Monday, September 20, 2010


I went to my dentist today to show them my face. I got a lot of Huhs. They think a little blood trickled into my cheek from the Novocaine and that it's nothing to worry about. It looks much better today.

Because I was late by going to dentist I didn't get any outfit photos. I have on a cute dress and boots.

See from head on you can barely tell. I have earrings on I made that I really dig. Not that this shows you anything. bah. I wrote this on my phone and once it is on a computer and I can actually see things I realize no you can't infact see. eh.

Ah ha! I found an old photo of them!

Dave made

Did anyone catch Joanie in her nerd glasses last night? I wasn't quick enough with the camera. (and I forgot I could of paused it with DVR!)

Made me hate my glasses a tiny bit less!

How was your weekend? What you do and most importantly what did you eat?!

Our best meal was Dave's homemade crunchy French toast with homemade compote. Nom. Last nights Chicken Parm was pretty amazing too.

Anyone see The Town this weekend? Dave was really busy so we didn't get to but we will SOON. You know the bank robbery part that I saw them filming last year? I thought people might get a kick out of seeing what the "bank" is in real life!

A laundromat! The magic of Hollywood turned it into a bank!

They started changing it into a bank before the crew was all here and a lot of locals were very confused! Sorry I excite easily!


Megan Mae said...

Hooray for healing! It's looking a lot better.

I love your earrings! They're really cute.

My weekend was super busy. I met up with some friends who were back in town from college. We ate at Panera and had ice cream at Baskin Robbins. I had a turkey sammich on cheese foccia with tomato soup and lemon blueberry frozen yogurt.

Melissa said...

I'm glad your cheek is starting to get better. Hopefully it's not hurting as much too.

I haven't tried blogging from my iphone yet, what are you using?

I wish I could see the entire dress, the print looks gorgeous from these pictures!

This weekend we didn't do much, although I did end up on a double date with my mother-in-law (oh that was fun, remind me to tell you about THAT one) and although it's not what I would have planned, we did end up at a FANTASTIC Latin restaurant where the food was AWESOME. That *almost* made up for it. :)

hillary said...

Thanks ladies.

I've worn the dress tons of times before. See it here.

Using blog press can't tell you what I think because it's been locked down since 10 minutes after I bought it. My gmail was hacked last night (so my blogger login for blog press) the restriction should be lifted soon. Because I spanned hundreds of people about Viagra they locked me out of sending anything from my account. I can see emails just not reply.

HollyElise said...

Ooh, your earrings are sweet! :)

Glad your face is looking better :)

This weekend, we had a busy Saturday (I blogged about it) and a lazy Sunday that ended with Mass and family dinner at my in-laws.

Best food of the weekend? A burger on Saturday after seeing "Easy A" - I was starving!

Chalkdust and Boots said...

I remember when this was filming last year! I lived in the North End for two years (now I'm a Cambridge denizen) and I was always hoping to catch a glimpse of Jon Hamm...oh, well.

Between Laundry Days said...

I'm glad you're healing! It looks so much better. And I love those earrings!!

Cara said...

Yeah for healing!

I LOVED Joan's glasses, it made me nostalgic for my thick black and brown frames. My fiancé is getting new glasses this week, so I'm thinking it may be time to get some for myself too!