Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Slight deviation

I am having a hard time deciding what I should do when I do a shirt and cami.People who see me IRL will see me CONSTANTLY changing it all day. 3 buttons, 2 buttons, whole thing buttoned. Nothing buttoned. buttoned askew.

Am I meant to button it a little

Or leave it open?

We have a work picnic today. What to know how I feel on the matter?

Add to that sitting on the ground and sweating and you have the most perfect way to ruin my day. Shorts are not in dress code. I am sure they wouldn't of minded today but I don't exactly like how I look in them so I went with this. I can roll the legs up too. Danskos are comfy and the hat I borrowed from Dave to keep my head from burning. (It has happened a ton)

Camera phone detail sorry.

I went with pulled back hair. No eye makeup just some waterproof liner, blush and colored chapstick. I figured it would all just melt off anyways.

Forced socialization just brings out my inner rebel. Tell me I have to sit in a field next to a sketchy part of town for 3 hours and all a sudden I really want to work on spread sheets. This is why no one ever invites me to parties. :P

A small PS.
I entered a contest.

I apologize but I am going to shamelessly plug that I am in the Mad Men Casting Call contest and you can vote once per day until September. I WANT TO WIN. It takes two clicks. One on the link. (which I also put in the top right sidebar of my blog) and another click on the "vote" button below my photo.

So please vote early and often. 

Thanks you all so much in advance

PPS We weren't even talking about the contest and randomly this weekend my dad says to me "Looks like you don't have a chance in hell of winning that contest kid" Thanks dad. I have no idea why mom left you. ;) You are just so supportive!

Lets prove him wrong??!!!!


Melissa said...

I voted!

I would either leave it completely unbottoned, or button one or two closest to your waist.

I don't get invited to parties either. I'd rather just sit in a corner by myself. Play on my iPhone. And then I wonder why no one ever invites me to do anything.

Yes, let's prove him wrong! Vote, vote, vote!!!

Jeweled Thumb said...

I tend to prefer the unbottomed look on myself just because it covers my hips more (but with your figure you don't have to worry about it)! lol

Actually, I don't mind office picnics. My office doesn't have one but DH's company has an annual picnic that is actually really nice. The food is actually decent, there is plenty of shade (and an indoor outdoor place for those of us that hate the sun) and people generally leave you alone, no requirements to play sports with colleagues = good - hope you have a non-awful time? =)

hillary said...

Melissa two buttoned at the bottom is not an option in my mind. I am a bit ahem well endowed and when I just do the waist it stick out at top and it makes me look fat.

it was a rhetorical question mostly because I am so neurotic no matter what anyonoe says I will probably button and unbotton it all day.

Jeweled thumb. You are forced to socialize and attend ours. Imagine a field of librarian. Not the young hip kind. I am WAY too picky to eat buffet type food spread.

Bridgett said...

i have the same problem with button/unbutton. i think unbuttoned looks best but buttoning 2 buttons in the middle is more comfortable for me.

i've been voting!

Kelly said...

I try more "creative" ways of buttoning from time to time but for some reason I feel weird in all variations except just leaving the top few unbuttoned.Not because the variations are weird, I just think they usually look weird on me. I don't know.

My office doesn't have picnics thank GOD. We are all awkward enough when we have monthly birthday parties. Mostly people zip in, grab cake, then leave and eat the cake at their desk. I don't even show up in my birthday month.

(P.S. I like your fishtail braid!)

spygrl1 said...

I voted! I like that you give reminders -- I go and vote every time you remind me!

LOVE the fishtail and the hat -- a very cute picnic look.

I think the button dilemma is part of why I don't really layer much -- it just becomes more stuff for me to fuss with. I do like the look of a couple buttons done in the middle-ish area. :)

IrishRedRose said...

Well the outfit is super-cute! You look great today! And that buttoning example is the one I'd probably go for the most though I have the same fussing thing with overshirts. I like Dave's hat on you too, so cute. I used to hate hats because I too am a bangs person and I cannot abide "hat hair" BUT I am also as fair as paper and didn't want sun damage to age me prematurely. AND sunscreen often gives me allergic reactions so I could seldom wear that. So back then I just refused to go into the sun at ALL w/o a sun shade of some kind--even just a magazine, anything, and I would cling to shade like a shipwrecked mariner clings to his last bit of beef jerky.

Now I've given up and choose to simply adorn myself with glorious, gorgeous, huge-ass hats. Whatever works I guess lol. I've come to like the look myself. It goes with "bohemian" or "vintage" stylings easily, at least.

I sympathize and wish you luck at that pic-a-nic....the list of issues you wrote is basically my idea of hell esp. the sports out in the sun, eurgh. (Do you ever bring snax of your own to make up for icky buffet food? I do. Even to parties!!)

p.s. still voting for you, yep. Yay to proving Dad wrong!!! :-)
p.p.s. I just found the crinkled black patent version of those Danskos NEW and obviously unworn at a Goodwill for ten bucks!!! *thrilled* I like the red uppers better but man are they comfy.

dotty said...

I also tend to hate work picnics. Maybe it's because I don't trust condiments that have been left out in the sun, can't swing a bat to save my life, and hate small talk.

Anywho, I've been voting for you all week. Your photograph is absolutely perfect!