boots mine is at its all time longest too.

DaniellaBella mine is slidintg right now and its 9:30am. frustrates me.

Moni when I have the fake ones they ripped a ton of mine out too. They looked so good while they lasted...

Melrose I will have to check that tutorial out. thanks. I too have that issue and I am a bit older than mid 20's :) gah. Buffy the backside slayer bar by lush has been a miracle product for that problem on me.

Joy thank you!

Megan Mae I take a separate multi B vitamin in hopes to grow my hair. I think it is kinda working. Its biotin in particular that is supposed to help

stylegenerator let me know what you think about rapid lash!

Blogger Lisa some days I honestly think about getting a perm again. Seriously! For that very reason.

kathrophilia and McQ I have previously reviewed the good pins here
I have not had luck with them. I think my hair is too heavy. They are great for an hour then my hair completely falls. I did it again today and by9am it was down again. I did lose one due to it not staying in and I bought a second kit and I use 3 and still they don't stay. Unfortunate because they are a neat idea.

rlutz I get wicked blotchy too. Uber sensitive to lots of creams. I recently discovered a new allergy to pantene. OY my body freaked OUT.