Friday, September 10, 2010

Comparing this day across 4 years.


All my shots today were like bad highschooler poses. I didn't have my tripod and I had written this post (see below) and it needed a photo.
Trousers Gap (I think these are the 2009 version. I just keep rebuying them each year)
Sweater Gap 2009
Red tank H&M 2008
Cowboy boots gift from mom 2007



Real cowboy boots. Um because fashion cowboy boots aren't real? I don't know what my logic is on this. They are from a feed store so yeah um...


This is how I felt about taking a close up.


Just an eyewing, LOTS of pink blush and red gloss.


Now that it has been four years I thought it would be interesting to see what I was wore on this date the past 4 years. For 2007 I didn't have one for that date (I had just started grad school.) But I have one for the end of August.

September 10th 2006
september 10

August  2007
wardrobe remix 8.10.07

September 10th 2008

And A PURE COINCIDENCE (especially since I haven't worn shirt in past year) I wore this shirt on September 10th 2009. I didn't even know until I got to work!
I knew I made a horrible call

If you have a blog how long have you been blogging?
I haven't been in it all that long. Not compared to some. I started byhillary in April 2002 it was mostly a store and portfolio back then. It was a standard site and I would awkwardly update it with html. I moved the whole thing over to livejournal in 2004 (it is still up. But I'm not linking ya!) and then moved to blogger in 2006. I started outfit posting August 2006.


Felicity said...

I've been blogging since Jan 1, 2010. I'm usually about 5 years behind on any new internet thing- blogs, myspace, twitter etc.

These posts are so fun to see. I wonder if we'll all still be blogging when we're old women, then we can really take a trip down memory lane. I mean really, we could skim our blogs when we're 80 and literally have our whole life flash before our eyes. ; )

I love your outfit! Happy weekend!

LaShaune said...

This Texan does think there's a difference between fashion boots and real cowboy boots. The real ones will last a lifetime and are usually handmade (but that's just my humble opinion).

Rachel said...

I don't blog, but I've thought about it. Is there really room for another fashion blog? I know you are a lifestyle blog, but what do you think? I don't have time right now anway, i'm averaging 55 hr work weeks at the moment.

I love your gloss - whose it by and what color is it? I just ran out of my fav red gloss and am looking....Thanks!

Kayla said...

Apparently you do have a thing for Red Shoes! You have at least one piece of red on in each photo! The coolest part about blogging is being able to see just what things we wear that are actually telling of our personalities, and not just of trends.

Megan Mae said...

I love looking back and seeing how much people change over the years. My blog just hit it's first birthday a week ago. I wish I had started it sooner because it's been such a good experience.

hillary said...

Rachel The world always has room for more bloggers.

It is Chanel
Rouge Allure Gloss in Fatale. I got a sample and AM IN LOVE

Melissa said...

Kayla beat me to it in noticing that you're wearing some kind of red in every single picture. I love it! Perfect accent color.

I adore your hair in 2007 (super, SUPER cute!) and I'm in love with the outfits in 08, 09 and today. Especially 2008. Because I'm kind of all about dresses right now.

This was a fun post! It would be really fun to include these kinds of pictures more often, it's really neat to your style through the years. You always look great!

hillary said...

I do do (ha dodo) these posts every once in awhile. I will post the previous wearings of an outfit.

madam0wl, a.k.a Sandra said...

I like this retrospective.

I've been blogging since a livejournal I made in 2000 (I won't really count the little HTML thing I did for a bit toward the end of '99). The livejournal is still there but basically abandoned and now all the posts are marked as "friends only." I didn't start posting consistently here on blogger until '08.

I suppose this month would be 5 years posting my outfits in w_r but I've kind of been out of it this summer after my camera broke. :(

Kelly said...

I always like seeing these sorts of posts! Seeing how people change throughout the years never fails to amuse me. And you just get prettier and prettier every year!

I've had blogs on and off since uh...2000? My first was way too personal. Basically a diary. I would go in phases of locking and unlocking it, but even unlocked only a few people read it so I don't think it mattered much. I abandoned it and a few years ago decided I actually needed to DELETE it, but I couldn't remember my password (or the password to get into the email where my password was sent) so I guess I just hope it somehow dies. I had a few more that I also abandoned/deleted because I felt like I kept getting more and more personal and I was uncomfortable with that. I've had Proficiscamur since 2008. I think the reason this one is actually lasting is because I don't talk about my personal life that much. I don't mind talking about what I did that day, or where I went, or littler things like "work sucked today" or "I am so happy about X!" - but I leave the bigger, more personal stuff and my private feelings out of it.

Lorena said...

Love all your different hair styles ...
I have been blogging for only a year!

HollyElise said...

I have had my blog for... Oh, 3 years? I think. But I'm not positive, it might be longer.
I have had *a* blog since someone introduced me to livejournal way back in junior high - then a Xanga site, and then blogger :)

And Hillary, you look awesome :)

Lisa said...

That's so awesome that you can look back at where you were/what you were wearing in all the past. I've had my blog going a bit over a year, but I'm really looking forward to being able to do a "what was I wearing three years ago on this day" post.

Clare said...

Dude, that braid is getting GOOD. I love seeing Hillary throughout the years!!

Brooke said...

This is a really cute post :)

what a bizarre coincidence about the same shirt!!! haha. I LOVE your awesome braid.