Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Camera man sways to remember how the eye dances


Do not adjust your screens. My face is in fact green. It's hot let me tell you. Makeup made it worse so this is au naturale.
Vest H&M
Pants Gap
Shoes Clarks
Shirt Steve and Barrys SJP Bitten It has ruffles on the front. See that is interesting now isn't it? No? Eh.
Pocket "watch" its lipgloss I made into a pocket watch a few years ago when I couldn't find Dave's pocket watch. It's my Mr. Humphries vest.

lipgloss pocket watch

Since I am so horrifically boring today I will tell you 6 things about me. Why 6? I dunno I like it. Even number.

1.I was born on the 6th, weighed 6lbs, born at 3:06pm in room 306. I was born 6 days late I think. (mom can you confirm that? was it 7?)
2. I prefer Pepsi to all other sodas. I will have pepsi for dessert some nights savoring it in all it's 3 points glory.
3. I've listened to Katy Perry on repeat for the past two weeks.
4. I don't like the idea of turning 32. When did I get so old? The freshman class at work is really getting to me. I shake my head and mumble about them far to often.
5. My husband is a year younger than me. He reminds me often.
6. I have a hard time getting over things. I can forgive fairly quickly but I am working on learning to forget. Any tips on that. I can hold a grudge like a damn trooper! Das mind is a steel trap.

Lastly a reminder. If you haven't seen it already please see my Birthday Wish post. I want you all to show me what  you got in your bag TODAY! (you don't have to post it today though. You have until October 6th.) Please post a link the comments on that post! I am asking you guys too! I know a lot of you use a man bang daily for work. Show me what you got in there!

Wanna tell me 6 things about you? Could be anything. 1. I am right handed 2. I hate the word moist.... things like that?


david said...

I think you look very nice today.

1. I am a year younger than you.
2. I often fear the worst and
3. I also have a hard time "getting over" things - even somewhat insignificant things.
4. I like fall and spring the best - it's hoodie weather.
5. I really can't wait to be done with school - i should have been done in 2001 :(
6. i am exceptionally bad at remembering dates and times

Between Laundry Days said...

1. One earring hole is lower than the other. Sometimes I shorten earrings for my right ear so that they hang at the same level.

2. I'm going to eat an apple as a snack. I wish it were a Snickers bar.

3. I like how I look in photographs better than I do in the mirror.

4. I love my job.

5. My toes are weird lengths.

6. I have a green face too because I'm Italian. That olive skin.

Bri said...

Just started reading your blog but just had to comment. I'm also going to be 32 later this year and I'm a year older than my husband. For three months a year I'm actually two years older. And he loves to point it out during those three months.

Love today's jeans. I can never find trouser pants that actually look like trousers because I have size 10/12 thighs and a size 6 waist.

Melissa said...

1. This outfit makes me think I can wear my vest too. Until I try it on and I don't look as cute as you.
2. My husband and I sing with an entertainment company during the holidays. I'm already practicing Christmas music.
3. I'm right handed.
4. My favorite color is green. Or purple.
5. I like cats.
6. Sometimes we're contracted to sing at and/or for Disney. Those are fun times.

hillary said...

bri that is kinda me. I wear the gap ones because they are the only ones who don't suffocate my thighs. I get the hip slung fit. The only ones I like. If the waist is too big somedays I wear an invisibelt.

hillary said...

bri that is kinda me. I wear the gap ones because they are the only ones who don't suffocate my thighs. I get the hip slung fit. The only ones I like. If the waist is too big somedays I wear an invisibelt.

La Chula said...

1. I'm the youngest of 10 kids
2. I'm 27, the bf is 44 but everyone says he looks 29 and he often reminds me of that
3. I just bought a new pair of shoes that I've been wanting for months
4. I'm craving guacamole
5. I miss my bff who lives 9 hrs away in the ATX
6. I live in the 2nd safest city in the US which borders with the murder capital of the world, Juarez, Mexico, aint that something!

Sal said...

I need you to give me vest-wearing lessons. I am not kidding.

