Friday, September 03, 2010

Kissable lips. The high and the low.

I am thinking about doing a feature where I tell you my favorite product but in a high and low price. Department store and drugstore but everyone already uses those terms to death.

Today lets talk about kissable lips. I hate to have dry lips. I actually worry when I think they look dry. I know I don't like seeing it on other. Come on tell me you don't stare at someones mouth from time to time when they are talking to you. Sometimes Dave will be in the middle of a sentence and I pull out a lip balm and touch his lips up. It is so routine he doesn't even react.

For my birthday last year my inlaws bought me La Mer lipbalm. Read my full review here. La Mer is known for their $1300 16oz skin cream. My balm retailed for $45 and it came with $30 worth of free samples of their expensive creams. You can read about it on the other post but I LOVE IT. It give me soft for hours gently mint scented lips. I don't use my finger in the pot. I just kiss it to reapply.

Now for a cheaper equally as amazing alternative (not substitution because they are nothing alike but you get similar results).

I am OBSESSED with 100% pure Cocoa Butter sticks. They sell all kinds of them but I am talking about the ones that are just Cocoa Butter with no added ingredients. They retail for about a $1-$2 at any drugstore or beauty supply place or Amazon. My favorite one comes in the yellow tube. There is nothing fancy about these. The tube isn't super functional. It works like a push pop. I wish they would come out with a screw up package like deodorant or chap stick. It feels like a hard stick and at first you aren't sure it is going to work. Cocoa Butter melts with your body heat so if you hold it against your lips for a few seconds it melts it and you can slide it on. Same with you body. Hold it in your hand for a few seconds to soften it up. I have multiples of this stuff one for body and one for lips. It smells like an M&M some people might not like that I LOVE IT. I will sit on the couch at night and reapply 10 time. It is very moisturizing too. Works great for dry hands. It is also supposed to help and prevent stretch marks.

What is your favorite lip balm?


EvaNadine said...

i have a friend who also uses the cocoa butter stick as her lip balm and she swears by it. i love the smell.
for me, i live, breathe, and die by burts bees beeswax lip balm. it is exactly the consistency i like, and i love the tingly feeling of the peppermint oil on my lips.

Cara said...

I'd been searching for the holy grail of lip glosses forever! It was only when my doctor (and orthodontist, and mother, and next door neighbour, and the weird guy on the corner...) mentioned that I was dehydrated that I decided the solution was 8 cups of water a day.

Of course, this prevented the cracking / peeling but not the general dryness. For that, I've actually started using vaseline, just before bed. One swipe of that and I'm good for 24 hours!

It is a little weird to NOT be constantly reapplying all day! I did refill a small lipgloss pot with vaseline to carry around with me, just in case I need a fix - but now it's purely a psychological addiction!

Jess said...

Mine is a brand called Bebe Young Care, which is only available overseas. Years ago Erin gave me a tube of it from a stash a friend overseas had sent her and I was in LOVE! It had a nice silky feel and smells delicious, like chocolate. I used that tube until there was nothing left--I actually scraped out what went below the plastic so I could use it! Then I despaired of ever finding it again until I found people selling it on eBay!! Now I buy it 2-3 tubes at a time and have them all over. I get the Zartrose, which is a soft pink. I actually just bought two last night because I'm down to one backup.

Bridgett said...

soft lips tinted pearl.

i am intrigued by both of yours. i love chapsticks and lip balms.

Lisa said...

I've never used cocoa butter before, but I'd definitely try it. I tend to use vaseline on my lips when they're feeling super dry.

hillary said...

Cara I am too scared of petroleum to use vaseline.

Bridgett I wonder if they make one without SPF I discovered recently I can taste SPF and it is not good. I did a test with all my lip products with SPF and I had to pitch them all. I used to love softlips in college.

evanadine is it gritty? The only one I ever had from them was gritty. I actually think its in my drawer **Starts digging**

jess if it unavailable and smells like chocolate all sudden I NEED IT

Maria said...

If there's such a thing as a ChapStick/lip gloss addition, I have it. I mean, I honestly cannot go through my day without something on my lips; they get dry and rough and feel so very, very horrible without something, anything on them. I used to use Burt's Bees constantly, but after one winter of having horrible chapped lips (the mint extract seemed to irritate, rather than calm), I switched to ChapStick Medicated. It has a wonderful, neutral smell, isn't waxy at all like regular ChapStick, and helps my lips through any dry period. I put it on when I wake up in the morning, under my lipgloss, after I've eaten, before I go to bed... etc. It's great, and you can get it at Walgreens/CVS for only a buck. I have three tubes strategically hidden around my house, one in my purse, and one in my office at work. Yeah, it's sad. :)

samantha. said...

love the cocoa butter chapstick in the yellow container! i got one in my christmas stocking one year and was completely amazed that santa would know about such a product. hahaha!


Felicity said...

Badger Balm cocoa butter lip balm in Cocoa Mocha is my holy grail. It's so soft, comes in a twist-up tube, the scent is nice but not over powering, and one tube lasts a really long time. And it's made in NH ; )

Kelly said...

Ooo I will have to try that cocoa butter. Right now I put vaseline on every night (and during the day in the winter) but I have been wanting something different. I love what it does for my lips BUT it's still on my lips in the morning and Erik HATES vaseline so no good morning kiss for me.

bittrgrl said...

i live and die by burt's bees pomegranate lip balm. LOVE IT. i usually have about 4 sticks in rotation, so i always have one with me. i am a total lip balm/gloss junky, since i can't wear lipsticks, but the burt's bees pom is what i always go back to.

Rachel said...

Burt's Bees all the way. Perfect for lips, cuticles and flyaways. I love the original, but lately been using the new acia berry infused one. It taste like grape candy. I like Neautrogena's moisture shine sticks for a tinted option.