Monday, October 11, 2010

Birthday long weekend. (LONG post too!)

And by "long weekend" I mean I took some vacation time and took 6 days off. I hadn't taken a vacation since 2008 and I really just needed some time away from ALL OF IT. Yes that, that and that oh and that too. I was starting to not feel well again and Dave and my mom were getting worried. (I have Anemia and sometimes it kicks my ass and a normal cold ends me up in ER with pneumonia.) Dave took the same days as me and it was awesome. Especially since he is so over his head with school right now he deserved a break. (He still had to go to classes each night! boo!)
It started Wednesday with my birthday! We kept it pretty low key because it was POURING, I had a horrible migraine and we were going some where Friday to celebrate.) I had ordered some gluten free cupcakes. they are called "The Lucky" they have goofy nonsense fortunes. are lemon cake with white chocolate frosting with candied ginger and I had asked for pink frosting. 

Happy birthday to me.

We had Thai food for lunch.

Only pic from bday lunch

Then we went and got chair massages. They are so amazing. You know those chairs in the mall? The ones you put your face in and kinda lean into it? No matter how silly you feel doing it DO IT. I love them so much.

Thursday I awoke to this. Dave oddly started getting up early early this year and he gets a hankering for coffee. Works for me!

Breakfast of champions

We went for amazeballs pancakes at the Friendly Toast in Cambridge. How friggin adorable is my dinner companion?

Pancake time!

Oy so full.

So full

I got the cashew, chocolate coconut ones.

Friday we got up in what felt like the middle of the night to me and took the bus to NYC for the day!



We packed a lot into the day. We went to...
*Rissotteria We have been there before. It is TINY and seriously one of the best meals ever. They also have the most amazing gluten free breadsticks that I could eat until I am ill. I swear they are too good that you wonder if the secret is they are full of gluten)
*Hello Kitty store!
*Marc Jacobs
*The Highline (I highly recommend it. It was really worth checking out)
*The Fragrance Shop I had a custom perfume made
*Tu-Lu's bakery. If you need Gluten free food you have to check them out. Dave was dumbfounded he literally could have everything in the case. Not just one thing. Everything! Their cupcakes were so tasty.
*Kate's Papiere

I have kinda a funny story about the Fragrance Shop. I had seen it in Instyle where Leighton Meester said she has an oil blended there and if you have been around a little while you have seen my love of perfume oils and custom blends. We went and I made my blend pretty quickly. There were women in there TAKING FOREVER and I just grabbed bam bam bam and I had what I wanted. I went with Coconut, Fig, Vanilla and Sage. It makes this insanely awesome blend where you can't pick any of those elements. The guy who works there and is making scents daily was majorly impressed and the two annoying ladies actually wanted mine! So the odd part. The guy asked me what I name it. My reaction to these types of questions usually ends with me blurting out random words. (My pets have been Waffle McButterpants, Daisyboo and Hunter Blue) Sparkle Unicorn, Moon Elves... Never anything very personalized just something off the top of my head and is usually takes a minute of me going hmmm aaah I dunno. When he asked I said "Leia" I was firm and quick. Dave raised an eyebrow at me, it was unlike to me. The guy liked it and asked what it was. I said it was my middle name and I didn't think anything beyond that. Now see I get protective of my name. My uncle named me. He was 14 when I was born and was a HUGE Star Wars fan at the time, it had come out the year before. The story is my mom had a first name all picked out, I was going to be Brianne and the moment my mom saw me she knew I wasn't a Brianne and then decided on Hillary. She hadn't ever considered a middle name though and when the nurses asked for it my uncle said "How about Princess Leia!" Mom loved it and that's how I got my name. Due to a horrific accident my uncle passed away 2 days after my 5th birthday. My name is all I have of him which is why I think I get protective of it especially since we never really talk about him so my name feels like a secret. The point. I was on Facebook on the bus home and commented to a friend that I had a blend made and what I named it. She said nice name... Then it hit me. It was the anniversary of Jeff's passing. I didn't actually know the exact date of his passing until recently. I always thought of it as happening on my 5th birthday but knew it was around that date. Something whispered to me that day name it after Jeff's name. Now I don't want to get into religion or heavy beliefs but I believe that when we pass that isn't the end. It was just one of those moments when I felt truly that he was "there" poking me in the arm saying HEY KID! Not in a sad way. More in the cool uncle sort of way. I have had a lot of loss this year. Four people in my family have passed. But for a little while at least I wasn't obsessing about the loss but more celebrating life which sometimes is easier said than done. Someone commented that last week and I wish I could remember who said it and when.(If it was you can you let me know?) Focus on celebrating the life and not the loss and now in my 33rd year (gag. I am 32 but this is my 33rd year...) I am going to work on the celebrating part.

