Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend roundup

Friday I met up with this cute guy I found on a bench.

FYI PF Changs FINALLY listened and now have a mini gluten free dessert. He was very anxious to try it as you can see. Couldn't even let me get a picture.

Days later I found this photo on my phone. Apparently he liked it. I didn't even notice him take it. You can see my hand in background.

Saturday we went for a drive to Wooodman's and too the mall. He got me malt vinegar. Which I appreciate because not only can he not have it he has always hated the smell. I think it smells WONDERFUL

Sunday I FINALLY dyed my mop.

I am officially up to 3 boxes. I have been dying it this exact same color from Feria since it came out in 1997 (off and on) and every time it comes out a tish different. I think because of how long it takes me to put on and how long I process.

Oh and we got our Sunday Sundae.

Yeah so like we need an excuse. Technically neither of us should be eating dairy but that is neither here nor there.

And there was LOTS OF HOMEWORK in between. It feels like it was all weekend. BUT I AM NOT COMPLAINING. I can say I don't like that he already has homework and THE SEMESTER HASN'T STARTED. Oh and the teacher? Yeah she is on vacation and isn't answering email. Awesome right? (grumblegrumble)

What did you do this weekend? Most importantly what did you eat?


SAMI. said...

love how the tips of your hair is almost black looking in the picture! and are you eating french fries with maple syrup because that's my fave!


hillary said...

Thank you. I desperately hope its the lighting because my hair is meant to be all the same color. Nope not maple syrup Its vinegar like I say in the post.

Sheila said...

I love Feria - I keep coming back to it after 10 + years. I use the brightest orange-y red they make. Too bad reds fade so fast, though.

Mmm...I ate way too much. I ate Pocky, more chocolate, nuts, and drank a lot of red wine! Weeeee!

Little Miss Plump said...

Your hair looks fab!! And you have me craving sundaes and desserts...

I didn't eat anything special this weekend. My boyfriend is the one who usually cooks, and he's such a great cook, that if I'm on my own I tend to just have boring pasta. Or a sandwich. Or something like that, for dinner.

Lorena said...

Your hair looks amazing !!
I ate too much. I ate at least 4 skimo pies, a couple of fruit bars, lots of pasta, about a 6 pack of soda, cereal, sandwiches... I was still full on Monday.

Heather said...

fries with maple syrup??? hmmmm

I am also a fan of malt vinegar and knew immediately from the picture that's what it was. I also like fries with lots of pepper and then to dip it in mayo.

This weekend I ate lots of veggies from my parents' neighbour's garden. She is growing all sorts of stuff and has too much to eat herself so is always offering some to my parents or to me when I'm there. Delicious!

Melissa said...

I seriously love that picture of you.

How cool that PF Chang's has a gluten free dessert now! I'll have to tell my sister-in-law. She and her husband are trying a gluten free diet lately for various personal reasons.

I love fries with malt vinegar! I don't have it often but I like it. You know what's really good? Chik Fil A fries with their honey roasted barbecue sauce. Oh yes.

Kelly said...

I know I've told you a gazillion times but I'll tell you again: I want your hair.

This weekend I moved! FINALLY!

Kelly said...

Oh also speaking of fry toppings: this weekend I also went to Big Boy for lunch and as always I had to get fries and dip them in the tartar sauce. It's something that sounds so gross when I think of doing it with any fries or any tartar sauce outside of Frisch's...but somehow Big Boy makes it work perfectly.

rlutz said...

I so love the new hair color...looks amazing!
This weekend I had fave.
thanks for your support with everything!

La Chula said...

I love the way your hair looks in that picture! Give us your secret on the curls please! ;)

hillary said...

La chula. Regular ol cheap curling iron. Clamp roll repeat. Spray with whatever hairspray is in reach.

Thank you so much everyone!