Thursday, October 21, 2010

A review and a DIY all rolled into one!

When the lovely people at Fashion to Figure contacted me offering an item up for my review I was a bit stumped. Fashion to Figure is an affordable plus size boutique that "Brings fashion to the figure"! I thought a lot of there dresses were totally something I'd wear but I was out of their sizing range. I was going to politely decline then I noticed something.... They sold accessories! It was a lightbulb moment for me. Jewelry knows no size! I love costume jewelry and love having options and it never occurred to me to check a plus size boutique. Think of the options! Maybe I am just slow to catch on and all of you already do this!

I chose the Oversized Silver Chandelier Earrings. They retail for $10. Super cheap!

When they I arrived I had to admit I was a bit flummoxed. They were a bit big (which is my fault the listing clearly says "oversized") They actually look really good this large, I was impressed.

They were a bit heavy though. But I knew what to do and two minutes later (one of those spent hunted down the pliers my husband never put back on their hook) I had a new earrings!

Oh and I have TWO new necklaces!! One for me and a friend!

How awesome is this necklace? Girlie but with a bad ass edge. The earrings are now wicked versatile I can see me wearing them often!

The customer service was great, the shipping was very fast and the prices are amazing! Head on over Fashion to Figure and check them out! Thanks again to Fashion to Figure to opening my eyes to more shopping options. Even if they don't carry your size, jewelry is one size fits all!


Anonymous said...

Very cool! You're so crafty! I especially love how the necklace(s) turned out!

Megan Mae said...

How super cool! I would actually buy that necklace as is, if I found it in a store. Congrats on making it work!

freeda said...

Genius! I love reworking jewelry!

Franca said...

exellent job, love what you've done here!

Heather said...


Anonymous said...

this is so rad! I need to start playing around more with my pliers and the gazillon jump rings in my crafty drawer.

Lorena said...

Wow you clever Hillary !
How about a giveaway with the remaining necklace ?

Iris said...

What a great little trick! I did the same thing with the coin peal earrings I wear all the time. They were actually much larger originally ;)

Eyeliah said...

Great diy, SOOOOO much better!