EvaNadine said...

(1) we bought pizza for dinner sunday night despite being on a tight "its almost the wedding" budget, so i am eating leftover pizza every day for lunch this week.

(2) i am absolutely freezing in my office, and i have a space heater that i am not supposed to use because of a rash on my ankles.

(3) my dear fiance made me 2 PBJ sandwiches and packed me a lunch with garden salsa sunchips.

(4) in november, i will have worked in this building for 10 years. in that time, i will have had 3 different jobs and worked for 2 different companies.

(5) im ashamed, but im utterly addicted to facecrack.

(6) i have a huge mug on my desk that i painted at a pottery shop to look like a watermelon. it made it on their wall of fame.

Rachel said...

1. I love the beach, it is my haven, I wish I was there now.

2. I love cats but am highly allergic, but I'm not allergic to dogs, which is weird b/c isn't dander dander?

3. I wish I was taller

4. I have very long toes, my husband calls them bat toes. I can pick things up with them and probably do lots of other things I haven't tried.

5. I don't like my food to touch. Yes it's weird, I don't care.

6. My hair is not naturally curly, though everyone thinks it is. It's only been curly for 6 years.

And I never think you are boring. And your outfit is cute today.

Megan Mae said...

I love the vest with the "pocket watch".

1. I like things divisible by 3. 3 is my "safe" number.
2. I got married the day after I turned 18.
3. I prefer CocaCola. To the point I'm not sure I've tasted Pepsi since I was a kid.

Megan Mae said...

4. I accidentally posted too early.
5. I have a new computer mouse.
6. I hate avocado.

Lisa said...

1. I like it when things add up to nine. I always set my alarm or the time on the microwave so that when you add all the numbers together they come to nine.

2. I am scared of leeches. More specifically getting leeches on me. It makes me shudder just thinking about it.

3. I have a fake tooth.

4. I'm bothered by my husband's toes (I think they're too long - he thinks mine are too stubby).

5. I'm the same height as Napoleon Bonaparte.

6. I'm dreading grading the rest of my students' essays because they're not well done and I had criticizing them, even if I'm being as polite and helpful as possible.

hillary said...

Lisa do you cast out 9s?

Megan Mae I got a new new mouse and I keep clicking out ok too soon!!!

Rachel I can pick things up with my toes as well. Dave calls them monkey toes.

David I was supposed to be done in 2001 as well. Funny that! At least you had the excuse you took a year off. Someone talked me into changing degrees! ;)

Clare I want a snickers too!

Melissa I love Disney world like a hillary loves a cupcake.

La chula my gram is one of 15 and as an old child large families fascinate me.

Sal my policy is if it has buttons vest it. (button gaposis is such a problem for me)

Turn it off! No wedding day rashes! *smacks hand. Gently if course*

Louise said...

1. My lips are all puffy and gross because of the nasty food I ate this weekend at Oktoberfest.

2. I just quit my 5-year job at Gap, and I miss the discount terribly.

3. I constantly disparage television, yet I watch Gossip Girl and 90210 secretly. Very secretly.

4. I make the best chocolate chip cookies in the world.

5. Coffee and avocados are my favorite foods.

6. Fred Astaire is my boyfriend.

curlyred said...

first off, great idea about your bday present, working on it tonight, so here i go:

1.- I love watching the sundance channel, i've discovere many new favorite movies there.

2.- I'm wearing leggings for the first time ever (H&M with gold zippers at the ankles that i found for $5!!) and i have to say, WHY i have taken so long??? (a tunic dress over them of course)

3.- Drinking coffee gives me headaches, even do i like it, I can't take it to often.

4.- I love being a redhead (curtesy of a lovely cream color thankyouverymuch) that i wouldn't know how to be a brunette even if i tried.

5.- My little brother gets married this weekend and i bought a killer dress.

6.- Said dress was bought in a killer style 'cause i'm the oldest of 4 male brothers all of them married, except for the little runt, so i wanted to say as Carrie would : i'm single and fabulous.

Lorena said...

