Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The whole world stops and stares for awhile

What ya looking at Hilly?
Stripey pants Gap
Red jacket with detachable hood Forever 21
Scarf, earrings, ring Marc Jacobs
Shoes Clarks
Shirt H&M

My shirt which is kinda a soft jersey tunic with satin oragami pieces added at the top.


Apparently I love Marc Jacobs accessories. Scarf, ring and earrings are all by him. I bought the ring and earrings with bday money from mom in NYC (Thanks mom you have great taste!) I love how the earring match my key necklace from Tiffany's

I think I shared this before but dude this always make me smile.

I don't even LIKE A Capella but I love this guy.

How are you doing? What is for lunch? I am hangry.
I don't know what I am having but I know sometime today french fries will be consumed. I had two salads yesterday which is SO UNLIKE ME. I was ravenously hungry by the time I went to bed. Dave said my body was saying WHAT THE HELL LADY I want more crappy food! I am not trying to eat healthy it was by pure accident I swear. I started listening to internet radio because I am desperate need for new music. I don't drive so I don't listen to the radio so I wasn't getting anything new to listen to. I have been jamming all morning to some HITS stations and I am in mad love with this Bruno Mars song.


Cara said...

I love the scarf! I'm thinking I need to knit myself up a striped scarf like that!

Today for lunch is turkey pot pie, with a side of pumpkin pie. I'm a little obsessed with pastry these days!

hillary said...

Cara I wanted to knit one too and then I found this one, it is wrapped 3 times around and it was $10!

Melrose said...

Your ring is SO adorable!

Lunch is Quiche! More thanksgiving leftovers! Yum!

Bridgett said...

those earrings are so cute! and i want a scarf like that- they had jersey knit ones at target in the dollar spot but i was being cheap that day.

i am actually having lunch right now- leftover spaghetti.

Megan Mae said...

I cannot say enough how much I love your jacket/scarf combo. Your earrings and necklace are so adorable.

Lunch was a fruit and granola bar. We got a bunch of freebies for some reason. Um hopefully I can think of something more substantial soon since I'm pretty hungry too. Haha. I think dinner will probably be something like roast chicken, rice and maybe a salad.

Kelly said...

That ring is adorable.

Lorena said...

I always like it when you wear that scarf.
I am totally jealous of those fabulous earrings!!
YES they do match perfectly with your key pendant.
I am a total fan of MJacobs - but I don't think I own anything by him !

HollyElise said...

Breakfast was a glass of milk and lunch was nachos with salsa. Nom!!

Lisa said...

You look great today. I love the color combination. I had couscous and beans for lunch today. I had french fries for lunch yesterday, and it was probably the highlight of my day. I hope your enjoy your fries!

DaniellaBella said...

Just delightful!
Lunch was left over thanksgiving turkey turned into delicious soup and crunchy, crispy grapes! And the best cinnamon bun in the world... And thank you for being excited about lunch... I dig that a lot!

So Miss Hillary, if you like internet radio you could check out Basically you get to choose how you're feeling (or how you'd like to be feeling) or what you're doing and poof! you have a playlist that caters to that. Excellent way to learn more about different music!
Happy Wednesday! (Tomorrow's my bday so I'm excited! what on earth do I wear?)

hillary said...

Daniellabella I am soooo trying that tomorrow! And happy birthday my fellow libra!!! Wear something with purple in it! Seems like a birthday color. Also I love miss Hillary I think youre the first to call me that. People usually call me miss Matilda (it was my online name forever)

Lisa I never did get any :( maybe I can get dave to bring me some on his way home tonight.

Hollyelise. If I was my husband I'd lecture you on your breakfast not being balanced. But since I'm me
I'd ask was it strawberry?!

Lorena I have seen the earrings online. They were $38 I think. I wanna say it was neiman or Nordstrom online I saw them.,, his accessories can be very affordable. (unforc a lot of the cheap stuff is only available at his retAil stores. Like the $1 bubble rings)

Kelly, melrose it's so ridiculous but I love it. Gram did too I wore it to visit this weekend.

Bridgett I sooo do that. I whine about a dollar but buy a $30 lipstick

Megan Mae red black and white are meant to be bffs huh?

Karli said...

Oh thank you for sharing that clip with us!!
I love that song big time!!

Iris said...

I love this outfit, all the accessories really make it pop!

Melissa said...

Okay first, I love the outfit. I will always love black, white and red.

Second - you don't like a cappella music?! You haven't listened to any of the good groups if you don't. That's what the entertainment company that I sing with specializes in!

:) Hope you got your french fries!

hillary said...

Melissa. No offense meant, Just a personal preference.

Between Laundry Days said...

I LOVE that H&M blouse! The origami-style detailing is superbly awesome.