Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend Roundup

The boy and I took a 3 day weekend. He starts school VERY soon so we are trying to squeeze in the fun now. If you've been around since before May you know Dave works full time and goes to school full time so during school there is very little time we can do anything outside the house. (We try to make Friday night family time. Where no one is allowed to work)

Friday I got a call at work at about 2pm "Are you thirsty?" Me "ARE YOU HERE!?!!" We work across town on different T lines during the same hours so we have only been to each others work a handful of times. He worked on his computer in the library until I was done at 4:30pm and we leisurely walked home stopping along the way to shop! (eee!) It is about 4 miles home so we had to get McDonald's sundaes on the way!

Saturday we went out for Thai lunch and more shopping (I know I feel a little gross. I bought so much stuff this weekend. This is how it happens I don't buy anything for months then binge a little. I'd feel better about it if Dave had got anything.) First we stopped at a community boat house in Newton(?) that we've driven by a million times and Dave always wanted to see. It was pretty breathtaking. These are all IPHONE pictures!!

We stopped at Target to get ice cream maker base and they didn't have any so we bought a bunch of other stuff. OY Target does that to you. My feet were hurting so bad from my sandals I got some cheapy sneakers and socks. I kinda love them even if they were a happy accident.They are Navy blue.

Dave says I was making it up and just wanted to match him.

I also got some new pretties.

We went into Kate Spade ONLY TO LOOK. I was avoiding Sephora next door! Dave picked out sunglasses and handed them to me to try on then BOUGHT THEM! I was so befuddled. I didn't need them or was even on the hunt for any but oh god did I love them. He did too. They are teal and tortiseshell. He even goes "she got a coupon in the mail but don't have it on us could you honor it?" And they did! and it was tax free weekend!! I think they were kinda kismet.

I've wore contacts for 2 days to wear them and it is true love. I have a heart shape face and they are exactly what the magazines say I should wear for my face. Total happy accident. (It was a weekend of those!) I am slightly considering having my rx put in them but honestly I want to wear contacts more so maybe this will force me. I have been testing a lash serum and IT IS WORKING. I am not embarrassed by my puny lashes anymore. I want to show them off.

Plus they look good on Dave.

Sunday we went for a walk, got a McDonald's sundae... wait what? yeah 2 this weekend. SHUT UP. That night at 11:30 this happened....

They were kinda exciting but they weren't city run and it was literally some knuckle heads in the middle of the road running back and forth with flares. A bunch caught on fire too. It was dangerous and thank god my car wasn't over there. It was cool to see out the window though and I love the smell. I would of been pissed if I had to work today as it went on for awhile. (well I did but I had taken it as vacation)

Today we went for a drive, had lunch and I got shoes. (gah I feel soooooo self indulgent like it was all me me me! It makes my stomach hurt a little. But we did BUY every thing. We don't use credit.) I called them my back to school shoes. Dave mentioned how I wasn't in school. Who said you had to BE in school to get back to school stuff? Not me!

We did get Dave some shirts for work at Target for $3.74 a piece! That makes it all better! ha. Oh I redid our bathroom too. Our apartment is OLD and not well maintained. Things are just old and no amount of cleaning helps. I livened it all up with some stuff that MATCHES. It is all hot pink and brown now.

How was your weekend? What did you do? What did you eat?!


Chelsea said...

that pic with you and the kate spade bag is all kinds of lovely... love the shades and the lipstick you happened to be wearing! your weekend sounds just perfect for the end of Summer :)

my weekend was great! we went and saw a couple of potential wedding venues and spent time with Nic's family. her stepmom is an amazking cook so we feasted last night like whoa... crazy macaroni salad, pork ribs, asparagus, pumpkin pie, red velvet cake... oh man. this is making me hungry. we also went out to sushi on Saturday which was DIVINE. yum!

Melissa said...

What a great, great weekend! It looks like you two had so much fun! Please don't feel bad for indulging yourself - especially knowing that you bought everything withOUT credit! That's huge! And awesome!

