Thursday, September 30, 2010


Not my best photos this week. I think I wore this exact outfit with different shoes last Thursday. It was clean!

Dress and hoodie Target
2 flower pins H&M
Gold flats Clarks


Dear friends and family,
I apologize for the constant hair touching. It has come to my attention recently that I am CONSTANTLY fussing with my hair.I knew I twisted it often but I didn't quite realize how often it was. I look like a tool. I probably leave little Hillary hairballs everywhere I go.

Do you have any nervous habits?
Hair touching. Leg shaking. Pushing constantly on a hangnail. Flipping my rings around. (Family? Care to add any I am unaware I do?)

PS what is for lunch? (you know I ask so you can inspire me right?)


Melrose said...

I love the flowers on your cardi!

Habits? cuticle biting :S
Lunch? a zucchini, garlic & onion omelette on a ciabatta :) YUM!

xo Melrose

La Chula said...

My nervous habit is playing with whatever jewelry I have on, usually twirlling my necklace. Lunch will probably be chile poblano soup and a zucchini muffin.

KayeStar said...

At least hair touching looks cute in photos!

i fiddle with my hair alot, chew my lip and pull my eyelashes. which is aweful cause i spend so much time and makeup on my eyes, then i fuss with them.

lunch.. still trying to figure out on that one. prob just a caesar salad. but i say you go for a cupcake! its friday-eve!

Anonymous said...

FIRST let me say I loove the idea of a hoodie + dress! I am going to have to try this sometime.

I have a bad habit of pressing my lips together when I am nervous, awkward, uncomfortable...

I am not sure what I will do for lunch yet. Probably should eat leftovers but I may get lazy and take the boys out for something after I pick up MJ at preschool.

curlyred said...

I really dig the dress, the print is awesome. Annoying habit?? i hate having dried skin around my fingernails, so i'm constantly picking at them, guilty as charged.

For lunch i had a fun little packet of prepared pasto with tomato sauce and a bit vegetables, left me hungry... planning on eating two chocolate cookies (big grin)

paisleyapron said...

I used to have a lot more nervous habits like nail-biting and lip-biting before I started knitting. Seriously! Somewhere I read that knitting is productive fidgeting. I whole-heartedly agree.

Lunch? A sad bowl of cottage cheese, tomatoes and rice crackers...sigh...empty fridge.

Lisa said...

I touch my hair constantly when it is down. It's pretty much in a perpetual state of snarls right now (thanks to all the humidity) so I'm constantly trying to pull them out which only leads to shedding and frizz. I've actually been contemplating chopping my hair off lately, but that wouldn't solve those issues with it.

I also pick at my lips (they're always chapped no matter how much chapstick I wear, which is bizarre because my skin is always greasy).

I knit too, which is by far my most productive fidgeting.

I ate an apple and tofu hot dogs for lunch. What did you eat?

HollyElise said...

I play with my hair too (it was worse when my hair was long) and sometimes do that leg-shaking thing.

Lunch? I have no idea. Dinner is going to be sushi though, I think!!

Megan Mae said...

Love the dress!

My nervous habits are numerous. Nail biting, lip chewing, running my hands through my hair as it's too short to twist or pull. There's probably tons more that I'm unaware of.

Lunch was Mom's leftover chicken and dressing casserole. Followed by a dinner of boneless pork ribs that had been crock-potted, au gratin potatoes and green peas. Finished up with warm chocolate chip cookies.

Anonymous said...

Fidgeting habits: running fingers through hair, fiddling with jewelry (so I rarely wear more than a watch), and tearing/biting at dry skin/cuticles/nails (which I combat by always, always, always having nail clippers, cuticle trimmers, and lotion, preferably Burt's Bees Lemon Cuticle Cream, within reach)

Lunch: Hummus and slices of red bell pepper.

LOVE that big ring you're wearing. And I like you you fancied up the hoodie with the big flower pins -- so chic.

EvaNadine said...

i am a picker.
i am constantly picking at my nails and cuticles, and if i have any blemishes on my face, i am usually picking at them too.
i got a gel manicure last week, and now my nails are just a little too thick for me to pick, but this is perfect since my wedding is in 3 weeks! hello clear face!

hillary said...

melrose zucchini NOM

La Chula I do that too. I've broken a few things cause I kept fussing.

kayestar if there was somewhere near my work that had cupcakes I would get myself into sooooomuch trouble. ;)

Andrea I stole the look from a friend because it just works in my mind. That and I LOVE hoodies and appreciate excuses to wear them.

Curlyred that is one of the reasons I love to get a manicure they take all that off. I feel like a new person after.

Pasileyapron and Lisa oh yes crochets and knitting are so good for my fidigty hands. I just stopped because my wrist but now I really really want to get back to it.

Hollyelise I have thrown a shoe across the floor in a meeting from shaking.

Megan mae added to list of things to do this weekend. Make cookies.

spygrl1 I think I have that cream now I am wondering where I left it... hrm...

evaNadine Gah i wish I would stop I do that too.

Boutique Girl said...

My nervous habit was twirling my hair, but it is now too short. Unfortunately I am a bit of a face toucher!

I am in LOVE with your fabulous bag!

Dr. Da said...

I have that same dress, but I have always worn it belted. Cool to see it worn a different way.

Between Laundry Days said...

Okay, I'm a million years late with commenting on this, but I've fallen very behind and am trying to catch up. I love this dress, and your hair (though played with) looks so super sleek and soft today (or last week)!