Monday, September 27, 2010

I cooked! No really I did!

like thsi too

Dress Dave made
Sweater Gap
Belt Target

Yeah so um I am not even sure what to say. Last night for dinner Dave and I (yes I helped cook! Shush it!) We made Red, White, Yellow and Purple potatoes, A tiny ham with molasses, brown sugar, mustard and clove, baked beans and corn muffins. NOMTASTIC. I am beyond stressed at work. I am kinda into a new plane of stressedness. Stressosity? It is a library it shouldn't be frustrating. I dislike my new job. I want to create a virus that removes the reply all button from people's outlook accounts. OMWORD PEOPLE. Stop stop stop. I deleted 24 emails about a bagel. A BAGEL. I wouldn't even care if I didn't have such an email based job. Filtering the good from the goofy can be....well.. enough complaining. I have a job and I am grateful just venting so I don't say something I am not supposed to like at that meeting last week. (yeah um bad. Funny now but it was bad) **shrug**

My birthday is a week away. I am excited/I don't know. I love cake and celebrating and how Dave always makes me feel special. He has class this year on my birthday. Some how he didn't the past 6 years. I am trying to come up with fun things I can do by myself. My two "baby cousins" (he's turning 27!!!! and the other 17!) cousins , my oldest friend, my friend Annie and I all have birthdays within days of each other. Libra Power! My friend B is due that week!! WOOHOO!

How was your weekend?
Mine was quiet for the most part. I read a great deal and we went for Thai food and Watched 9 to 5 which I had never seen and was so cute. I love Dolly Parton and the movie just made me love her all the more.
I will leave you with some of my favorite quotes from her (not from movie) How can you not love her?

I look just like the girls next door... if you happen to live next door to an amusement park. 

It's a good thing I was born a girl, otherwise I'd be a drag queen.  

You'd be surprised how much it costs to look this cheap! 

I'm old enough and cranky enough now that if someone tried to tell me what to do, I'd tell them where to put it.


Melrose said...

who is this dave and how can i get him to make me pretty dresses too? lol
and YUM!

hillary said...

Melrose. HA! It is my husband.
You can read a little about him here if interested. :)

DaniellaBella said...

Oh! I want dave to teach online sewing classes! and/or cooking classes. I'd be all over that!

hillary said...

Daniella Bella. I can tell him but there is no hope of that. He works full time and goes to school full time. He literally doesn't have time to sleep most days. (3 days a week he is out of house 7am to 11pm!) He is in his senior thesis right now. He made this a couple of summers ago. But when he graduates... I think you are on to a great idea.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a wonderful dinner!

I always loved 9 to 5. It's so twisted, and the theme song rocks.

LaShaune said...

I love the Dolly-isms and can't believe you are just seeing 9 to 5. My mom and I have season tickets to the TUTS (theatre production in Houston). We start with Hairspray and move to 9 to 5. I dislike musicals but this season in Houston will be a rocking GREAT time!

For the e-mail issue, if you are sending it and don't want replies - before sending your e-mail click options and click off your name where it says "have replies sent to". That generally does the trick except for those pesky "undeliverable" messages.

hillary said...

I wish it was on things I'm sending. We've developed a stupid reply all culture at work and it's irritating. We've brought it up in staff meetings ad nauseum but no one seems to listen. Hundreds of emails some days. It becomes hard glean the important stuff.

Lemondrop Marie said...

I've always adored that cheap quote by Dolly. Love your green umbrella, that would make me like rain much more.
I had a quiet, nap filled weekend.
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

Dave77459 said...

I work in a company of over 30,000 people, most are engineers. One guy sent out an email to ALL EMPLOYEES describing how we should reduce energy consumption to help reduce Global Warming. We got many many many REPLY ALLs, which started the MANY MANY MANY "stop! you are replying to all" emails. It was up over 200 messages before IT enforced calm and turned off email for a while and cleaned it all up. I thought it was kinda funny. Can you imagine how hard the email servers were hit, with all the emails going to 30K people? LOL

My weekend was grand. We had a benefit for a dear friend who had a stroke in Las Vegas. He had to take an air ambulance home, which insurance is refusing to pay. So we held a benefit and raised some money to help. Lots of BBQ, lots of bourbon, lots of dancing. It was great.

Sunday we rode out to a football party in the country. Gorgeous weather here. Good times.

hillary said...

DaveH that is beyond hilarious!!!!!! omg the havoc!

