Thursday, October 28, 2010

A post in which I talk way too much about my hair

I went to have my hair colored last night. I hadn't intended on it but I ended up cutting it too. It had been 11 months since my last hair cut (even trim!) She put a TON of layers into it. It doesn't appear that different today but I now have a small layered pony tail instead of the big thick all one length one it was. There was such a big pile of hair on the floor you literally could of made a baby wig from it. But she kept the LENGTH! It is like the holy grail of hairdressers. She listened and only trimmed it and instead made a lot of face framing layers.

It is still really long in the back.

brownstripe 002

I want to grow my own hair out and just be high/low lighting my own hair instead of dyeing my whole head. She wove one dark red and one slightly darker than my hair now red and strawberry and baby blondes. She was actually really excited to do a more "funky" look because she said they get a lot of very conservative hair requests. Depending on how I part it she put thick chunky colors under neath. I can part it and you can't see anything and I can move it so you totally see them. Heck I thought this was tame but I love how it came out. It is neat how she cut it too some of the highlights are shorter and some longer.

brownstripe 047
brownstripe 025

I know it doesn't APPEAR to be cut different but it is at least a lb lighter. All my layers had grown out.

brownstripe 014

I think once I am able to wash it and style it myself you can see it all better. This is after I slept on it last night. It was much more sleek when I walked out last night.
Bad cell pic

See one of the hidden ones

You've seen it a million times at this point but not with this necklace! aha! see it is different!
Marc Jacobs dress $400 dress I got on sale for $70 and worn 3849328 times since I got it. Dave repaired it the other day. The front placket was delicate silk and ripped in three places and he carefully fixed it. He thinks it will keep happening. Silk is just like that.
Boots Clarks
Hoodie Target
Bag Coach bday present
Owl necklace Can I be honest I was INSANELY jealous that company wanted me to do a Marc Jacobs Owl Bangle giveaway. I mean I was happy to do it and for the winner but I want one! She sent a pic and it is sooooooo cute. 100% jealous.
Earrings gift

I did a terrible job of showing it. I am a big show me don't tell me fan and I fear I failed you all. It was hard because it was dark when I left salon. It all took 3 hours! I'll try again for you! I mean you spend a wad on a service you want to show it off!! ( GAH I have instant Catholic guilt on the cost and I am not even Catholic. Just raised by some)  The reason I am not doing it myself anymore is... (edited to add. Dave has no problem with the money. He talked me into it. I am just a weirdo and guilt myself)
1. It is too long and it is kinda hard to get it all
2. I am up to 3 boxes a month just to dye it.
3. Highlights I can squeak 3 months or so on so it ends up costing same.
4. Someone else has to clean up.
5. I have to replace my bathroom cabinet door.
6. Regrout some of the tile because no amount of bleaching got it out.
7. Paint my bathroom door because all are covered in purple dye!! OY I made such a mess last time. This is WITH drop cloths.
8. I just really like making lists.
9. and odd numbers...
10. Oy yeah and I have to repaint the wall over the sink too. Forgot about that.


Andi B said...

Your hair looks STUNNING. I loved it before, but it's even better now! I can see the difference, cut-wise. I like the color too. Don't feel guilty about treating yourself to a good hairdresser if the end results look this good. I had guilt issues about that too when I got my first expensive haircut, but the fantastic feeling I have every time I walk out of the salon makes it worth it. You're worth it!

Felicity said...

Your stylist did a great job, your 'do looks fab!

McQ said...

Wow Hillary, your hair looks amazing. I seriously love it. I bet it feels amazing too and the cut seems very versatile.

I just recently stopped the DIY hair dye and headed back to the stylist for all the same reasons as you. It was becoming SUCH a process and almost as expensive as the salon with the multiple boxes being purchased. It's tough to give up control tho, you know?

Chalkdust and Boots said...

LOVE the hair! May I ask where you went? I need an overall maintenance trim/cut. I really like the woman I've been seeing (in the South End), who cut my bangs, but I'm fickle and always interested in hearing about someone new!

hillary said...

Tricia at Joi on Commercial

hillary said...

Sorry I mean atlantic. I always forget where it turns. It's behind the starbucks

La Chula said...

Your hair looks great! I love all the layers and the colors.

D'Rae said...

Love how it turned out! It does look different than it did before.

Dave77459 said...

You look wonderful! You scrimp and save in so many ways, I think it is great that you splashed out some dough with such stellar results. I especially like the variations of tones... not so sure about the layers. But I must like them too, because you definitely have hot hair.

I just realized that I am the only guy who comments on your blog and I feel awkward. eep.

hillary said...

You shouldnt feel awkward! Steve comments too!

hillary said...

Oh and sometimes I get creepy comments from men! They just email me and I forward to my mom we make fun of him and then I delete. Haa!
This one guy suggested I wear little girls socks with my clogs Oy!

Dave77459 said...

So if I make a creepy comment, it'll be like sending a message to your mom? LOL *waves at mom*

Thank you for the affirmation. I'm not usually worried about being one of the girls....

I do have an uninformed male question. With one layer, it seems the style is to keep the hair smooth and laminar. I seem to see lots of girls with their hair like your former style turning their whole body to look to the side, so as to not disturb smoothness. With multiple layers, is there an appreciable swing to the hair... do you "shake your hair and LOVE the way it feels?" I bet I'm not making sense.

hillary said...

yes. In my case I have very thick, heavy hair and it gets HOT and it gives me a headache sometimes to pile it up in a hair band. So with less it feels lighter and your instant reaction is to shake it and fluff it. I fluff it too when I feel like it is getting to flat to my scalp. I like it straight but I like a little volume on top.

Megan Mae said...

Your hair looks amazing.

I don't fault you one bit for getting someone to do it. When my hair gets past my shoulders - it's a bear to get it ONE color.. and even then I end up with splotches.

Anonymous said...

I dye my hair all the time and like you, I do get tired of it. Your hair is so pretty!!! I love the coloring.

v said...

love it!!! i went red 2 weeks ago and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. (that could be a slight exaggeration)

v said...


Between Laundry Days said...

Ah, I think it's beautiful! I really, REALLY love it. :)