Tuesday, September 14, 2010

And the winner is....

Thank you all for voting yesterday here and on facebook with what shoes you thought I should wear with this dress. Green was the overwhelming winner. I was shocked people didn't like the black and white, those were the ones I was leaning towards because they matched the 40's feel to the dress.


Dress Tucker for Target 2010
Shoes Michael Kors via 6pm 2010
Sweater Target 2009
Hair do-dad from my childhood
Pink pearl earrings from Waffle. They note said "I am sorry I was bad I plan to do it again"


OK so I have to say this is MUCH shorter than I remember it being in the dressing room. I am very uncomfortable at work seeing these pictures. I stopped at a drugstore for tights and haven't had a chance to throw them on so I have been sitting with a scarf over my legs.

IMG_2231 and this one

I just don't feel comfortable all around. The skirt is too short. The shoes too high. The flats to wear in between just too flat. BAH I was in mad love with this dress when I bought it. MAD LOVE. I am hoping a pair of opaque tights changes it all for me. A fresh day with them and different shoes and that love affair will rekindle.

What do you do when you are insanely uncomfortable and already at work?

A friend called me out on running around the office in silver flats. "hey those weren't an option" DOH! They are under my desk I swear. I just felt like I was so over the top with the tiny hemline and 4 or 5 inch heels that go CLOMP CLOMP


david said...

I totally get felling uncomfortable BUT you have nothing to be uncomfortable about. You look very nice - sweet, lovely, and proper. Good choice for the dress and a nice look overall.

When I feel uncomfortable I try not to get up from my desk as if it is a way to hide from the world. I guess that's why I sit at my desk so much.

hillary said...

I thought you sat at your desk because you are so handsome and people say HI DAVID and then I have to fight people outback at 3pm

*punches palm*

Lorena said...

I think it looks just fine, not too short.
But, I totally get you.
Whenever that happens to me, I just try to glue myself to my chair all day.
Maybe the dress has a little fabric at the seam that you can let down ? Or you can add some lace ?


hillary said...

LACE!!!!!!!You are a genius! Dave you see that? Can you make that happen???

chunkstyle said...

Haha I am the caller-outer :) The dress is really cute so the shoes could rotate all day and it would look fine in each I think. I'd go for the black clogs personally cuz I love black clogs, but those greenies are mad cute too.

hillary said...

YOU know what this office is like I am in constant fear of appropriatenessosity

Cassykins said...

I get what you mean about getting to the office and sitting down and feeling like the skirt is too short. I got a dress to wear to my birthday dinner and didn't account for as short as it was standing, that it would be even worse sitting. All I could do was cross my ankles and curse myself for picking the high table/chairs to sit in where my up-skirt view was probably in plain site and one false move would be the end of my decency.

So I guess... feel better you have a desk to hide under a little? lol

McQ said...

You look fantastic, but really, you always do. I agree, I really don't think that you have any reason to feel uncomfortable, however I understand the feeling. I work in a super conservative office and feel v self conscious when I wear anything more than an inch above the knee. I keep a pashimina to hide behind in my desk for the times my memory lapses and I turn up in a mini.

Megan Mae said...

Aaah! I would have voted for the bxw shoes. But I was slow in catching up on blogs. I'm also not a real big fan of clogs anyway but I am a fan of oxfords.

I think the dress is very cute and doesn't LOOK like the hemline is too short, but I understand what you mean about it feeling too short.

If I'm out and feel uncomfortable I try to be very cautious about hems or pulling or tugging. I usually trying things on before hang or plan a bit because I hate being uncomfortable.

Lemondrop Marie said...

I do have that happen from time to time, so frustrating. I keep an extra couple of jackets at work, and the occasional sweater. But I was at a loss when my dress was too short. Lovely pattern!
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

D'Rae said...

Cute dress! I voted for the black & white as well! I think the dress would look adorable with some lace trim!

IrishRedRose said...

I think lace trim is a GREAT idea--it would suit the feel of the dress anyway while alleviating the shortness issue. From your picture it doesn't look too short to me, but I am self-conscious about the appropriateness of dress lengths too and of course sitting can make things worse. The green shoes are high heeled but you know they actually have a demure quality to them--perhaps it's the color, or the more girly details than many clogs have? Dunno but my second choice would've been the b/w ones, with tights, for a more ladylike and vintage-y feel. With or without lace, I bet that combo would make you feel more ready for the office scene.

The dress really does flatter you, though. :-)

Melissa said...

Oooh, adding lace is a great idea! That would be perfect. I do think the dress looks great on you as is but I get feeling uncomfortable. I would've done the same thing, just thrown on some flats.

Felicity said...

You look awesome, I really love it with the cardi!

Lisa said...

I think you look awesome and totally work appropriate (at least it would be fine in my work setting which is actually somewhat strict I think . . .) but I definitely know what you mean about feeling uncomfortable with an outfit/second guessing yourself at work.

I always keep an extra cardigan in my closet just in case I feel uncomfortable/cold or in the event what I now refer to as "The Coffeegate Incident of '09" ever occurs. I don't have back up shoes though . . . which I probably should acquire.

Cara said...

Aw - would the white or black shoes have made a difference? If so, your instincts are better than the rest of us!
I like the idea of lace, but rather than sewing lace to the skirt, maybe do lace on a slip underneath, and also try the leggings, both together with the lace and seperately.
I have the benefit of working next to a shopping centre, so I have been known to make a mad dash to Ardene for tights, Sears for a slip, or a random kiosk for a scarf!

Milly said...

i have those same shoes..love them

hillary said...

Megan Mae that's just the thing! I did try it on at home like I do with all outfits. I wore it around the apartment. Tried it on with all the shoes. Danced a little to Katy Perry asked Dave's opinion on 5 different cardigans. But once I was out and about and the wind was moving it was a WHOLE OTHER STORY.

And let the world know I LOVE CLOGS. I own 10 plus pairs and my mom and I are huge clog loves. I particularity love wooden clogs.

Thanks so much everyone! Dave is so sewing some lace onto it for me. I tried it with a lace slip and it was too "my slip is hanging out" and not enough "This is part of the dress"

Oh and I don't know if you all want to know this but I did as always have pettipants under this! Black with lace trim if we are getting technical.

Shaye said...

I also think lace would look great along the hem of that dress! Alternately, what I did (because I too hate dresses that hit above the knee) is gather and sew some soft black sheer mesh (looks like tulle, much less scratchy) to the bottom of an old black slip. That way I don't have to add trim to every short dress I love, I can just toss the slip on underneath. Because I am lazy. And the mesh instead of lace totally avoids the "hey oops my slip is hanging out" look.

whitneybee said...

I should have voted! When I saw the photo of the dress and then the photo of the shoes I immediately thought "black and white!" but never came back to say so.

(Also, been reading for a while, possibly my first time commenting.)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see it with the lace! I also think that will transition well to fall/winter -- tights under it will probably make the length not an issue.

Here is my uncomfortableness story from this week. I got dressed in the semi-dark on Monday, in casual stuff because I had no meetings or anything that day. Mid-day I saw myself in the ladies room mirror and realized that my black bra was semi-visible through my light top. I just went back to my office and hoped no one was looking at my chestal region and vowed not to do it again.

The thing is, I will. I will forget and wear a skirt that I know I hate or a black bra with a pale top. I am dorky that way.