I am sorry about your friend. I hope he is on the mend and I am shocked yet not that insurance won't pay. They are so ridiculous. He should of stayed out of town our of his network where they would of paid more?

Dave77459 said...

My friend is doing wonderfully. I guess it is 6 weeks ago? I know it is a stupid concept, but he appears to be making a complete recovery. I don't think his quality of life will be affected at all.

So, the deal with insurance is that the doctor in Vegas did not send him home. His wife wanted him home to save on hotel bills and so that she could work. Plus, the doctors were not even treating him! Nor answering questions. It was awful.

Now he is being treated at a world class facility by caring doctors. He lives at home. She can work. They have friends and family to support him. It was absolutely the right decision.

I also think it saved money for the insurance company. Can you imagine paying for someone to stay out of town for X months?

I know that lawyers will be involved. Maybe they will eventually pay the air ambulance bill. But meanwhile, she had to pay for it with credit cards, and interest is mounting. They needed help, and we did.

hillary said...

And that is why you are my friend. :)

Megan Mae said...

I love the dress! Super cute and omg I'm coming to your place for food! That's looks infinitely tastier than my sad egg sandwich I had for lunch.

My weekend was spent mostly alone catching up on homework, housework and internet. Teh Hubs was at work all weekend.

Lorena said...

My weekend was pretty standard, stuff to do mostly.
I adore Dolly Parton ! I ran into her about 3 years ago on a plane to Aruba (i was working)...
I did a post for you last week where I emptied my bag!

Kelly said...

I really like your umbrella!

hillary said...

when life hands you a pear
I have been singing it for two days! LOVE

Megan Mae that is Dave's life too. I do not miss school on those days.

Kelly and lemondrop marie it broke this morning! It is kinda ridic too because its like an $80 Lacoste umbrella I won in a Lucky contest last year. The handle is a golf ball. bah. WHO pays that? It has tiny alligators on it which I do love because I am a gator.

I think I got everyone if not and you want a response yell and wave your arms. (totally serious)

Thanks everyone!

McQ said...

1. Your dinner looks AMAZING - where can I find a mini ham? I LOVE baked ham.

2. You look lovely as always, my dear. I am incredibly jeal your husband MAKES you clothes!

3. All hail Dolly - I LOVE her (almost as much as baked ham. Almost.)

hillary said...

McQ thank you! It is from whole foods(paychecks)

It is a bit more to get one there than the grocery store but it doesn't have nitrites in it which I have issues with. It is a 2 lbs one. It is the cutest little thing ever.

he hasn't made in clothes in a couple years but he did make a purse organizer this summer! Once he graduates I plan on turning into my personal clothes maker.

La Chula said...

I remember watching 9 to 5 when I was little and thinking it was hilarious, must watch it soon! Went to Target over the weekend and no luck on the owl hangy thingy. I shall hit up the other 3 in my city.
P.S. From what I've read and seen your hubs is awesome, lucky girl!

hillary said...

La chula. Thanks I think he's pretty special too.
This is the target collection. I looked on site and they had a lot of it but not the keychains.

La Chula said...

That's where I checked and there was hardly anything left at the store, must be pretty popular. Thanks for the link tho!

Cyn said...

Mmmm...ham and taters- looks wonderful!

I usually want to smack people who hit "reply all" and then say something really bitch and/or asinine. Or the people who are too lazy to clean up the reply before sending. We should patent a system of electrodes that shock the stupid out of people when they do something like that.

Oh well- onward to Tuesday!

Sheila said...

Oh oh oh! I'm a Libra too! And my birthday is next weekend, on the 9th. Libras rule, seriously, dude.

Gads, I hate Reply All. People, learn to Bcc and save yourself the heartache.

Anonymous said...

It's my birthday soon too (Friday)! I sometimes like to celebrate it, sometimes not. This year I am a bit, because I'm turning 35 (eek!), which is a milestone, right? (Right..?)

This weekend I played scrabble and lost, but it was great fun :)

Oh, and my favourite song is Dolly's 'Jolene' - SO beautiful!!

hillary said...

Cyn I might get fired if I smack them but giving a LOOK I think is ok. :)

Little Miss Plump happy early birthday!! Are you a libra or is it still Virgo on friday?
I like to pretend jolene is about me. Vanity thy name is hillary

Shelia Happy birthday 3 days after me!! woot woot

Anonymous said...

I'm a Libra - for sure!

And now I really wish I could put Jolene on to have a listen...but I'm still in the office so will have to wait until my commute home later (soon!).

happy early birthday to you too!! :)

hillary said...

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