I love the lipstick you're wearing in the pic with the sunglasses. You look so gorgeous!

So our weekend...we went for Mexican on Friday night and they have some kind of white sauce with the chips along with the normal salsa. I'm not sure what's in that white sauce but I think it might be CRACK. It's so good. And we got cupcakes. Lots of cupcakes. From the best cupcake bake shop in the WORLD. No lie, you'd agree if you could try these things.

Have a good night!

IrishRedRose said...

I agree, it is awesome that you are not buying on credit! I am the same and you know, I believe we're rare. (Unfortunately.) It is also cool that you walked so much; I only wish I could walk to stores here but we have West Coast-itis...small town, but the mall era hit us hard and our gorgeous old downtown, once full of droolworthy stores, has been no more for many years now. (IF it ever revives I will walk there though!) That is something I did so love about big city life, and it makes me happy to hear about you doing it.

I LOVE those sunglasses on you!!! perfect perfect. (What lipstick was that? Because it is also perfect.) Oh yes, and "knuckleheads".....hahaha. I gotta reintroduce that word around here. One of my alltime faves.

I have to go back to school tomorrow too. Midlife re-education, blargh. I think it'll be worth it though! My weekend was a bit glum but oddly, the Target bug bit me too. Went in for mouthwash...came out with a load...oh, and a dress you might love. Red rayon-feel sleeveless bodice, black and white check body; early 60's CUTE sheath dress styling. Very retro, very nifty. I think it just came in! :-)

Little Miss Plump said...

Sounds like you had such a fun weekend! Don't feel too bad about your shopping, it's nice to treat yourself sometimes, and you deserve it! Looks like you got some great stuff. I really like those sunglasses - you look great!

My weekend...well, it was the last few days of my two weeks leave from work (which we spent holidaying at home), so I started getting the back to work 'blues' and didn't do much. But I finally put some stuff up for sale on ebay. I've only ever bought stuff there. I hope my stuff sells (only cheap clothes that don't fit), I could do with some money!

Little Miss Plump said...

I love those sunglasses!! Sounds like a nice weekend. And why not 'spoil' yourself now and again?

My weekend was ok, although it was the last few days before going back to work after my holiday, so had a bit of the back to work blues. Not sure why, because I really like my job! But it was nice to be off. Anyway, what did I eat? Chocolate orange cake, that I made. And the best sushi EVER - spider crab tempura sushi, so SO nice!!

Kelly said...

Looks like you had an awesome weekend! That community house is too cool. The picture of you outside Kate Spade is adorable (and your glasses are amazing too of course)! And I am pretty sure there is no limit to how many McDonald's ice cream sundaes you can have in a weekend. Those things are like crack. I have eaten them for supper before.

Eh, don't feel bad about shopping. You didn't charge anything and like you said, your shopping goes in waves. I always get the shopping bug during back-to-school season!

My weekend was alright. CAN YOU BELIEVE WE DIDN'T MOVE like I told you we were going to do for sure? I am going insane with how many times we've had to push this back. Erik took Friday off to paint our bedroom before we moved in and while he was there he discovered some things problems that have arisen since we bought it. Most we could live with but the air conditioning is broken which would have been miserable with a 105 heat index and practically swimming in humidity. So we just were lazy all weekend. Window shopping and eating and Netflix, mostly. The air conditioning guy is coming today so cross your fingers we get this shit straightened out before this weekend!

anna said...

I have those same shoes! (i mean, the target sneakers--- i WISH i could say the clogs!)

Hair is looking good, girl!

Little Miss Plump said...

Sorry for leaving two comment posts! I thought my first one got eaten by my computer as I got an error message when I tried to post it.

hillary said...

Little Miss Plump.
Don't be sorry! Blogger does eat messages sometimes! Not a problem!

Heather said...

ummmm pictures of bathroom????

Those sunglasses are gorgeous and good on you two for not using credit!

Sounds like you guys had a great long weekend.

hillary said...

I try not to show picture of my home.