Thursday, October 14, 2010

Let them eat cupcakes!


I was thinking Closed or Open?


I was debating this morning Closed or Open with the Jacket. At work it right now it is closed and buttoned  up tight. And I threw a giant scarf on. My office is so cold. I have on a thick knit dress, pettipants, tights, insulated boots, coat and scarf. Hello it is like 65 out why ac so high?

Do you like my coat? My 81 year old gram picked it out.


We had gone to this popup sale for Fashion Barn this local store she and all her sisters used to shop at and went out of business. No offense it was old lady clothes. I went with her to one of there like 2 day sales where they set up in an empty building and all the old ladies flock. I kinda stood around when I realized there wasn't anything that I liked. Then gram found this and made me try it on. See I know better than just instantly judge. I should of kept digging. I know better. She has asked me 34243 times since if I had worn it. It only just got cool enough for me not to pass out from heatstroke wearing it. I love it as it is in my favorite palette. Red Black and white.

Dress Ann Taylor Loft. It is my airline looking dress.
Lace tights Target
Boots Merrell
Coat gift from gram
Necklace Tiffany's
Ring High Gear

Last night I did a Marie Antoinette inspired manicure. I tried it out a few different ways and the first time I did them it came out awful so I started over with these colors instead. My only complaint is that they are already chipping!!! All that work, doing and redoing and it's chipping! I need a new Seche Vite stat. The periwinkle is L'Esprit from American Apparel. The gold from Milani and the black is from Orly. Both stamps the filigree for the wallpaper background and the chandelier were both from plates from the Bundle Monsteron Amazon. The stamping part is easy and both were done in 5 minutes but it is the getting a combo you like that I find takes the most time.

this one?

Lets plat a game. Two truths and a lie. Please guess which ONE is the lie.

I hate most cupcakes
I hate bubble gum
I hate pudding

I will answer at say 8pm EST today. You do a set as well!


Melissa said...

And now I want cupcakes. Thank you for that.

I am in love with that jacket! Personally I like it better closed, it gives more waist definition. What a cool Gram you have! :)

Franca said...

I like open better, but either way it's great. go your granny!

hillary said...

Bwaha I JUST realized it looks like I am posing the question when I was just showing my fiddling and thought process. haaaa doh!
Yeah I prefer it open too especially with the shift dress under it.

Chalkdust and Boots said...

CUTE OUTFIT! I slightly prefer it closed, but it looks amazing either way. And I'm in total awe of your nails.

Iris said...

ooo I wish my names looked that cool, I finally got them to a good shape and length but, those stamps are awesome!

Melrose said...

You do not hate most cupcakes! haha well tahts my guess at least.

And I'm so jealous of your nails, I definitely just ordered that stamp bundle as well!

rlutz said...

you nails are so freakin cool!!
I love that jacket..Grams has great taste.
I am thinking you hate bubble gum

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking bubble gum too. :D

hillary said...

Rlutz. I'm confused by your answer. There are two truths and a lie and you picked one you think is true? Just want to clarify.

Stylegenerator your guess it's true or a lie?

Megan Mae said...

OMG Your Gram has a great eye. That coat is freaking adorable. I love the tights too.

For the guessing game - I'm going with pudding is the thing you hate.

(And if it is, good.. more pudding for me! If not, I'll share. ^_^ )

hillary said...

You guys are supposed to guess the one LIE not one truth. There are two truths.

you all want to resubmit which you think is the lie?

Lemondrop Marie said...

Wish my office was cold, love it closed. No one hates cupcakes. Right?
I don't anywho... which is obvious lately. You do hate pudding? (Again, not me!)
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

mamichan said...

i LOVE the coat! it's so perfectly hillary.

Megan Mae said...

Ohh okay, I think the cupcake statement is a lie. I had to reread it a few times to understand what you meant. I'm having that "2:30" brain-dead feeling.

hillary said...

haa I have it too but mine is the 4:30 braindeads I think it means I don't drink nearly enough coffee :)

DaniellaBella said...

The cupcakes is the lie.
And those are the greatest nails of all time! Whaaaa! I love it! And I love the black, red and white too! That's what I'm wearing today too.
Ok here my set:
I hate sweet potato fries
I love high heels
I hate the winter

Anonymous said...

Oh wait, it's two truths and one lie. I thought it's two lies and one truth. I believe that you hate bubble gum and then pudding :D You lied about cupcakes. Who could possibly hate cupcakes? :D

Dave77459 said...

The lie is that you hate bubble gum. You do like some cupcakes, but not most. You really do hate pudding. What do I win?

My version of two truths and a lie.

* I miss Fall (as a season)
* I don't miss being single
* I miss New Orleans

freeda said...

Woman! You look amazing today!

hillary said...

It's after 8pm EST!!

I hate most cupcakes. I am VERY picky and for every let's say 5 I try I dislike 4 of them! I just REALLY like the one I do like :) I have never had a cake at a gathering I've liked. No wait once in 2003 there was a cake at a friends bday I liked. I disliked cake so much as a kid my mom would get me an apple pie and everyone else ate the cake.

I hate pudding. Urg. I can't stomach it. It's a texture thing. I recently tried it again. I can say I still dislike it.

I hate bubble gum
I LOVE bubble gum. Only real sugar bubblegum. The pink or gumball kind. I will sit for hours on end shoving them in an spitting them out a fee minutes later. I Nom until my jaw hurts and Dave take the package away. I can't have 99% of commercially available gum because they all have fake sugar in them and makes me very sick. I get the 2 for a $1 double bubble or target gumballs.

Daveh that is a really hard one. I'll say you don't miss fall?

Daniellabella. You don't love high heels?

Thanks so much everyone for playing! I needed a distraction today and this worked a peach!

Sheila said...

I'm sure it's the cupcakes one that's a lie. And I'm late to the game but I didn't cheat and read above!

Love your nails...the jacket...not so much (but you look super in that bright red!).

Between Laundry Days said...

LOVE it closed. Love it open and closed, but LOVE it closed.

And I'm glad to hear you love bubble gum. :)

Dave77459 said...

Yay, I was right!

I do miss Fall. Here in Texas we just don't get it.

I don't miss being single. I love my wife and feel I am the luckiest ever to have found a soul mate.

I miss New Orleans -- not me, not a bit. I got my fill doing my FEMA gig. But it is a nice line from a song, and worked in a pinch...

"Do you know what it means, to miss New Orleans"...

DaniellaBella said...

I do love high heels... And I also love sweet potato fries. They are far superior to all other fries! Poor little unloved cupcakes!

Beck, At Her Best said...

Your coat is awesome! The red parts on the pattern kind of look like falling rose petals.