Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Our new photo spot is about 25 feet from the ocean. Meaning there is usually some sort of breeze coming off the water and right up the street. That is normally wonderful unless you have bangs and are neurotic about how they are laying and look. :P

fix fix fix


fix fix fix ad nauseum

PHEW didn't think it was ever going to happen today.


I did a terrible job showcasing the dress. I cropped a dinosaur photo for that detail though. It has pleats at wrap and full flutter sleeves.


What is a dinosaur photo? I was pretending I was a dinosaur and went to attack Dave.

He thought I was doing Zombie and I thought I was doing crazed T-Rex.

I don't have many photos of previous wearings of this dress but I do have this gem.

giant cookie

I have been growing my hair since a month before that photo was taken. 3 years. That is how slowly my hair grows. That is the hardest hair cut to maintain and I had it for 30 years so (Dave H not my Dave) I am looking at you. Don't even try to talk me into it. :P I do like it. It's cute but it isn't me and who I am now. Feel free to comment on it but do not try to talk me into it or I will not publish the comment because I despise the "oh you looked better like this" comments. BACKHANDED. I had one earlier this week. :P

Ah Dress Loft 2007
Gold flats Clarks 2007
Necklace Banana Republic 2008
Bangles gift from a friend

How are you today? Do you have a blog you want me to check out? Pop a link below and I will add it to my RSS. I try to follow people's comments to their blogs but not everyone has a public profile.

Random Fact I decided recently if I were ever to go back to school it would be for paleontology. Dinosaurs are so much easier to deal with than coworkers.


Anonymous said...

nothing quite like a delicious breeze to cramp your style. I learned a similar lesson involving a wrap dress a little while ago. Everything always looks so perfect when I'm in front of my mirror standing still! :-P

tigerteacher said...

Love the outfit! And I like your hair both longer and shorter. I've had mine pixie short for a while but I'm currently growing out and am a-l-m-o-s-t to the length of your bob pic but am SO looking forward to getting to a length where I can experiment more with different styles and use curlers, etc.
I can see from your pics how much you enjoy your current longer hair - you are always doing something different with it each day and it looks like you're really making the most of having all of the options that long hair brings! :-)

A-C said...

I can haz cookie?

This dress looks incredibly comfortable and super cute to boot!

Check me out:

Cara said...

I do love the shorter hair - but I get what you mean about the maintenance! Plus with the longer style, you get more variety... up! down! Both!
As for your paleontology plan, I have always said that some day I want to become a mechanic. It's so tempting right now, since my in-laws are trying to sell their mechanic shop. Of course, I'm 10 months away from finishing this degree so I'll persevere!
And my blog is

Melrose said...

your hairstyle now is much better suited to you i think! And your dinosaur pose made my day :)

Anonymous said...

I love that dress,it looks super flattering,and even more importantly,really comfortable.

PS.I would give anything for good-behaving bangs like yours.Mine always look horrible,so I've grown them out,and given up on having them :(

hillary said...

Juani a flat iron is the only way I get mine to behave. I iron the will out of them daily. I have a giant cowlick naturally.

♥ Shrinking Kenz ♥ said...

I LOVE this of my favorites ever actually. I'd love to have one like that in my size...sigh...

Um, and now I kind of want a cookie. Just saying.

Kelly said...

Your old haircut did look good but I think the one you have now suits who are are much better. Basically I just love your hair.

I think you already know about :)

Jennoit said...

I want your necklace. Gorgeous. Yes, I have a blog, but it should be linked in to my profile as it's public.

hillary said...

It was my nice way of asking people if they wanted me to check it out then to pop in a link that I could easily add to RSS. Especially since the links all show up in my email and I can click on them and not have to go over to everyones profile to get a link. I do MOST my blog reading and commenting on my phone.

Colleen: said...

Shorter or longer, you have absolutely gorgeous hair! It's so thick and looks like it lies so neatly and perfectly...I can only dream...mine is a crazy mess no matter what, it's my cross to bear I suppose. :)

hillary said...

I did a post recently on my hair.

It does NOT look like this on its own. I have a lovely gifted $350 professional flat iron I use almost daily and I spend a ton on products. My natural hair is frizzy and not so shiny. I am always looking for new products and constantly test them and ask my husband to tell me if it is shinier or could he read this package and tell me if it will do what I want. Let me track down a hair photo I have that its au natural....

hillary said...

I can only find this one. Air dried.

Chalkdust and Boots said...

Lord, do I feel you with the wind+bangs frustration! My husband is sick of me always neurotically making sure my bangs are okay. Oh, well. could always check out MY blog!

Di said...

I loe

whitneybee said...

I am so with you on the dinosaur thing. (I'm totally having one of those days!)

rlutz said...

Love the versatile...
you are definitely a scary dinosaur zombie!!