WOW I have no idea how much your vest cost BUT you are getting every penny out of it. THAT IS THE WAY IT SHOULD BE : Hillary 100, Vest 0.

I will tell you about me that... my number is 7. For some reason that number appears in the right places at the right times.
I am right handed, hate grey hair and have 2 younger brothers.
I have not washed my car in more than 2 months.
Oh ! and I will empty my bag for you :)

Sharon Gaye said...

I'm 40 but I felt the oldest when I was 32. I think 32 is a hard year so don't stress it, it gets better!

1. I have a condition called cold induced Urticaria which basically means my body has an allergic reaction to the cold.

2. My favourite food is Cake.

3. I am a foster carer and have had an 11 year old boy living with me for 1 year. He leaves in 2 weeks and that makes me both happy and sad.

4. I'm single but one day I hope I meet a nice man to marry.

5. I have a Whippet.

6.I feel fortunate! I think life has been kind to me....touch wood.

Cara said...

1. Despite the fact I work from home 6 days a week, I'm refusing to turn on the heat in my apartment despite the fact I'm currently wearing a hoodie and TWO blankets.
2. I receive better marks on essays when I write them on the couch with cartoons on. I may have to thank Scooby Doo on the published copy of my thesis.
3. I've developed an allergy to Colgate Toothpaste. It makes my tongue numb. So far, Crest doesn't.
4. I love that my apartment faces the street so I can people watch when I'm bored.
5. I'm making my sister's unborn child a receiving blanket designed to look like a burrito.
6. There is an awesome parking spot right outside my apartment to which I'm tempted to move my car... even though my car is only two lengths further

Cyn said...

Wooo for the "Are You Being Served?" reference. I want a gloss-watch now too.

Just for fun...

1. I happened upon your blog because someone had linked to a pic of you standing in front of bound journals- I too work in a library. There's not many of us in Libraryland who are snazzy dressers.

2. I HATED coffee until I turned 29. That was also when I got my first management job. I guess it's all about survival.

3. I continue to hate the taste of butter today. It's good for baking, but I'll take my toast or corn on the cob dry, thank you.

4. My thumbs are double-jointed. I can twist them all the way back behind the knuckle of my index finger. Actually, I can do that with about all of my fingers- it's highly entertaining, especially in front of drunk people.

5. I buy all of my winter coats in obnoxious colors. Last year was tough, but I found a great fitted wool one in Joker purple. Makes me easier to find in crowds.

6. I love White Castle cheeseburgers. My dream man would tolerate them occasionally just or me.

McKristie said...

Ok I think this is tons of fun - and I am a new reader via Sal of Already Pretty.

1) - I have known my husband since I was 20 and he was 21.

2) - We didn't get married until this year - I am 35 and he was 36. We dated twice during that time but always broke up because he was living in the SW and I was living in the Midwest. We now reside in Phoenix.

3) - I love vests as well!

4) - I love to garden and do yard work - moving to Phoenix has proven to be an educational experience in that area!

5) - I consult for a healthcare computer system - I currently am in Salt Lake City four days a week.

6) - My life has changed so much in the last year, and I am loving every minute of this crazy ride!
4) -

hillary said...

Louise OH NOES is it an allergy issue? benadryl? That happens to me with strawberries SOMETIMES but not every. Also I might have to have one of those cookies to decide.

Curly red. I think we need to see that dress. I love being a red head too and wish I'd never started dyeing my hair!!!

Lorena I have never washed my car. I've had it a year. Technically I don't drive it so that is my excuse. we use it like twice a month but my pop would be horrified we don't wash it!

Sharon Gaye
It feels old doesn't it? I think because it is such a in between time. Like you aren't in your 20's and you aren't 30 and you are a bit off from 40 still. blarg. Thats how I feel about it blarg. Do you live in a warm climate because of it. Is it like raynauds?

