Wednesday, September 08, 2010

My hairs

I get a lot of comments/questions on my hair. Mostly from people in public.I figured it was time to make a post so I can point people to it.

Going from left to right with the products then again with bottom row....
My hair grows SO SLOW. I only cut it once and year and avoid that if I can. I try to get Dave to cut it and he has been successful most times.

I dye my own hair. I use 37 by Feria. I used to use 36 but the store was out a few times ago so I moved over a number. I have to use 3 boxes with the length I have now. I am very methodical and it takes FOREVER that is why I go so long in between. I start by pinning up all my hair and I dye a little layer underneath. Have Dave check for dry spots then let down a little more. I do the exact same thing when I flat iron. Start on under layer. Ending with bangs.

I wash it daily. (I HAVE to) I use Bumble and Bumble red because Aveda are being jerks and discontinued the custom blends. I used to have them mix it up and add a lot of violet. Bumble and Bumble is wicked expensive for what you get so I would LOVE an alternative. I have tried everything "color safe" at this point I am more about a deposit shampoo and conditioner now.

I wash my hair at night and if it is wicked snarly I slap a little Kiehls 133. I don't brush it or comb it when it is wet. I put in a dollop of Moroccan oil while it is still soaking wet and I go to bed like that. You should see my pillow cases! Various shades of plum. (I actually have a few dedicated ones because of that)

I flat iron my hair most days (except this summer because I am TOO HOT) I have used lots of irons over the years but now I use a Hana Elite. You can read my full review here. I spray my hair in between sections with Ojon Shine Spray because I have decided plum dye sucks all the shine out of my hair. I have dyed it every color out there and this is the worst. The Ojon is potent and you don't need much.

Every few weeks or days depending on if I remember I do a deep conditioner. I am loving Lush's Henna and Fluff Eaze right now. The tubs says use the whole thing at once. THEY ARE CLEARLY HIGH on the smell in that store. I use a good glob. I have thick long hair and I don't need the entire thing. I put it in and either sit around all day with it in or I sleep on it. I put it in my hair and then braid it and sleep on it. I will warn you it is VERY fragrant but that is what I love about it. I used it last night and as you can see it is nice and fluffy today.

You notice I haven't mentioned combing or brushing my hair anywhere in there? I don't. I avoid it at all costs. I run a comb in the shower when I condition but other than that all fingers. It is so thick and heavy a comb and brush is useless.

I keep saying I am going to grow my own color in but the grow out stage to me is PAINFUL. I also have been dying it for 18 years so I don't know what is under there anymore. It has always faded in the sun. I had roots even as a kid.

Lucy - not as good twin (we'd never say bad)

I haven't changed much.

What are you using on your hair right now?


Danielle said...

Aww brownie! My daughter was briefly a brownie, lol.

I don't brush or comb much now since I don't have the relaxer. I used to be obsessive with brushing and combing when my hair was straight.

I haven't used Feria in years. I know I don't have a lot of grey but its there...its there.

Kelly said...

If you find a B&B alternative, let me know! I'm using Aveda's Madder Root right now but I think it's too orange and is canceling out the cool tones I need. Too much orange and I look ill.

hillary said...

The same thing happens to me! Madder root is orange. They used to have one called clove that was perfect.

Lisa said...

I think your hair is gorgeous (no wonder you get stopped and asked about it all the time!) so I was always intrigued about how you cared for it.

People tend to find my hair intriguing (aka: they want to "boink" it) and always ask me questions about it, so I just put up all my hair info in my FAQ page so I don't have to keep answering questions about it (I took down my formspring because 99% of the questions were in regards to my hair).

Dave77459 said...

You are amazing. So much effort, but clearly worth it.

tigerteacher said...

Hi! I've been reading your awesome blog for a while now but this is my first comment so I'll start with a big hello and tell you how much I look forward to your blog!

I am a natural brunette but have been coloring my hair red for years and I LOVE your color and am so happy you did this post!

I used to use ArtTec shampoo (I always bought at Ulta, with coupon) in Cherry Bark but it was taken over by, I believe, L'oreal and it's up to $18 a bottle now and I just can't justify the cost. Then I made an awesome recent discovery at Sally's Beauty Supply: Riveting Reds. Here's a link:,default,pd.html

I LOVE the shampoo and it's only $6.50! I will say that I'm not crazy about the conditioner which I didn't find too moisturizing. My hair is stick-straight and cut in a chin length bob and this conditioner didn't seem to keep my ends smooth enough.

If you decide to give it a try, I'd love to hear what you think!
-Mary :-)

hillary said...

Mary well welcome and thank you for reading. I used to use cherry bark!I had a hard time finding it local and it wasn't worth the price increase when it changed package. I will look at the Sally's stuff. My mom is a hairdresser and she is heading to the wholesale place today I hope she finds a miracle in a bottle!

hillary said...

Lisa I totally confess to sproinging friends curls.

Curly can straighten their hair and kinda feel what it would be like to have straight but its hard for a straight hair to know what its like to have those tight little curls. So we find them fascinating!

Lisa said...

I'm ok with friends touching my hair, but when it's random people who are over the age of 5 that is just creepy.

While I can straighten my hair I am never able to get it as sleek and shiny as women who have naturally straighter hair.

whenlifehandsyouapear said...

That picture is so adorable!

My hair fades a ton in the sun too, always has. I've been getting it highlighted the last few years, but recently I waited too long to get in and couldn't stand the gray and roots for another second, so yesterday I used a box of L'Oreal Preference in Dark Golden Brown. My hair always winds up with a touch of red in it, and now it's slightly burgundy in the right light, and I kinda dig it.

Lorena said...

Wow Hillary, its definately worth the work and products, your hair is beautiful. It looks so shiny and healthy.
I use henna in my hair to cover the grays, I have to do it every 3 weeks. Its awful. But I hate the grays more.
My real hair color is dark brown but with the henna coloring its being brown with red lights or totally black.I am in between.
I use LeOccitane shampoo and conditioner for damaged hair. I also use a Brazilian treatment once a week to keep the color in and make it shiny.
When damp I apply Avon straightener or Jonathan Dirt cream.
Thats pretty much it-