Sunday, September 19, 2010

REVIEW Chanel Nail Colour in Khaki Vert and Khaki Brun

If you are into fashion you know that last week was Fashion Week in NYC. I would love to go but I don't really have the kinda lifestyle I can just take a week of work (well that and I wasn't exactly invited to any shows).

Last year Chanel caused a ruckus with their Jade polish created for Fashion Week. Women were buying the limited edition on eBay for $80!! Insanity!

This year they made 3 colors.
From the Chanel site.
Exclusive new urban-chic khaki shades of LE VERNIS Nail Colour were developed by Peter Philips, Global Creative Director of CHANEL Makeup, in celebration of Vogue’s Fashion Night Out. Three limited-editions hues — Khaki Rose, a dusky pink-beige; Khaki Vert, a mossy foam green; and Khaki Brun, a pale stony taupe — are particularly edgy when all three are painted on nails in an alternating pattern.

While these aren't your typical "pretty" polish colors, I was in love! I have green eyes, fair skin and red hair and I have to vainly say I look fantastic is khaki green and browns! (Gah. Vain but true!)

I had read a few blogs that were fortunate enough to get the polishes, review and swatch them ahead of time. I had my sights on the Khaki Vert the green. I talked to my local stores and they weren't going to getting it. On last Friday(or was it Thursday?) at 3pm the polishes were going live on the Chanel site. (thanks twitter! Instant news!) lots of people were having trouble with the site. I couldn't get it to check out and neither could Dave. (he is such a great partner. He not only supports me he sits at his computer updating the page for me.)

Foiled! I couldn't get the damn thing out my mind. I was a woman on a mission. Saturday night Dave got through....and didn't tell me! Days passed and mint my $ app told me something hit the credit card. Because I can't keep a secret from Dave I told him I text message.

A giant nightmare with UPS later (it makes me angry to even think about it. They lied to Dave's face and even admitted they did) I got my present!

(Tiny disclaimer. I do things for him too but my mama taught me you aren't supposed to brag about the good you do, but the good you receive yeah go nuts telling that!)

He said shipping was insane so he got me two! (love his logic, it was expensive so spend more! Ha)

The colors are AMAZING. They are unlike anything I own. (remember I swatched and cataloged all my polish recently so I KNOW!) they go on very smoothly like other Chanel polishes and they are also self leveling. They were almost totally opaque at one coat. If I'd gone slower I probably could of done one coat. They retail for
$25, they are by no means cheap. They are a luxury item for sure, the type of thing you save for. Not for everyone obviously. I don't judge others purchases or loves, so I request the same respect. Hey I was only going to get one! It's Dave's fault.

They can be purchased on the Chanel site but hurry if you want it because they are going to sell out soon.

PS I wrote this and took photos on a new to me app on my iPhone let me know if there are formatting issues in your readers.


Melissa said...

Yes, blame Dave! It's always the boys' fault. :) I love his logic too. If they're going to charge a lot for shipping, might as well buy more to make it worth it! I totally get that.

I'm glad you were able to get your polish! Yay!

Anonymous said...

Great colour!

The only weird thing in my Google read was that it repeated the first half of the post (starting at text message, before the picture).

hillary said...

I caught that too. SO WEIRD I deleted it. I think there are a few kinks in it that I need to learn and work around. There is weird formatting around photos too. But MAN it is so nice not to have to pull out a computer to write a quick post (I say but then I took out the laptop to try and fix that double text.

melissa it is always their fault isn't it? Isnt that in the vows to love honor and take blame?

Iris said...

Wow, what a nice guy! I love those colors I think browner one would look great as well.

hillary said...

The brown is on the ring finger. The green is on the other fingers.

Louise said...

Really pretty and jungly and edgy! Good choices. You've got a mighty good man there.

Heather said...

Yea Dave!!! I adore the green but I LOVE the brown!!! Wow - they really look so nice. I had a Avon nail polish disaster last night but what do you want for $2.99. I had to through it out! Totally gross consistency. I'm considering splurging on a Chanel gloss and nail polish and yes I fondly blame you! heheh