Monday, September 06, 2010

Weekend Roundup

Friday night we had a quiet night at home. We rented Youth in Revolt and Dave made homemade General Tso's chicken. The movie was eh. I mean I liked it but I wasn't excited or wowed by it.

Saturday we went to New Hampshire to see my grandmother. I brought a bag of penny candy. 2 books, 2 magazines and an ebook. I don't know how long I thought I was going for! I took a little video around the corner from Gram's house. I thought you might like to see "where I grew up"

This is obviously not a recent photo but this is the actual house I grew up in.

house I grew up in. not ours anymore.

We may not of owned it in a long time but my parent's designed and built it so it will forever be "my house" This time of year I would be on a lounge chair on the front porch watching tv and reading a book. (I am a multitasker)

We went out with gram for lunch. I had the gluten special. I can't believe my body didn't hate me for the sheer amount of gluten I consumed.

We did a little shopping here is gram modeling her new skirt.

Then had dinner at my dad's house and sat on the porch and talked until after dark. We drove back to gram's and she went to bed and Dave and I went out for sundaes. The same waitress from last time was working and recognized me based on the buttercrunch monster sundae request.

We hit up Wal-Mart next. Dave got a new hoodie by Dickies. Lordy he feels the way about Dickies that I do about MAC. He gets this look in his eye. There were some teenagers walking around the store in Iron Man masks and it was quite hilarious because they were pretending to be normal shoppers with the masks on. I made a comment to Dave how they were THOSE KIDS... only to realize less than 30 seconds later I was that kid. I so would of done that with Dave and E when we were in high school. Oh and we would of got there on a tandem.

Sunday we came home and stopped at the ice cream stand by Pop's grave and had our ice creams. Pop always used to stop there and get us ice cream. It is just down the street from the house my dad grew up in too. It has become a tradition and I really love it. I was adventurous and got a waffle cone. Evidently it was hilarious and messy because I had cone in my bra, stained my shirt and pants. Pop would of made me use the tray they kept in the backseat for when we got ice cream. Even at 31 he would say "There is a tray under the seat" When we went to pick up dinner my dad drove gram's car and he laughed when he saw the trays in the backseat. He said "She still use those? They're older than you" yup.


I spent the evening on a fun organizing project....

I made an Excel spreadsheet with 3 tabs. Sorted by number (there are numbers on back of it)  Sorted by grand and then sorted by color name. I might of sent a copy to my mom and Dave. My mom didn't bat an eyelash. She actually wanted some paint herself!

Today we wandered around town. My back and arms are killing me from raking gram's yard yesterday. I don't know how at 81 she does it! I can't even hold my purse on my shoulder. I am having really bad pains in my elbow, neck and hand. I think it is from using the computer all day at work. I have a tiny cupcake for later. Purely medicinal of course. Dave also bought me a new lipstick so you will be seeing that tomorrow I think. It was all him!

What did you do this weekend? What did you eat?

Fried chicken and onion rings. OMG ITS SO GOOD. Coffee heath bar frozen yogurt. Maple cashew chicken. Chopped chicken salad. Onion soup. OH and a tiny pink donut of course!


Melissa said...

I am always, always amazed at the great food that you find every single weekend. Not to mention that I'm always jealous too.

My husband and I decided we're going on a beans and rice diet, mostly to save money on grocery bills (a la Dave Ramsey) but it should also help us to eat out less and eat better at home (no more ordering pizza!).

So this weekend we went to Olive Garden a couple of times for the never-ending pasta bowl (love. it.), had some of their desserts, stayed the night at his mom's house (that was joyous.), went to World of Beer (that really WAS joyous!), had queso at Moe's and just now had some pumpkin cheesecake.

Because starting tomorrow, it's beans and rice all the way..

Emily Kennedy said...

Have you read Youth in Revolt, the book? I remember it being really excellent. Bummer about the movie.

Kelly said...

Eee the little pink donut is adorable! And is that Panera french onion soup? I LOOOOVE that. I get it ever single time we go.

The house you grew up in looks AWESOME

We had a few parties this weekend because some out-of-town relatives came to visit, so I ate really well! Tons of party food, appetizers, and a heavy brunch. Yummmm!