Friday, October 29, 2010

Do you like cupcakes? GIVEAWAY

Do you like cake?
Do you like cups?
Do you like cupcakes?
Would you like to go from no cupcake to a cupcake in a minute flat?

NOW YOU CAN! (insert flashing lights)

I have the pleasure today of bringing you an amazing giveaway for a sampler pack of Suzy's Cake in a Cup 2010 edition. When I went off to college in *ahem* 1997 my mom tried to think of inventive ways for me to cook the summer I lived in the dorm. That is where her cake in a cup recipe was born. Take cup, add water, stir, bake and DONE.. My roommates and I and then later on Dave all helped her master her recipe. By master I mean she'd send a big honking box of them we would devour them and tell her what we thought. You can find lots of recipes on the web for various ways to make cake in a cup but my mom's is the only one we found that only requires water. She has had 13 years to tweak this recipe to the perfect state it is now. Some recipes even require oil! At that point why not just bake a cake! Who has oil sitting around in their desk drawer?

All you need is

Step 1 cake in a cup

This morning for breakfast at work I had red velvet cake. How many people can say that? (you can soon :) )

Step 2 cake in a cup

Add cake and water in a cup

step 3


step 4

Microwave for one minute and VIOLA! Cake!

step 5

You can dump it out on a plate to eat. (Note how the chocolate settles to bottom this is intentional so you have a nice "iced" cupcake when plated.

step 6

Or you can eat it from the cup at your desk

step 7

Keep your eyes peeled though because it will smell wonderful and people will come ask what is that delectable smell.

step 7

Do you want your very own sampler pack of my mom's famous cake in a cup? You can either buy a pack of 10 for $9.99 on her etsy (Dude that is a seriously amazing deal. $1 a cake! I pay $3 a cupcake at my local bakery) And you can have hot cake when ever you want! Even at work!

OR you can enter to win your very own sampler pack of 5.

The giveaway is for one of each flavor:
  • Red Velvet 
  • Spice
  • Classic Yellow
  • Dark Chocolate Fudge
  • Strawberry 

and your choice of one add in for each of your cake flavors
  • Natural White Chocolate Chips
  • Natural Milk Chocolate Chips
  • Mini Marshmallows
What my mom has to say about her product:
What's so great about my Cake in a Cup? 
Mine are make in ONE Minute and all you need to add is Cold Water ! 
That's right One Minute ~ 
So if you have a Microwave ~ a Mug~ and Cold water you can be enjoying a Hot~ fresh cake that's YUMMY~ 

So Follow Me on Twitter ~ Or My Etsy~ Or My Blog ~ Or my facebook group page

The Cake in a Mug~ Makes the perfect gift ~ for the teacher~ the office folks~ the Elder neighbor ~ kids after school snack ~ College Kids
or if your like me ~ the hubby that wants a hot sweet treat after supper.

You heard the lady you have four options for entering. You can enter up to four times. Please submit a different form for each option. If you enter the form with more than one option on it, it will only count as one. 
+1 entry by following her on Twitter
+1 entry follow her Etsy page
+1 entry follow her blog
+1 entry for becoming a fan of her company Facebook page

To enter use this handy form!

Disclaimer. This is a sponsored giveaway. By sponsored I mean she gave me life and I kinda owe her big time. :)

Any questions let me know.

1. Are these gluten free?
NO unfortunately they are not. My mom started making them again because I can not make gluten things in my home anymore so this is convenient and only requires one dish. You could still enter and give it as an Xmas gift!
2. Are there other flavors for purchase?
Leave a comment in flavors you would like and my mom can try and work with you on creating your own custom flavor.


LaShaune said...

Wow! Just in time for my birthday. I placed my order today - super excited.

Wish my mom invented cake-in-a-cup. :(

Allison said...

Just went to Etsy to order some chocolate cupcakes...Do you think I can convince your mom to ship to Canada?!

Chalkdust and Boots said...

Mmmmm, I wish! Damn you, Celiac!

hillary said...

You can use my no pudge GF brownie recipe I invented about 6 years ago to make your own. email me byhillary AT

My mom will NOT give me this recipe. She is firm on that.

Felicity said...

Holy junx! I just made a brownie in a mug for the first time last night. Great minds...

Brooke said...

Do they have milk in them? I have a dairy allergy. Instant cupcakes = fab idea. Now I want a cupcake. Heee! :)

Lab geek said...

This really is a great idea!

hillary said...

Brooke Yes there is dairy. They are not made in a dedicated dairy free facility and chocolate has dairy in it.

You could enter to win as a christmas gift for someone.

Marjolein said...

This is totally amazing! I wish your mom could ship to Europe (but I guess due to all kinds of food regulations that would never be possible?), I would definately buy the red velvet mix :) Especially since here in the Netherlands we don't even have normal red velvet cake mix =@ And I LOVE red velvet cake :) (just not enough to make a whole cake from scratch by myself for just me :') )

HollyElise said...

Oooh yummy, I was looking at your mom's Etsy page the other day!

I hope I win!!

KayeStar said...

I love this. Perfect for stocking stuffers and gifts for co-workers. AND ME!

hillary said...

Allison and Marjolein
My mom talked to her postoffice and emailed me this

Hi Lucy ,
I can ship set of 10  to Netherlands Or  Australia or United Kingdom for   14.45 shipping 
Canada for 7.95
I am heading to etsy and adding those shipping zones in now

Marjolein said...

Thanks so much! :)

Iris said...

That is so cool!!

Dani said...

I ordered the sample pack, and I LOVE THEM. Can't wait to order more!! Thank you!