Sunday, October 03, 2010

MAC Venomous Villains Haul

If you are a follower of some makeup blogs you probably have seen everyone all a twitter about the MAC Venomous Villains collection. The entire collection is based on four of Disney's iconic villains.

* Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmatians (did you know it was a combo of Cruel Devil?!! I just learned that. I am slow sometimes)
" A Dalmatian dominatrix. Famed for her cheekbones, dramatic entrances and trails of absinthe-coloured smoke"

*Evil Queen from Snow White
"Jean Harlow eyebrows. Joan Crawford's face. She set the standard for glamorous depravity and made us all glad we don't have a mirror that talks back."

*Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty (Probably my favorite villain ever)
"Toxic green skin. A darkly diabolical horned beauty with Hepburn eyebrows. She's the self-proclaimed "Mistress of All Evil/"

*Dr Facilier from The Princess and the Frog
"Nothing is sacred to this dandy who has stolen moves from the King of Pop and a hairdo from the Godfather of Soul."

As a collector of things Disney and MAC I was over the moon at even the thought of this collection and the they didn't disappoint! I was  really interested in the first three collections based on all the pictures I had been seeing for months leading up to the September 30th release date. I didn't have any interest in the Dr Facilier collection mostly because I haven't seen the movie and the colors just weren't really me. Now I just have to claim fandom for a second. For years it hasn't been "cool" to love Disney, (not that I need to be cool) so I did my fanning in private but dude I love Disney. It really is the happiest place on earth. I have been fortunate in that I have gone to both Disney World and Disneyland. I prefer World but only because it is bigger and I have been there way more times. I am so excited that it is once again the cool thing to do to love Disney. I was tired of the narrowed eye disapproving look from people for years when I gushed about something Disney related. 

Plus I like any excuse to wear mouse ears.
ON the matterhorn
On the Matterhorn at Disneyland

Oh yes you are here to read about the collection! I preordered from Nordstrom based on photos,  Bite of Apple blush from the Evil Queen and the Formidable polish from Maleficent collection. But then I was asked if I wanted to make an appointment for launch day at my local Macys. My appointment wasn't until 4:30pm on launch day for I kinda assumed it would be totally sold out but hey I am not about to turn down a free makeup application. A good majority was sold out, including my polish and blush I preordered! (so glad Dave talked me into ordering them) So he went with some stuff they still had.

The artist asked what kinda look I was going for and I said I didn't subscribe to the natural look and that I wasn't afraid of anything makeup wise. This is what he went with a darkly evil badass look.


(I took these after I walked home in the 90 degree heat it stayed on very well!)
The shadow is black (Cruella) and green on top and blue (Maleficent) on the lower lash line with heavy winged liner (Cruella) on top and black liner in my lower waterline. He went with a very neutral lip(Cruella) and soft blush to balance out the KAPOW eyes.

MAC worked really closely for a few years with Disney on this collection. They used the original Pantone colors from the movies and the packaging has drawings from the original sketches of each villain.


I ended up purchasing

sets closed
sets open

She Who Dares Mineral Shadow a blue and green mineral shadow (worn in above photo) retail $21
Revenge is Sweet Lipglass a sheer light yellow purple retail $15.50
Mean and Green Polish a duochrome green with teal multi-changing pearl retail $13
Formidable Polish a duochrome teal green with a pink multi-changing pearl (preordered) retail $13

Evil Queen
Bite of Apple Blush a soft coral pink (preordered) retail $19.50

Cruella De Vil
Innocence Beware Lipstick a light yellow pink (worn in above photo) retail $15.50

arm testing

Innocence Beware! Lipstick, Revenge is Sweet Lipglass, Bite of Apple Blush, She Who Dares Shadow duo DRY blue, green. WET blue, green


Mean and Green Polish on top and Formidable Polish on bottom. Photos do NOT do them justice. You know those color changing cars? It is like that!!

Because MAC has testers of every product they sell I was able to test out each color and how they worked with my skin tone. I'd much rather pay $15 for one lipstick I like then 2 drugstore ones I end up hating the color of or smell or texture. I am a fan of many MAC products. They have great textures, color pay off and staying power. While I am not normally a fan of mineralize shadows as I find them clumpy and uneven the artist suggested I try them wet and OMG they are so amazing wet. I have been using it as an eyeliner and the sparkle color payoff is amazing. I am going back to try all my old mineralize shadows wet. I use other shadows wet all the time I don't know why I never tried it with the mineralizes.