See happy talk! I just can be a bit... ahem.. verbose. Some see it as a fault. I am still on the fence. :P

Presents? You guys like hearing that stuff? I do. I am nosy as hell about that stuff. If not don't care don't read on!
My mom sent me the package you saw last week and some money which was used at Marc Jacobs. My gram gave me money which I smartly spent on Hello Kitty and my new perfume. (I like to tie money to the person. When I buy it I usually even say THANKS MOM FOR THE MARC JACOBS) It is much more fun that way. Dad gave me a little wall hanging and some cash (That's being used on my girl's day out this weekend with my mother in law) and Dave got me a pretty purse and some fun little trinkets. And a box of Godiva I am TRYING to make last but damn if they aren't so tasty. Oh and he took me to NYC and also got me some new foundation that is SO AMAZING. I will review later this week.

And in NYC I found the PERFECT accessory for my new purple purse

Gram wanted it. Bag AND charm. She wanted to know if it came on the bag. No but she is on to something I smell an amazing collaboration! Saturday we hit the road again and headed north to New Hampshire and had a giant family dinner and it was just so much fun. There was a little baby there who kept dancing and being an only child who has never babysat a single day in my life babies are little unicorns to me. I commented he was better than cable and someone said probably cheaper too!(I am not equating babies to cable but I do watch a LOT of tv) a very cold drive later we were back home again. (The heat broke in our car! SO COLD) I stayed home Sunday and Monday and tomorrow it is back to the grind.

How was your weekend? What did you do? Any plans for the week?

Thank you everyone for all the sweet comments and Tweets and Facebook comments with the birthday wishes. You all know how to make a girl feel special and I totally appreciate and want to hug all of you (I am not a hugger either!! So it is a big deal :P )


freeda said...

Happy birthday gorgeous! I'm jealous there's so much good GF food by you. In the midwest having celiac is a little trickier. I'd kill for a cupcake. *sigh*

I hope you feel a million pounds less stress now!

rlutz said...

Sounds like you had an amazing birthday and an amazing weekend!!
Love the hello Kitty charm!!

hillary said...

Freeda Thank you. I swear it is a Grass is greener scenario because Dave and I feel like we don't have many options here. We have to leave town to find a store with GF food. There isn't a single place in my neigborhood and there are only about 4 places we can and will eat at.

NYC was a whole other story but it is also 4 hours away....
For cupcakes we head two "towns" over for a place that stocks 2 or 3 flavors of GF cupcakes and about 20 regular kinds (thats why we ordered them ahead of time) They are also $3 a piece!

We eat most our meals at home and because my inlaws own a GF baking mix company we usually have whatever we want because lord knows you can't just walk into most restaurants and get what you want when your celiac.

Where do you live? Do you have any of the GF menu chains? Unos, Outback, Bugaboo creak, Panera, Carrabas, pfchangs? (we have unos and Panera, pf changs which we love)

Lorena said...

seems like so much fun Hillary!
You had me at NYC and then that picture of the HK store... that´s like my favorite place ever...
I am really, really glad that you had a good time, know that things have been a little tough, so it was well deserved.

freeda said...

We have Outback - sick of it, Panera - can only have the black bean soup, Carraba's - can only have the chicken bryan, and a couple of local places. Noodles is a great chain, not sure if they are regional? Several places offer pizza but I'm not a fan of cheese.

You know how it is - we can eat anywhere, as long as it's just steak and potatoes or salad! I actually do restaurant reviews for our local celiac support group.

We don't even have a Trader Joes or Whole Foods here. It's pathetic.

GF baking mixes, you say? Hmm... perhaps a website for that?

freeda said...

Oh, I forgot to say I live in Southwest Michigan! Smack halfway between Detroit and Chicago.

hillary said...

Freeda they only have the black bean soup at yours? That totally blows! Ours there are a few options (mostly salads) but Dave gets this BBQ chicken salad with roasted corn and black beans. OMG it is so good and I want it right now. I am now realizing I am SO HUNGRY!

My inlaws own

Unfortunately you can't just eat anywhere here. I am 100% serious when I say I have had multiple places outright refuse to help us. We had had some great experiences but in our hood it is all mom and pop old school Italian places and they just couldn't do anything or weren't willing. (I used to bitter about it honestly but now I kinda get it was more a scared of libel type deal) One place laughed at us and said "yeah good luck with that" I think that is the closest I ever came to throwing a plate at someones head.

freeda said...

Gracias for the link!

I try not to be bitter. Our Outback here tried having a dedicated fryer but then someone sued them... damned if you do, damned if you don't. I only get pissed when I send something back, they replate it without the offending item, and send it back out and I get sick for two days. (*Yes Ruby Tuesday's I'm looking at YOU!*)

I'm ravenous too. Time to forage in the "safe" cabinets of my house.

HollyElise said...

yay for birthday weekends!
I got to spend my birthday in New York City this year randomly too :)

no big plans for this week, just taking each day as it comes and enjoying life!

