Friday, November 12, 2010



This is my orange NY&Co sweater. My shirt is sheer and it has an elastic hem at the bottom and that's my button my pants. I didn't have a correct colored cami to have hang out like I usually do so I tucked it in but it looks weird seeing the top my pants eh?
Pants and shirt and cami H&M
Sweater NY&Co
Clip Vintage Etsy
Earrings from Waffle

Goofy attempt at a detail

I got this palette by Stila and that is what I have on today. It is a bunch of peaches and an awesome blush/lip cream. I am a big fan especially of the price point! It is neutrals with out being too "natural" They give you a nice GLOW that isn't bronzer. gag. I am too fair for bronzer. ANY. (I have tried 3849239 of them. They just don't work with my skin)

Any plans for this weekend?


Mrs. C said...

I love the orange sweater, it is such a nice color that is overlooked too often.

Jess said...

I love these palettes! I have the Paris one and I have been wearing it constantly...the colors are so perfect. I can't say no to great makeup for $10, and they're small enough to tuck in a little bag.

I'm home with a terrible sinus headache, working while I do laundry and dishes...your outfit is way better than my sweatpants and t-shirt.

This weekend I'm planning on cleaning and trying my hand at some GF recipes for Thanksgiving so I can have crescent rolls and green bean casserole.

Moni said...

I love that sweater and that top. So great together and separate!

Tonight I'm going to a wine tasting. I'm meeting a bunch of new people (through a group) so hopefully it'll be fun! The rest of the weekend will be spent cleaning because my apartment is a mess!

Megan Mae said...

Blue and orange is a fantastic combo.

I've had the same problem with bronzers.. They tend to look like smudged dirt. $10 is a great price for that.

Plans for the week - hrm. Proof read and edit my next paper due. Read some, maybe go for a date night with the Hubs. Otherwise I'm going to enjoy every last bit of the freakishly warm weather.

Cara said...

I'm far too pale for bronzer too.
Plans for the weekend entail making revisions to a paper. I miss when weekend meant: "relaxation time"

Lisa said...

I love the blue and orange together. That sweater clip is amazing.

I've never found a bronzer that worked for me either. I'm definitely far too pale for bronzer.

This weekend - knit, grade, clean, shop for condos (that scares me slightly to write it).

Miki's scrapbook said...

What a cool cardigan! I love the way it matches the polka dot shirt :).


Rachel said...

I LOVE the sweater clip! Brilliant!

Lorena said...

I am totally loving the sweater and you sweater guard !
I worked the Stila brand (also Smashbox) and must say that their products are AWESOME, the total concept, the sketch models, the recycled packaging.. oh how I miss the free make up :(

Between Laundry Days said...

I love the color of that cardigan, and it looks INCREDIBLE with the polka dot blouse.