Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Orange Dress

I was holding open my hoodie because I was trying to show you my orange corduroy dress. The color is so bright it messes with the iphone.

Orange corduroy dress Anthropologie
Brown hoodie Target
Boots Clarks
Cami H&M

You can see the lace and fabric and poofy little gathered sleeves and such in this older detail photo.

orange anthropologie dress

I have some older wearings of this dress.

Its orange I promise. (*see half way down comments for real color)
Orange you glad?
while you were languishing in rooms I built to foul you in
March 31st 2010

It was raining yesterday and I didn't get any outfit details but I did get some nice ones of my makeup.

I did silver over entire lid and blue just on outer 1/3 and blended like a mad man.

My weekend was quiet. We went for some cupcakes... (hey I said I would I had to live up to my word.)

Waffle was a cuddle bug. Last year when I would put her in my hoodie she was only 4lbs and fit nicely. Omg she was so small here that her nose hadn't grown. It is now all pink. She hadn't grown into it yet.

not the best  one of me but it is of her!

Despite being 3times that size she still loves it.

Not too big to cuddle

The birthday wishes started coming. My inlaws sent this beautiful arrangement to my work.

Flowers from my inlaws

When I told you my mom was to blame for my polish collection I don't know if people really believed that. I swear it is all my mom's fault! :P

That is a giant 43lb thing of pumpkin fudge she made me too!

I also picked myself up some new slippers, check the kids section. These said size 4 but they fit my size 7 feet.. Waffle is petrified of the stuffed heads.

Apparently I fit into childrens slippers.

How was your weekend? What did you do? WHAT DID YOU EAT? (I am so hangry right now..)

Oh and PS tomorrow is my birthday. If you are so inclined you could take a picture of the current contents of your bag? Read more about my birthday wish here.


Sal said...

That dress is faboo. But you knew that. Happy early birthday, beautiful!

EvaNadine said...

i keep meaning to take purse photos for your birthday, but being that i havent even made time to take actual outfit photos in, i think over 2 months, i keep forgetting!

i will try to remember, but at the very least, i can say HAPPY BIRTHDAY HILLARY!

Megan Mae said...

Adorable dress! Your bangs look really pretty.

I'm slain by the cute-kitty pics.

Lorena said...

I love the color on that dress, plus I am a lover of all things corduroy.
I have slipper envy. I did not know that was even possible. Well, hello there Hello Kitty...
Hillary Kitty, happy birthday wishes going your way !
Hope this year brings you love and health.
I emptied my bag for you 2 weeks ago, so you got an early present :)

curlyred said...

Hi Hillary! Loved how the dress looks with leopard heels, so cute.

Great great makeup, both yesterday and today, gotta love smokey looks.

I'm also a nail polish junkie but it's all me :) we're such girls!

Have a gret pre-birthday tuesday!

Felicity said...

You look so awesome in your orange dress! I love the pics of Waffle too. : )

whitneybee said...

Best slippers ever! Happy almost birthday!

Lisa said...

I adore that orange dress. I've always liked orange but felt that it never looked right on me. I ate a lot over this weekend. My favorite was when Andy picked me up one of the new pumpkin cupcakes from Sweet, so good!

Your mom is totally awesome. If she ever wants to adopt anyone let me know.

Casey said...

Love the orange dress with blue eye shadow, such a nice color combo.

hillary said...

Casey I'm so not gutsy enough to do that! I wore the silver and blue with that grey blazer. I wore a neutral eye with the orange.

I fear id look crazy ( and too much like a gator fan. I mean I am a gator but fear looking cray cray)

Iris said...

What a great dress! I love your birthday stuffs especially the flowers!

EvaNadine said...

I remembered!
took some pictures and put up a special birthday post, just for you!

happy birthday lady.


La Historiadora de Moda said...

Happy birthday, Hillary!

Beck, At Her Best said...

Happy Birthday, Hillary! :D

Between Laundry Days said...

I already said it in Twitter, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HILLARY!!! Yay you!

Also, I adore that bold dress. Looks SO good with that makeup selection, too.

Sheila said...

Happy Birthday, sweetie! I hope you are having a wonderful day!

I will do pics of my bag for you tonight. :)

Keira said...

I just found you via Erin at Work With What You've Got, and I'm so glad I did! I will happily do an "in the bag" post for your birthday :) Will work on it right now!

Chalkdust and Boots said...

Here's my bag, lady! (PS. I love your make-up and your hair looks FAB)


HollyElise said...

Happy Birthday, Hillary!

I wrote you a blog post :)


I hope your day was fabulous!

hillary said...

Thank you so much everyone! You all totally made me feel special and loved I appreciate all of it!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! Sorry it's late. Hope you have a fantastic birthday, celebrate in style Hillary!

It was my birthday last weekend and we also went to a wedding, so I ate a lot, had a lot of wine, and even managed to dance a bit! And one of my birthday presents from the in-laws was a cupcake cookbook from Hummingbird Bakery :)

Melissa said...

That dress looks AMAZING on you! I love it!

I'm glad you got some cupcakes. Life is much better with cupcakes.

I'm so sorry for not commenting and being late on this way - I'm so behind (not to mention that I've been away from Twitter for the most part too)! Hope you had the MOST special birthday celebration EVER!!!

rlutz said...

That orange dress is so fun..looks so great on you!
I had two amazingly yummy burritos this weekend smothered in sour cream and guac!!