HollyElise said...

I love your hair NOW.

And I want the giant cookie from the last pic.

Megan Mae said...

Lovely wrap dress. I like your current hair better. It seems to suit you better. Also omgcookiewant!

hillary said...

Megan Mae, A-C HollyELise, Shrinking Kenz, If I had a TARDIS all of you and me could have one of those cookies! I got that at the dedication for a courthouse my husband's firm built and the ceremony was SO LONG and no one thanked him and I was so annoyed and starving that when it was done I ran got a giant cookie and we bailed! This was me outside joking I was going to eat the whole thing right there I was so hungry.

rlutz zombie dinosaur YOU ARE SO SMART! I was all it was one or the other, awesome!!

Whitney Bee, melrose, I don't think there is much that can't be improved by googling dinosaur or woolie mammoth.

Di que?

Chalkdust I don't think it bothers Dave normally but I know he gets huffy when he is taking pics and I am fussing. But he never tells me when they aren't laying nice!! After 14 years he still doesn't understand that crooked bangs is as stressful as a booger or food in my teeth.

Kelly you have a blog? ;)

Tigerteacher that is exactly it. I like being able to do things I was so sick of having the same look everyday which I had with that cut. I had it for close to 3 decades too BORED NOW. Yet I thought of cutting it the other day.

Kristin. I have the issue OFTEN that is why I have multiple slips at this point and am seriously considering more.

DaniellaBella said...

I think that you look great with both. Hair is hair, the beauty of it is that it really can represent who you are. And when you learn and grow into someone new your hair can too! Your red hair makes me long for red of my own!!!

hillary said...

daniellabella while I used to be a redhead this is a box color so you can have it too! Feria blowout burgundy

Jessica said...

hi hilary! I've been following you for a little while now but am just now posting at your urging. =) Love your style, your sense of humor, your general point of view. also love that your significant other posts super sweet comments =7

Feel free to check my blog Surely Sonsy out!)

Looking forward to more of yours!

freeda said...

Love the outtakes! Yours are cuter/funnier than mine. In mine I mostly look fat. Love the dress! It seems timeless.


DaniellaBella said...

Thanks Hillary! Dreams can come true! Maybe when I'm emotionally done with blonde and pink!

Dave77459 said...

Wow, a smack down in the middle of your post! I feel special, and low. *sniff* OTOH, I don't think you'd call me out if you didn't love me, so I'll take it as it is. Ha! Sorry if I backhanded you, because I do like who you are now. Muchly.

I adore that you have chronicled your wardrobe so diligently for so many years. Just like the painstaking work of a paleontologist. And, too, you buy clothes that you love and WILL love for the long haul. Pretty damn admirable. Don't you think people should buy quality garments that will last and last?

Yours is the only blog that I read dailyish. I listen to podcasts though, but they are specialist and I don't suppose they'd interest you. Geocaching? Didn't think so.

Today is my Friday, so I am excited. And wordy, apparently.

hillary said...

Dave H A smackdown? No way jose. An d no it wasn't you who backhanded.
What is geocashing. using rocks as form of money? ;)

hillary said...

oh Dave H
On the topic of poor quality clothing. Yes I really think it is better to buy for love and not for a deal. My dave shared this interesting article with me this morning on that very topic.

Dave77459 said...

Geocashing. Clevah!

GeocaChing is a "game" or "sport" using GPS. From

Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunting game played throughout the world by adventure seekers equipped with GPS devices. The basic idea is to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, outdoors and then share your experiences online.

Someone places a cache, publishes a description and coordinates, and then you go find it. There are two easy ones placed with 500' of your house. :)

That is an interesting article. What ramifications disposable goods have!

hillary said...

I don't drive but I would LOVEEEEEEEEEEE to do something like that. I love puzzles and treasure hunts!

Dave77459 said...

You might very well love geocaching then. I've sent you mail about this. :)

grace said...

I'm starting to try to post more about clothes, so I'd love to have you come over!

Anonymous said...

nice dress you've got. haha, love the T-Rex photo too :D
I also have bangs, and GB is a pretty windy country. OK, it's not pretty, it's a reaaaaallllyyy windy place here. You can't hide from it anywhere. :(

Julia said...

Hi! I just discovered your blog through both Already Pretty and Proficiscamur and am enjoying it immensely.

One thing that stood out immediately from the pictures was how beautiful your hair is. The color and style is so lovely. I look forward to continue reading your blog!

Since you asked, feel free to check out my blog

hillary said...

Julia thank you so much and welcome!
I adore Sal and Kelly!

stylegenerator I would say we are pretty nonwindy because I can successfully wear wrap dresses often. Today though not so much.

grace and jessica thanks for stopping by!

freeda now see I look at my pics and think I look fat. We are all our own worst critics sadly. :(