Tuesday, September 28, 2010

with a dream and my cardigan

What goes on before I take the photos.

Blazer and pants Gap
Shirt Loft
Shoes Cole Haan Nike Airs

I was having slight not sure how to stand issues today.
So this one was OK but not quite it. I didn't know what to do with my hands.

The shirt is voluminous then I have on a fitted cami and I left it open most the way and a structured jacket and jeans. Loose shirts can so easily photograph heavy. I am loving my new spot but there is no where to put my purse because I don't want to put it on ground. (Dave was carrying 28 lbs of laundry on his back while he took these! He is a trooper!)

This was my clever hide the toothpaste stain on my pants pose.


and then I was just fidgety.

I rolled my blazer sleeves because I love to wear gobs of bracelets with short sleeves.

My earrings and necklace and shirt ruffles.

Did you see my post yesterday about being aware of where the stuff you buys comes from? Check it out if you haven't it is sparking interesting discussions.

Also did you see my Birthday Wish from you my dear readers?

What are you all up today? What is for lunch?


Louise said...

Well, even with awkward hands, you look adorable. I have the same problem. I mean, where do you put them without looking 'too posey' or just strange? That blouse is perfection.

Megan Mae said...

I love the blouse. I think the first picture looks perfectly natural (*even if it doesn't feel that way*). I like seeing your bag too.

Lorena said...

This looks so pretty on you, I particularly like the red and that jacket is A++++

BrooklynShoeBabe said...

Love the blouse. Red is my fav color. :-) And you don't look awkward at all.

(BTW, did the win the Mad Man contest?)

For lunch I am having an apple, string cheese, a handful of peanut butter & pretzel sandwiches, and a Weight Watchers Shrimp Lo Mein. I eat all of that over two or three hours while at my desk. Also, a diet coke.

chunkstyle said...

I ate some watermelon and had some tea. This means that for supper I will have 3 extreme tacos and fries (probably). I'm doing my homework at my desk (shhhh) and am excited that I got approved for a new apartment (yeah, credit checks are not usually my friends...).
So I indeed have a dream in my cardigan...a new tiny studio for myself!!
Thanks fer axin'

hillary said...

Annie Did you get the studio. I could say this out loud right now couldn't I. ha. I think you just walked away. Do you want peanut butter? You need some protein missy.

Brooklynshoebabe Sadly it wasn't even close I think there was 300,000 more votes or something. But you reminded me I should go thank everyone on the early post.

Lorena megan louise. thanks. I felt so awkward turtles this morning I was literally twiddling my thumbs at one point.

Bridgett said...

i love those shoes.

i had chicken chili leftovers for lunch.

too bad that you didn't win the madmen contest! i voted a lot.

Lisa said...

I love the fidgeting pictures. I'm a total fidgeter. I once had to video tape myself teaching and all I could notice was that I fidget constantly. I would be the world's worst anchorwoman. Your outfit is absolutely amazing today. You rock the red.

Today I have: work, meeting, grad school. I also have a massive chocolate chip cookie. I'm waiting until my blood sugar feels dangerously low and then I'm going to inhale it. That should power me through my class tonight.

curlyred said...

awesome outfit!! very cool and polished, need to get me a red polka dot blouse :) oh and those brigth lips make it all come together perfectly.

Sarah said...

Love the lipstick and shoe color! Is your lipstick MAC? So fun! I love how you always look so put together. That is something that I strive to do. :)

Today was a sick day for me. So,after my doctor's appointment and some much needed treatment (aka shopping), I headed over to Chipotle for a burrito bowl! Tonight, I get to grade junior high literature assignments. Hooray!

hillary said...

Bridgett thank you for voting and hand me a bowl of that.

Lisa me too! Theyd yell at me because I am all over the place.

Curlyred I believe h&m had one recently. This is a few years old I bought it in multiple colors.

Sarah no joke I feel like a hot mess 89% the time. Wrinkled untucked too small too sloppy so thanks for missing that ;) it's Chanel Fatale. It's a dark brick red. I'd say it's close to Dubonnet bu MAC.

Frances Joy said...

Loooove that blouse! I'm digging the whole color scheme.