Did you get anything from the collection?


Sarah said...

I absolutely love the blue/green eyeshadow duo. They are amazing colors! I saw this line last week on the website. I have to admit, at first I was a little intimated by the colors. But, seeing them actually on, they are fantastic! Lesson learned- I should try things before totally dismissing them!

Marianne said...

Glad to know you like the products, I was curious and wanted to know what they were like. Plus, you look really great with the "badass" look! :)

Franca said...

I LOVE this eye look on you! wow!

I'm not usually into make up so coming out of my reader for a make up post is quite unusual!

Chalkdust and Boots said...

Sigh. These look SO awesome on you. I now suddenly have the urge to get my hands on the collection and play...

madam0wl, a.k.a Sandra said...

I have to agree with Franca, and this actually the second comment I've made related to make-up in the last 5 mins. Weird. Anyway, I love color-changing cars so that nail polish sounds/looks really interesting!

La Chula said...

I love the way they did your makeup! I had no idea about this line but now I will definitely check it out!

Lorena said...

Believe it or not I have not purchased ANYTHING from MAC since their Hello Kitty Collection.
I was just so disappointed...

hillary said...

Lorena that's too bad you didn't like it. Was it the colors? I was a big fan. I got quite a lot of the stuff in that collection.

La Chula and chalkdust and boots. if you are interested hurry because it WILL sell out quick.

Sandra and Franca I am not too keen on others posts about makeup most the time. :P

marianne hey anytime you are wondering on something shoot me an email and if I own it I can let you know. I won't sugar coat it either.

Sarah yes always try on. you NEVER know I am surprised often. My husband still brings up the gold lipgloss. I was at benefit and they had a GOLD lipgloss and I think I declared it gross. The woman was like TRY IT YOU WILL LIKE IT I even said no then said why the hell now. I tried it on and I have to say it was all kinda of amazing. It did this sparkle but wasn't at all yellow thing. Shocked.

Thank you everyone for stopping by I appreciate it!

Kelly said...

Ooh la la your eye makeup is HOT!

I'm trying very hard not to buy anything. I love the colors and the cases BUT I have so much makeup already it would take me years to work through it - so I'm trying to limit myself!

Cassykins said...

I LOVE your dark and vampy look. I definitely went to town more on this collection than most others. I tried not to get anything that will be in their permanent line, but that still left so many amazing choices!

Heather said...

Your eyes are totally AMAZING!!! I did not get anything from the collection having just spent a huge amount on other 'essentials'. heheh I swear I'm addicted to their makeup.

Sheila said...

Ooh, I was looking at this collection at MAC the other day...I might have to go back. Love your eyes!

Jess said...

The eye look is STUNNING on you. I wish I could wear those shadows...stupid allergic reaction. You know what I got, but I am addicted to the freaking Sinister lipstick. I think I might have to go get a backup since it's a LE color...I will cry when I run out of this color.

~Hurricane B~ said...

I live in Belgium, so did not hear about the collection till Monday...SOLD OUT of the ones I wanted. They have the Dr whoever from the newest film, but I wanted mostly the Maleficent ones, they are MY FAV colors and Sleeping Beauty was my fav movie growing up. I am very, very very ENVIOUS. They look great on you, am new to your blog via Stumble into style and work with what you got.=)

hillary said...

Kelly I honestly didn't think I was going to buy this much. I try not to buy lots of stuff around my bday because I feel bad. shhhh I got another piece today!

cassykins what'd ya get?!! (I AM SO NOSY)

heather I so am too. Consistent quality and I like to be loyal to good brands!

shelia thanks they are kinda fun huh?

Jess I don't know if you saw when I made my own shadows I wonder if they would bother you? I need an excuse to take those supplies out they don't have any fillers in them. When I make it again Ill get some input on colors from you.

hurricane b I'm sorry! Also HELLO! So cool I have a reader in Belgium?!!

Sara said...

I love the eyeshadow duo and the nail polish! Love that dark vampy look.