Wednesday, September 01, 2010



Dress H&M
Cardigan with lacey back Target
Shoes Born compliments of TJMAXX (read about it here)


For makeup. I have on Brown liquid liner that didn't look nice so I covered it up with a gold sparkly liquid liner by MAC. It was a limited edition in Feb 2009. I use See Sheer on my lips and Utterly Game from the new Feline collection. Both items are from MAC. For mascara I have Chanel Rouge Noir on. (Deep red color)I had been wanting to try a true peach blush and coral lips for awhile. I usually am much more a pink person and shy away from oranges in makeup but with my hair red I am rethinking it more.


I feel tre boring lately. Like I am just wearing things over and over. Technically I have only worn this one before. See exciting stuff huh? Oh but I did wear it with this cardigan and I think my hair was in a bum. *headdesk*

OH I have exciting for you.

1. There was a guy on some scaffolding on a street I walk down on my way to work. There was a little cardboard sign on it. Washchuheda. I was saying it over and over in my head an by the time I realized what it said I was too far to take a picture.If it is there on my way home I so am!

2. I completely forgot to write about my kinda surreal experience with a friend a few weeks ago. We were going to a costume shop that is next to the Christian Science bookstore and before we went into the store she said oh wait have you been in this back door. So she walks around the side of the building and there is this janky looking bodega with sun bleached stuff in the window. I have passed it a million times and never went in. She goes in and it's tiny and full of crap. She walks right past the counter and I am looking at her like shes nuts but I follow. She stands in front of the snapple machine and zooooom the machine is a secret door that  slides to the side and we walk into this GORGEOUS SHOP called Bodgea.

I didn't take pics but I will link you to a couple.  Bodega inside.  Bodega outside. Inside 1 Inside 2
To anyone who is in Boston that I have mentioned it to they had never heard of it. Dave had read about it in a magazine. I am taking him there Friday. They mostly sell skads of beautiful colored sneakers. My friend who look me said one time Ludacris was in there when she went.

Have any bizarre shopping experience stories?


Felicity said...

I've been meaning to check out Bodega forever.

Cara said...

This may drive me insane: Washchuheda? I've been saying it repeatedly for 5 minutes, and I've got nothing! What is it!

hillary said...

email me. byhillary AT gmail DOT com

Bridgett said...

i love the back of that black cardigan! i saw those at target and wasn't sure if i'd like it on but i do like it on you.

that is so cool about the secret shop! i hope i remember to check that out when i'm in boston next (which probably won't be for a long time).

Bridgett said...

p.s. i don't get the cardboard sign either!

hillary said...

say watch your head in a bad italian boston accent.

Kelly said...

Bodega sounds like something from a story or a book or something!

Melissa said...

Holy cow, that's a crazy story. I'm so boring. I have no exciting or crazy stories. At all.

I love that cardigan! It's like my white one with the lace back. That dress is adorable too!

Clare said...

LOVE the sign!

And I've been feeling the same way about my outfits lately (and life in general, to be honest). Kind of like it's just happening around me, but I'm not participating. :-/

Megan Mae said...

I looove the dress!! And the cardigan gives an extra special detail with the lace on the back.

The entryway to Bodega is crazy awesome. It's like a secret store.

hillary said...

megan may that is because it IS a secret store. They do not advertising what so ever it is all word of mouth. SO AWESOME