*hugs* back :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday - again! Sounds you had a fun time celebrating your birthday. I'm a big fan of stretching out the celebrations and celebrating my birthday over several days, with different people etc.

I had a lovely weekend last weekend. Feels like it was a long time ago, and it's only Tuesday today! I spent time with a friend having Scandinavian treats on Saturday, and went on an impromptu pub crawl with my boyfriend on Sunday, since the weather was excellent here in London - I sat in a pub garden in just my t-shirt! (I did have a skirt on too, obviously, but I didn't need to wear a jacket or scarf or anything, it was that warm and sunny!)

Bridgett said...

i <3 your birthday post! glad you got to take some days off work and relax a bit. i want that hello kitty charm! did dave pick out your purse as a surprise, or did you request it? just curious.

Moni said...

Happy Bday Weekend! It looks like you had a great time. I hung out with friends last weekend. I cooked dinner on Friday night (fish curry), then they spent the night and we had Mexican food for brunch on Saturday (mole enchiladas, mmm). We wandered around a farmer's market and had delicious gelato and cider. Sunday was pretty quiet. Next weekend will be extra awesome because my bf is coming to visit for a whole week! We haven't seen each other since July because I was studying for and taking the bar, then moving and starting a new job, while he was moving and starting grad school in NY. Can't wait to see him!

Melissa said...

Yay!!! This was a fun post! Thanks for sharing all of this with us!

I'm glad you had such a great birthday week(end?).

Those chocolate cashew pancakes look AMAZING and those cupcakes look so yummy too!

And the please no pee-pee picture? Priceless. I love it.

I'm really so glad you had a great time. I'm living vicariously through you. :)

hillary said...

Total surprise. I let him pick presents without my help because he always picks great. I didn't even know I was getting a purse.

Moni oh I know how you feel! Dave and I were long distance for years and those visits are the best things ever!

little miss plump. the disclaimer of the skirt made me laugh out loud.

Hollyelise NYC is the perfect way to celebrate isnt it :)

Lorena has it ever! thank you!

rlutz thanks!

Thank you so much everyone. It was an amazing weekend and I dreaded coming to work today. I wish I hadn't there already was big ol drama. bah

Dave77459 said...

Sounds like a great birthday vacation. I especially liked the explanation of your uncle, and the naming of the perfume.

Did you get many "purse contents" photos? That's what you asked for, right?

I sometimes feel kinda silly telling you my weekend, because I am so horribly blabby on FB and Twitter and Flickr. I've had friends tell me exactly what I did on a weekend, and follow my errands on Fridays. Surely you know what I did and are endlessly bored with it. But you asked…!

Friday we had our bi-weekly happy hour. That led us nicely into Saturday, where we had a breakfast with motorcycle friends. We rode around for a few hours, stopping for pie (I had lemon meringue).

Then we intended to go to the Greek Festival. But parking was a nightmare, and after an hour of searching, we gave up. We were going with friends, and they got to the site. Turns out that it was so full that they didn't go in. Shoulder to shoulder crowds… no fun. Instead we went and had some nice Irish food and beer.

Sunday we met the same friends and went to a "Scarecrow Festival" in small-town Texas. I got to hang out with a baby, and got a taste of what being a grandparent will feel like. I like!

Anyways, that's my weekend. Not as awesome as yours, but it beats being at work.

BTW, your Red photo w/ Coke is lovely. You are clearly not getting older, you are getting better.

Sheila said...

Aw, hugs to you, my fellow birthday gal! It sounds like you had a lovely weekend and time off (I also took an extra day off). I love your memory of your uncle - so cool.

hillary said...

Dave H yeah I got your photo remember we got into the is your name David David because of it. ha.


Anonymous said...

DUDE. I want that purse! Been eyeing it in the Coach window!

Sounds like you had an AWESOME birthday celebration!

mamichan said...

LURVE the highline!
i was in san fran. pics to come on flickr soon.

curlyred said...

Happy belated birthday Hillary! so glad you had an awesome time and i gotta say those cupcakes look so tasty, man i'm seriously cravving sweets now :) the purse is amazing

I had a quiet and relaxed weekend until late late sunday night when my allergies acted up, but good news just saw a bunch of hayao miyazaki films and i'm officially obsessed with his movies.

Hope it's a great year for you!

DanaElayne said...

Sounds like an amazing birthday! Plus...HELLO KITTY store! YES! :) I hope you love every second of year 33!

Kelly said...

yay! I have been waiting for a birthday post! It looks like an awesome time! And the story about your uncle is so sweet - coincides like that are weird and sneak up on you but they are comforting and reassuring, I think.

I wish I could smell your perfume through the computer. I know I'd be one of those ladies hemming and hawing and taking ten years.

Glad you got a break from work - I know you needed it!