Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Insert great title here

Back to work today after 6 amazing days off. It did not go well AT ALL. They can't all be winners. Should of expected a little kick in pants for actually enjoying my vacation. I slept for a little over 4 hours last night. I know to some that is enough but I am not one of those people. I am a bear if I get less than 6. Dave is a high functioning individual on little sleep. Not so much for me. So I went with something I knew worked today. By worked I mean I wore the same dress and hoodie a few weeks ago.


Dress Loft
Hoodie American Eagle
Boots Target
Tights not sure
Necklace Mark
Earrings craft fair

Today is the first tights wearing of the season! I didn't wear a coat today.It was 55 when I was waiting for the T and I wasn't cold. I must be coming acclimated to New England temps again. (It only took 8 years! Hey the previous 9 years in Florida thins the blood!) I give it a week and I am complaining I am cold again.


Do any of you have these boots? Are they slouchy on you? Is that how they are supposed to look?


I am getting better at the fishtail braid. I taught myself via searching for a YouTube video. It works much better on wet hair.

I did a stencil manicure last night. I don't have a great photos but I like how they came out.

(see the mess in the background? It isn't a tidy hobby! I always make a mess so I make sure to do it on paper towels or paper plates.)


La Chula said...

Love your nails! I don't have the patience to paint my nails cause I know I'll pick at them as soon as they dry.
Glad you enjoyed your bday vakay!

Dave77459 said...

That really is a great fishtail braid!

Sorry your day was less than luxe.

HollyElise said...

Your braid is awesome and I love the nails!!

Beck, At Her Best said...

We're boot twins today! They're slouchy on me too, unless I wear really thick socks but I think that might be how they're supposed to look? I'm not really sure.

I love that color nail polish, it makes me think of a tropical lagoon

Anonymous said...

love the nails and braid!!

Sheila said...

Wow, your nails look gorgeous!

Are the boots a thick suede? I have a pair that are, and they never stay stiff for very long. They go right into slouch mode.

Heather said...

Beck said the manicure reminded her of a tropical lagoon and I completely agree! Such a nice colour combo.

I wanted to say that is the first purse from that store I have liked. It makes me want to go back to the outlet in Buffalo and see if they have it.

hillary said...

heather is that your way of saying you hated all my other ones? haaaa

beck funnily enough it is called "mermaid to order"

Melissa said...

Your braid looks great! I love the dress with the tights and boots too.

I'm the same way with sleep, except that I need at least 7 hours to function. It stinks because I have so much to do, I wish I could sleep less and have more time awake!

Jess said...

I love your boots so much! (and your purse but you already knew that) I wish I could pull the trigger on those from Target, but I'm 98% sure they won't fit my calves. SIGH. I want to try and find them in stores so I can try them on, but they're out of a TON of our Targets. Double sigh.

At least you look great!! :-D I feel you about the no sleep though. I have to get at least 7 hours of sleep or I am non-functional.

hillary said...

ha I honestly need 7+ but I felt a bit dramatic admitting that. 6 or below and I am a nightmare. 6-7 I can function but you will probably get a few dirty looks from me. (I am a queen on the looks)

I sleep to 10-11 on any day off. Dave is up at like 7 on a day off. NO WAY DUDE.

thats why we say he is responsible for our mornings and i am responsible for our evening.

Andi B said...

I love your braid. I recently went back to a short pixie, but when I see your photos I get serious hair envy!

I hear ya about needing sleep. At least you look lovely and refreshed.

Bridgett said...

that dress is really cute & i like the nails too.

i need 8-10 hours to be a happy camper. i feel like such an old person going to bed so early but i turn into a big crab without sleep.