Thursday, September 23, 2010

Keep on keeping on

Why hello there.
I want to start off by saying thank you so much to all the amazing people who on the blog and via email sent me words of support and love. I appreciate each and every one of you. Today emotionally was moderately better. But work? Yeah so I've heard 3 people said they were taking up drinking today. I wrote 3 emails I will never send and I am kinda holding a grudge about something that is probably stupid but my feathers are ruffled!!!

Yesterday I took the long way home and had one of the worst dinners I have had in a long time. (This coming from the girl who called a smoothie dinner on Monday)

I got myself a little something too.

The SOFTEST most cozy hoodie from Aerie. I don't have an outfit photo. (forgot camera excuseexcuse) But this is my view today of my outfit!

So here is the bad. My Thursday thumbs down if you will

People keep staring at me. Probably because I look like a rotting banana. It didn't look this bad at home in my dark bathroom. I slapped a pile of concealer on it after this that I found in my gym bag.

Now for the thumbs up part. My eyemake up looks really good even through my glasses. (Which is a big deal if you wear glasses)

I have on three purples and a purple liquid eyeliner wing

These are all shadows from the Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland palette. My only complaint is one of them has chunky glitter in it and it is ALL over my face. I can't make it stop! I blink and it moves around. I sprayed it to set it and used a primer. I think I just won't use that one again because I don't like looking like a disco ball at work.

How are YOU my dears?

Here is another one for you... Do you carry any makeup with you to work? or in your purse when you go out? Do you have a small makeup bag? What is in it?
I only carry lip stuff with me but I am thinking to throw a concealer in my bag. I am glad I found that one at work because a friend confirmed it was pretty bad today. I also have really dark undereyes and by mid day I really need a touch up. But I have 5 lips in my bag. I cleaned my purse out 2 days ago too...


HollyElise said...

I'm okay today - had a bit of a disappointment this morning.

I carry only lipstuff when going out as well - when I worked I would sometimes carry mascara and concealer.

Lisa said...

My day was pretty good. I'm sorry to hear that you're having a tough time. I hope things start looking up for you. Your eye make-up does look fabulous if that's any consolation.

I usually just carry a lip gloss (or many lip glosses) with me. If I was going to something more formal/fancy I might carry some mascara and q-tips.

Lorena said...

My day is SO F*cked up I don't even want to go there.
I emptied my purse for you yesterday!
Answering your question... I carry a tiny make up bag, it just carries lipgloss+face powder and blotting paper.
I have 2 glosses at work, but that's it.
Hope your bruise heals soon.

Melissa said...

I'm glad you treated yourself to a new hoodie! Soft, cozy hoodies are the best. I'm sorry your cheek looks worse today, though. It's been getting so much better, that's kind of disappointing that it hasn't been continuing that way!

So, other than *certain aspects* of my job, today has been okay. Oh right, except that the dumb bat is still hanging around (heh) outside. Ew.

Hope you have a great night! And by the way, your eye make-up really does look fantastic! I keep trying to do the wing and it doesn't work out for me. I never get it right but I do it anyway. I keep all of my make-up at home, I just slap on some chapstick if I feel a need for lip stuff.

Cassykins said...

Glad you're feeling somewhat better, though =( about your poor face.

I'm ok today, though I was trying to take a nap and my phone rang and scared the bajeesums out of me. I HATE being woken up by the phone.

My makeup bag is mostly for my nail file, tweezers, hand sanitizer and hand wipes. The only makeup in there is a lip gloss, concealer (just in case) and a mini perfume.

La Chula said...

Today has been good, busy with work and organizing football pick pool for the weekend. I have a huge Betseyville makeup bag that holds lots of lil things and face powder and like 10 lip glosses, no joke!

Love the purples on ya!

Casey said...

I don't know how I missed your post yesterday. I know exactly how you feel, I posted about losing my grandfather recently, too.

I'm glad you're better today and I love the purple eyeshadow, I am a BIG fan of colorful shadow. I am terrible at applying any kind of makeup but I still try and usually don't look too awful, haha.

In my purse I carry a small zipper puch I bought from Etsy (LMCreations) and inside I have chapstick and a pink lipstick, I don't even know the brand or name. I never wear concealer or foundation but I think I should, I just don't know how to apply it & can't afford the good stuff.

mamichan said...

At work and during the day I carry a little bag that has lip balm, lip gloss, a mini hand lotion, oil-blotting papers, a mini face spray, compact mirror, and nail file. I only use the lip stuff and papers for the most part.

If I'm going out or to an event after work I bring my make-up bag and reapply before I leave the office. Eyeshadow palette, mascara, highlighter, and blush.

freeda said...

I had a terrible day as well. Hugs! I keep some powder, mascara, and lip gloss in my car. That's about it. Hang in there, sweetie! LOVE the eye makeup!

Sheila said...

It seems like everyone is having a bad week - blame the full moon today!

Have you thought about just embracing the bruise and using your madd make-up skillz to paint a rose or flower over it? A happy face? Since it's there anyway... *shrug* :)

I carry lip balm on me at all times and some powder because I am a greasy-face. I keep a stash of lipsticks and glosses in my desk at work.

Kelly said...

First of all: I'm so behind on blog reading and didn't see your Wednesday post on time. I'm glad to hear you're doing better - that had to be a terribly shitty day. I don't know what I could ever do to help but - you know if I can, just let me know.

Today's post - shit! I thought your chin would be getting better by now. At least you look like you are a badass who got in a bar fight or something.

I usually have some sort of foundation/concealer/powder with me. I have bad dark circles so I don't like to be without SOMETHING I can put over them if the need arises. I also carry lipstick in most of my purses. If I wear lipstick, I throw it in my bag when I leave the house. Then it stays there forever because I forget to ever take it out.

Secretly, I used to bring makeup to work and put on my face in the bathroom first thing. I wanted to sleep in but I didn't want to sacrifice my makeup.

Iris said...

I totally get what you saying about the glasses, that's why I don't really wear makeup at all and I only carry lipgloss in my purse.

Lacey said...

In my purse, I always carry my N4 Mac Studio Fix Compact and my lipstick(s) and neutral lip liner which goes with pretty much anything. If I am travelling, I'll bring along my little makeup bag. My everyday makeup is down to a science for me now, my own 5 minute face, Carmindy-style: put on my powder foundation, line my eyes with powder eyeliner (usually Nars Night Porter), then put on my main eyeshadow (usually a taupe or nude color), apply a highlighter, smooth my eyebrows with the eyebrow brush, apply a little bit of blush, add my lipstick and lipliner. Done. I don't usually wear mascara. For evening, I'll define my eyes more with darker eyeshadow, but for daytime, I keep it pretty neutral as I wear glasses to work 99% of the time!

hillary said...

thanks so much everyone for taking the time to tell me what is in your makeup bga.

Kelly (never late!)

Anonymous said...

Friedrich Nietzsche said what does not kill you makes you stronger, or something like this.
Pretty make-up you have by the way. I suck at make up. I only use concealer daily. Brow stuff on weekends. Well and mascara twice a year. :D
Oh and about my day. I feel like I were pushed from a train which was moving 100 miles per hour. Tired is way to soft word to describe it.