Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday! Woooooooooot!


My face looks slightly better. This is with makeup on it. OK it doesn't look that much better but I have to tell myself this. :)
Dress gift
Shoes Clarks
Sweater H&M


Someone asked to see the sweater the other day with the arms down. I usually put them on my hips because I don't know what else to do with them. Today we were ousted from our usual photo spot so we took them down the road a little. I didn't have my fence to hang my bag on so I am doing the awkward arm purse thing. I have my glasses in the other hand.

As I was walking to the T I noticed how neat the bridge looks in the overcast sky. It looks futuristic.

I saw these little buggers too. They are so ugly I love them. Waffle and Daisyboo would destroy them within 5 minutes though with all those feathers. As much as I joke they wouldn't do good in the wild they go nuts when they have feathers near them. Their attack instinct comes out in full force.

Do you have any plans for the weekend?

Mine involve sleeping. I am beyond over tired at this point. I spent so much of this week on a emotional roller coaster. I am tired and just SPENT! I need to catch up some because I am anemic and I don't want to catch the icky cold that is already going around up here.


Louise said...

I want want want that dress! You look fantastic in it. This weekend I'll be cleaning the house, napping, and singin' in the choir. TGIF!

hillary said...

Its vintage thrifted from a friend. It is a terrible polyester and I've repaired 3 holes but I LOVE ITTTTT. thank you! Have a great weekend.

D'Rae said...

Love the owl charm on the bag!

Hubby and I are participating in a scavenger hunt tomorrow in the downtown area. There are about 350 teams (2 people in a team) and the grand prize is a $15,000 dollar diamond ring. (its called the diamond dash) It should be a lot of fun..... other than that, not much.

Megan Mae said...

The dress is gorgeous! You look so fabulous. Every color is *pop*ing

Felicity said...

You look so pretty in that shade of blue! Have a nice weekend. : )

La Chula said...

I love the owl hanging on your bag! Where can I find one? Enjoy the weekend! Hopefully mine will include eating ribs!

hillary said...

Hanks ladies! I hope you all have a great weekend.

La chula target! In the accessory area. They have a couple cute ones.

Megan mae they really do today huh? It's my iPhone!

Courtney said...

That dress is so cute. I love the vintag-ey feel of it. Your bangs also look really good today! I always love your hair, but I like them all straight down like this instead of brushed to the side.

Loving the Reflection

Cyn said...

That dress looks fantastic every time you wear it. Mend in until it falls apart!

My weekend plans- take the cat to the vet (he had 5 teeth removed a week ago) and put some of my Grandma's old stuff on ebay or etsy. Oh, and get the closet ready for Fall, which means donations for Goodwill.

Have a great one and be good to yourself. ;)

hillary said...

Courtney my bangs have been straight down for 30 years they were just too long a few weeks ago and in my eyes!
The dress is vintage.

hillary said...

D'rae I want to play!!!!!!! I love stuff like that!

Cyn is the kitty ok? Do you have to make his food smooshy? Poor thing. Want to do my closet? It's more of a nightmare rack from hell that's a horrible mess that the cats nest in.

Between Laundry Days said...

I'm sorry your face is still all effed up, my egads you look GORGEOUS in these pictures! The combination of the makeup, pulled back hair, and that lovely dress is just magical.

Have a great weekend!

Farmgirl said...

Rest Up Chickie~ I've notice your paler than normal and it's a red flag your run down and you know with your blood disorder a simple cold to most can easily turn to Pneumonia/Bronchitis in you. Please rest~ get some much needed sleep and know your loved!

rlutz said...

I love your sweater!!You looks so great on that outfit!

hillary said...

Thanks everyone! I hope your weekends are going well!

Rlutz h&m still has it I saw it there yesterday. Comes in a few colors. How are you doing? I've been thinking about you.

tigerteacher said...

Hi! You look great in this dress!

I have been wondering about your red lipstick which always looks great! I'm on a continuing quest (started at about age 16 and ongoing!) for the perfect true red but never seem to quite nail it. I try erring on the side of bright and end up with pink or orange then conversely erring on the side of dark and end up with burgundy. Right now I'm doing a mix of Red Revival (slightly pink) and Are you Red-dy (slightly orange) from Maybelline ColorSensational line and the combo does seem to create a nice color but I would love to find a shade that did it in one step...maybe I'm hoping for too much! Do you have any shade recommendations that have worked for you? Thanks for any tips! :-)

hillary said...

tiger teacher. What is your coloring like? (red hair brown etc?)I think that really matters.

I have at least 15 reds. In this photo in particular I am wearing a brick on from Chanel called Fatale. My favorite reds are MAC reds they run the gamut on the varying shades. They are $14 but the best part is you can go to the store and try them all on to see what color suits you best.

Without knowing your coloring Russian red and MAC red both by MAC are pretty universally flattering. I always lean a bit more to the blue red because it makes your teeth look whiter.
I could swatch up some of my colors for you if you think it would be helpful?

I started my red affair in March 1999 (Dave and I had just moved in together) and I got Bobbi Brown RED. I was obsessed with Parker Posey in House of Yes is what did it to me.

tigerteacher said...

Thanks for the info Hillary! My coloring is similar to yours (or at least it appears so on my monitor!) I've got dark auburn hair, fair skin with pinky cheeks and green eyes. I'm generally a "cool" or a "winter" and I think that may be what makes reds so hard to figure out for me. When I see a color I love on someone else it doesn't always appear the same on me. I will definitely pay a visit to the MAC counter soon and check out your recommendations! Thanks!!!

Cyn said...

I second the rec for Russian Red. I also like Liza Red (if they still make it) and Dior's Tres Tres Dior (a GWP!).

Doug cat is doing better. His sutures didn't dissolve so he had to go back under anesthesia and get them removed. He's doing well but is acting a bit drunk. Silly cat!