Thursday, September 02, 2010

I am that woman that makes you look at pictures of her cats.

As anyone who follows me on Twitter saw that we got a new computer at home. Dave's school computer was 5 years old it died over a year ago and he had been borrowing one. Now he has his own computer (ours) to run his architect stuff I don't understand on it. Although it was funny when he would use my pink sparkly laptop. Currently we have 3 working computer for two people(Mac, Netbook, PC) and 5 non working. (4 lapops and a g4) BAH.

Reminder in how girlie it is. It has a giant hello kitty decal on it and a hello kitty mouse too.

Help me name my baby?
Grow up? nah.......20/365

So his new one is the tablet one you see on Project Runway. YES that is where he saw it for first time. It's pretty damn neat. The best part is that you can flip the top over and use it like a notebook and write on it. He did pictures of our furbabies while testing it out.


Here I am making you look at picture of my cats. Sorry that is who I am. The librarian who wears glasses, has no social skills and so many cats she trips over them.(which doesn't take much in my tiny apt)

Waffle McButterpants

Daisyboo Marie

I sometimes think people think I am making some of the stories about waffle or exaggerating them. Nope she really is a complete wacko. She ran up him and his arm trying to get the cup so she could dump it on herself.



Bridgett said...

i love your pink hello kitty laptop and the drawings of the kitties.

Linda J. said...

Haha, that picture of Waffle running up his arm is AMAZING!! And I thought my cat was weird...all she does is meow at walls!

Sheila said...

Love the drawings, and Waffle is amazing!

Lorena said...

Their names are SO cute....

Melissa said...

1. I love your hello kitty computer.
2. I'm jealous of your husband's new one.
3. The cat pictures are awesome and I'm glad you share them!
4. I love Waffle because he reminds me of my own cats.
5. That's all I got.

La Chula said...

awesome computer and love ur kitties!

spygrl1 said...

Ha Ha, excellent photo of Waffle hijinx! Love Dave's drawings, too. :)

Megan Mae said...

Love the computers! (I have a pink and green desktop)

And ohmy! Your kitty is so kooky. I love it!!

Distractedly Yours said...

Love it! I want a Hello Kitty mouse and computer.

I never think your Waffle stories are made up, because I have a wacko of my own!

Love the drawings.

Andi B said...

I love the kitty drawings!

hillary said...

For$6 you can have a hello kitty laptop of your own.

My mom even did it to hers.

All you need is the sticker

and the mouse

Chelsea said...

those drawings are adorable! I'd frame them. but then I am in love with my own cats, so perhaps I'm a crazy cat lady too!

waffle sounds very entertaining :)

Felicity said...

Waffle reminds me so much of one of my mom's cats. I like to stick her with Post-It notes and watch her flip her shiz. : )

Distractedly Yours said...

As of right now, I only have a work laptop. Think they'd mind me hello kitty-ing it? :)

hillary said...

distractedly yours. That wouldn't stop me. It still makes me giggle because a guy at work has my old bar code scanner covered in fuzzy tigetlily stickers.

Lisa said...

Those drawings are amazingly awesome! Both your husband and Waffle seem to have many talents. Looking at these pictures makes me wish I wasn't so damn allergic to cats.