Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Colors not found in nature?

The way me and my team work is Dave takes outfit photos in the morning for me. I take my own makeup shots because I gotta be honest he doesn't do them how I like and I think that early light ugifies me in close ups. I upload the photos and mark some I like with "this one?" "do I look weird here" and he goes through the batch and marks ones he likes with "cute" "what are you doing" "ha" and today he named this one "sassy. So here I give you SASSY Funny it was the first shot we took too.


Dress Diane von Furstenburg Saks for 80% off!
Boots Target
Sweater and necklace H&M


As many of you who have been around awhile know... I am a grad school for photography drop out (Dave hates that and says it makes me sound like I failed and I didn't and he gets all "you are a winner". Nope I didn't fail. I did quite well actually. I just didn't like it. It wasn't the school for me). I know WHAT I am supposed to do. I have a good DSLR camera. But I am SO lazy about it all and use a P&S all the time and don't even bother with settings I set it on auto and go. Then I wonder why things don't turn out the right color or well lit. BLAH Cobblers children and all those other cliches. I just don't give it the attention it deserves being as I run a photo driven blog. I am TRYING to work on it. Baby steps people. So today I took two photos mere seconds apart I didn't change any of the settings.
This is the first one I got. Took dark., colors are off. Dress is MUCH more vibrant pink in real life.

Then a second later this one. I didn't change anything. My hand might of moved a little. I am a twitchy person, half my photos come out blurry usually because of this. Normally I would potatoshop it up and make it how I wanted and maybe airbrush a blemish or two out oh an those bags.


Now the second photo looks photoshopped doesn't it? I didn't alter anything. I am sure a nerd could verify that with EXIF data. Everything looks a little TOO good. My eyes are bright and my skin smooth. My acne is invisible. But here is the weird part. I think that my dress looks exactly true to life in that photo but nothing else is quite right.

I IM'd Dave to get his opinion because he just "KNOWS" when I ask these questions.

Dave: that color is hard for cameras and screens cause it doesnt exist in the RGB spectrum
Well there you have it. If I want photos to how I want them I have to PUT EFFORT INTO IT or wear colors that are found in nature. I hope if I say it out loud that I will do it. I have lights, I have a product light tent. I have the background. It always seems so daunting when I try honestly. If it isn't perfect I get annoyed and say "well why care let imprefect be the goal" Hey if I am still paying off that Art degree I should use it right?

How is your week going? What did you have for dinner last night? How about lunch today?!

I had onion soup from Panera for dinner last night. Today I had an orange scone from Panera! Odd but the dean brought them in for a breakfast. I don't go there all the time. Never in fact. Dave brings it home sometimes! Tonight will be something pathetic I am sure comprising of sprinkles from the jar some homemade soda because we are out of Pespi baby cans and some potatoes heated in some fashion.


Anonymous said...

That dress is, as always, awesome!

I am getting low on food in the house, so for dinner last night I made whole wheat rotini and topped it with a bunch of cherry tomatoes and some fresh basil from my garden and some grated romano. It was actually quite tasty, but seemed like kind of a flimsy meal.

Iris said...

Mmmm Panera...

Iris said...

Mmmm Panera...

Melissa said...

I *love* that dress on you. And those boots!

Panera sounds so good right now. I have an awful case of the munchies (PMS anyone) so I'm hunting down as Manu office snacks as I can find. I want an orange scone!

I use my iPhone for blog pics. They're not great but they get the point across. I do like them better since the update they just released with the HDR photo option!

Kasmira said...

My first shot (taken by Beefy) is often the best, too! And I hear you on the morning light. I always hate my face close-ups. I think it is a combination of the low angle and the color of the light at that time of day.

D'Rae said...

Let's see..... Last night dinner was a pizzaboli. (I made it up.) You take a can of pizza dough and spread it out (rectangular) on a pizza pan. Then put on your topppings. (cheese, sauce, sausage & pepperoni) careful to about a half inch all around. Then you fold it and bake it.

today's lunch was Fazolis (work safety meeting. They fed us breadsticks, salad, fettuchini and cake)

Tonight's dinner is chicken fried steak, mashed potatos with gravy, green beans and biscuits.

freeda said...

Beautiful dress! Did you take any pics with the sweater on with your arms down? It's a little hard to tell how that pouf sleeve looks in a relaxed body posture. :)

hillary said...

Freeda. No I do wear it all the time But I can tell you it looks just like it does in the above photo. The sleeves are flat below the shoulder poof.

Rachel said...