Cara OH girl you sound as stubborn as me! I love to people watch. I studied best with LOTS of distraction. I couldn't have silence. I do my best work at work blaring music in my ears. GAH on the colgate. I developed a allergy to pantene recently. One day fine next I thought someone poured acid on me. It took me weeks to know it was that. ODDLY you are the second person to mention scooby doo to me in 24 hours.

Cyn FIST BUMP wait am I cool enough to do that? I've been waiting for someone to say it all day so I could squeal. The butter thing makes me sad. Do you not like frosting? I would make you show me the joint thing and I would cover my eyes and peek and say EWWWW do it again do it again EWWWWWW

mckristie WELCOME! I met Dave when I was 17. Word! We were long distance for 3 years (florida and NH)

Thanks for taking the time to comment everyone! I really appreciate it!

Beck, At Her Best said...

1. I don't dot my is (or js, or use serifs - I blame drafting class since I've done it ever since freshmen year of college) and I usually write in small caps

2. I worked in the library at college for 3 years for work study, it was one of my favorite jobs!

3. I seem to have a knack for checking the time at 11:11 (or 1:11)

4. I hate mushrooms, and olives

5. I only have 1 brother but I'm the oldest of 18 first cousins! (my mom had 10 siblings)

6. I've never had a pedicure

also, I like cheese (and I can be very random)

Twills said...

1) I never do these things but I think you're adorable so I thought "What the heck".

2) I'm scared about turning 32 also!

3) But! My fiance (hate that word!) is 26 and that doesn't freak me out at all... quite the opposite. Fresh meat! (TMI?)

4) I bought the Jeffrey Campbell Lita in Distressed Red and I was so excited that red was available right away and that I didn't have to preorder like they did for the other colours. However, I love them SOOOOOOO much that I haven't actually worn them yet. Is that crazy?

5) My purse is so full of Mom-related junk that I'm actually scared to show anyone lest they think my entire life is in such a shambles.

6) When people use the word "moist" to describe food, it makes me lose my appetite, and that's saying something.

hillary said...

Twills "these things"? You mean when I do quizes? Mom junk is interesting to me and that is ALL THAT MATTERS frankly. :P
I have a something is new and I am scared to use it problem so I get that.

Beck Dave doesn't either. He does that all caps things but ONLY since he went to architecture school. I get uppity sometimes that I don't know his handwriting now so when he is writing me stuff in cards he always uses his OLD hand writing cause he knows it gets me. :) I have something like 70 cousins. I am an only child and most of them are my dad's cousins so my 2nd? (Gram has 15 brothers and sisters. 13 of them had kids...) First cousins... hrm I have 2, 3, 1 so 6? Smallish family in some aspects. you NEED a pedicure because it feels so nicccccccccccce. (also your workhorse would be your grey boots!)

Lacey said...

Mr. Humphries vest!! hahaha I love that show!

1. I love Keeping Up Appearances too.
2. My husband is 9 years older than me. I have never dated a guy my own age.
3. I love being a redhead. Not my natural color, but I have fooled many people (and hairstylists).
4. I have always been the youngest....youngest of my immediate family, youngest of my first cousins on Mom's side of the family, in school because I started school early (at age 4), and up until a few years ago, the youngest person at work...
5. Loving this season of Mad Men!
6. I want to get those hair pieces you have (esp the blue one!!)

hillary said...

lacey the little clips? do it! they are like $3!

Beck, At Her Best said...

Sometimes the handwriting can get confusing - I get a lot of people asking if my Gs are 6s or something, but for me the style fits.
Even for second cousins, 70 is impressive! I love having a big family. I have lost count of family members on my dads side- he had as many siblings as mom but they had more kids per family, so its like rabbits.....

and thats a good point you made about the boots! I do love my boots.

IrishRedRose said...

I love it that you used the word gaposis!!! I have only ever heard one other person do that--my mother. ;-)

1. I am fascinated with crime and justice, police work and the law. I volunteer at my local PD and since we live in a very crime-ridden city I am thinking this could get interesting indeed.