*Loves* the dress! Un"natural" colors are fun...

Dinner was blah, but just had lunch with an Ad Rep and that was good. Mimi's Cafe Corn Chowder is the BEST!

Hella week...put in 62 hrs last week so very exhausted (and salary so no OT pay), but worst part is my husband just got LAID OFF. So far we've been recession proof, but I guess that's ended. Really, super sucks.

hillary said...

Rachel. sorry to hear that. I have been there so I feel you guys.

If it helps Dave has been out of the house by my calculation 68 (3 16 hour then two 10 hour days I did this math yesterday in my "take a break speech") hours last week then came home and worked for a few more. But he works full time and goes to school fulltime. (So were PAYING for some of those hours. bah. I don't like this math)

And the way I try and solve his over working? Bought him a game for the wii. ha. I want him to take a damn break sometimes!

December december december I just have to keep reminding myself.


I know an accountant who used to bill out at 100 hours a week on average during tax season. HOW DO PEOPLE FUNCTION on that?? How? Pure fumes? Seriously your brain must turn off at some point. I complain at my 8 hour day.


Felicity said...

What did you study as an undergrad?

I had un-refried (mashed, but with no oil) black beans and chips for dinner and coffee for lunch.

Lisa said...

I love the dress and that "sassy" picture. I have little to no photography training and come from a family of amateur photographers so I am constantly mocked for my lack of know how. If you have any pointers or big words I can throw at my family to make it sound like I know what I'm talking about I'm open to suggestions.

I EAT SPRINKLES FROM THE JAR TOO! Andy told me that I was the only person in the world that did that, now I have confirmed my belief that I was not alone.

For dinner I had a bowl of milk and cheerios and a piece of cheese (not in the bowl of cheerios), but I think I might go eat some sprinkles now . . .

♥ Shrinking Kenz ♥ said...

I love the dress, and I don't know anything about lighting, etc. I just think it's awesome.

Last night for dinner I baked spaghetti squash then sauteed it with a little olive oil, onions and green peppers...and ate it with brown rice and chicken breast. It was delicious, and I'm thinking of having some of the left over spaghetti squash right now..just saying.

Anardana said...

What a gorgeous dress! You look amazing!

Rachel said...

Thanks for the sympathy, Hillary! Amazingly, he's found another job already - not quite as much pay, but better than unemployment. I was so afraid of a 2-3 yr stint w/ no work like so many other people are facing. I don't know how people are living on unemployment - it's only $275/wk max.

I will NOT being working 62 hrs this week. My brain still isn't functioning right from the last two weeks. My staff is totally laughing at me b/c I'm walking around in a daze. I CANNOT imagine 100 hrs in a week! That's insane!

Dave77459 said...

I love the behind the scenes look into the production that you and your team perform daily. It rounds out your personality.


? I thought you used your iPhone, which is even lazier than your P&S. Not true?

? I dispute Dave with the "that colour doesn't exist" stuff. There should be plenty of gamut to contain those colours. I think the camera didn't want to capture the cute expression.

? Hasn't this P&S frequently failed at rendering your awesomeness? But wasn't it orange that it failed at?

Rachel: PMFJI, but it sucks about hubby and yet so awesome that he's landed. I've worked projects where it was 80 hours a week for months, but I got paid for each hour and it made a difference.

hillary said...

Dave H
Ok so. I only use the iphone say every 7th time but there was a whole week or two I was being lazy about actually finding the battery charger for the p&s But usually I mostly use the p&s.

The p&s is a REALLY good camera. I have learned I am VERY PARTICULAR about colors. My dad actually paid a specialist a lot of money when I was in highschol when I learned that I see colors slightly different from each eye. One is more vivid than the other. SO I am hyper aware and get all picky when it doesn't look right on screen.

When my dave was in school for Graphic Design I think there was a much harder time with web colors. But better monitors and such things have changed. (he knows what he knows? He also is very good at calming my neurosis. He humors my very sometimes stupid questions. Such as is there a such thing as a giant sea horse)

Dave77459 said...

It would drive me nuts to see that the color I see is not the color the screen projects. Happens all the time with me in my photos. Usually, it comes down to a white balance issue, and I actually spend a lot of time to get the balance right. Ansel Adams used to spend... 10 times?... more time in the darkroom to perfect the image so that it conformed to what he saw in the field.

I think you and he are what we sloppy people think of as painstaking, and it is admirable.

In more important matters, some people think giant seahorses are giraffes that migrated to the water. But that presupposes that giraffes do/did exist.