2. I have seven cats, plus two who live outside but we care for them. Nobody else would. They are sweet old guys. Inside, two are charity cases also--Roscoe, an orange dude with huge sea-green eyes who showed up on my back porch six years ago (and he was old then!) and Baby Weemus, whom I met when my old Volvo's engine nearly killed her. Her right front paw still does not work. But she is one tough little tuxedo kitty. The other cats go in fear of her. She and Roscoe sleep with us every night. (I always picture Roscoe in my mind as an gentle English character actor in a pith helmet and safari jacket, sipping a gin and tonic; I don't know why.) I love all my kitty family and so does my husband--his favorite is a chubby tuxedo kitty named Wom who came with our house. She looks like a penguin and she follows him everywhere.

3. I am obsessed with boots and own many pairs. I am embarrassed to count them. I am glad I have a basement.

4. My husband is 20 years older than me. I love him the way he is but I wish he were younger, for obvious reasons. The funny thing is I am more old-fashioned than him in some ways, b/c I never got to be an adult in the swingin' 70s and wear plaid bell-bottoms. Heh.

5. My favorite novel is "Jane Eyre" and my favorite singer/songwriters, muses of sorts if you like, are Tori Amos and Kate Bush.

6. I went prematurely gray (like my mother) and have been dying my hair forever. I love it red but I miss my real color. It really isn't reproducible, sadly.

"Das mind is like a steel trap" made me chuckle. I wish mine were! I am super sensitive and shy, but I literally forget stuff quickly, just how my memory is. I guess I forgive by default 'cause I can't remember how hurt/mad I was clearly enough. In most cases, anyway...

DaniellaBella said...

ooo! I love games!
1) I'm currently in a different city from home for training/conference for a job I'll be leaving in 2 weeks.
2) I'm eagerly awaiting a pair of Jeff Silverman shoes that i picked the colours for in the mail... any day now!
3) I just celebrated my 1 year date-aversary with my very first gentleman caller ever... I'm 28. He was worth the wait.
4) I live in Canada but long to live in Europe again and I know I will someday
5) I'm so grateful for all my friends and family
6) I love riding my bicycle and putting unexpected items in my basket. I wish that autumn didn't come quite so quickly this year.

Thanks Hillary! (that's my mom's favourite name!)

D'Rae said...

1. I am 32. Will be 33 on halloween.
2. I am 3 years older than my hubby. Except for about 3 months, then I am only 2.
3. I wish I had a better paying job. I like what I do and who I work for/with, just don't like the pay.
4. I love fall! followed by early winter, then early spring, then winter, spring. I hate summer.
5. sometimes I wish I had more IRL friends.
6. I have way more on-line friends than I do in realy life.

Bridgett said...

1. i envy your trouser jeans. i have searched and searched and can never find any that fit me well. i have the problem of my waste being too big and my legs too small.

2. i have been so lazy all day. i am a full time grad student and i am still in my jammies at 2:04pm.

3. we spent $250 on groceries last night but just got invited to go out to dinner w/ my classmates so we are eating out again. guilt.

4. i dropped my iphone in a bowl of spaghetti o's recently. :( i still works.

5. i have a hard time getting over things as well. i have 2 ex friends that i am still so bitter about. i introduced them to each other and now they are best friends with each other and totally ditched me. grr.

6. i hate most soda. i like rootbeer and orange but hate colas. i still spent many years drinking diet coke even though i didn't like it because it is usually the only diet soda available at restaurants.

Sharon Gaye said...

Hi Hillary,
No it's not like Raynauds. It just means when I get cold I get hives. If I got really, really cold I could go into anaphylactic shock but I only came close to that once when I was skiing and it was drizzly and it soaked through my snow suite. I do live somewhere that is cold by Australian standards ie we get frosts but no snow. I do however get it just as much in Summer from airconditioners and from swimming. It's really no big deal it's mostly just irritating. I have developed quite a strong tolerence to itchiness because of it.
I think I found 32 old because that was when all my friends were starting to have babies and I had just broken up from my boyfriend and so didn't see that happening in my future. I do agreee it's a weird in-between age. I hated turning 30 but I loved turning 40.