Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Oh hey

Oh hey someone finally charged their camera. I never did find my charger though. I shoved it into a different one and it appears to have work! huzzah!


Pants and Jacket Forever 21
Cami, shirt, scarf H&M
It is POURING here and has been for 4 days. No outside photos. I was busy all morning too so I missed out on the unwrikled chambray pants photos. HELLO WRINKLE by looking sideways at them. My flutter sleeves were disheveled too. I like the mass amounts of blue I had on today though.

Various times during day I had a coat on


and a scarf too


The front is interesting. So is this weirdo expression. What was I thinking?


Dave hemmed 6 inches odd them. I don't know who has a 36 inch seam but it isn't me. Forever 21 pants always scared me because I have large legs and a bottom. I didn't think I'd fit into any but I finally tried on these chambray ones this weekend. I liked how they looked in the store a lot. Now I think they accentuate my thighs a little too much. This is why I only wear trouser cut. bah.

I pulled out one of my favorite rings today. I usually don't wear rings on this finger because I have a silver one always on it but I wanted to mix it up.


I make noise when I walk.


Just did an eye wing and LOTS of peach blushes mixed with a bunch of pink in the corners of my eyes.


I took this in my bathroom right after putting makeup on with a flash. I knew that the rain would melt it so I tried to capture it right away. Not flattering but you can see it "fresh"


I was 100% inspired by Alison Sodul. How I didn't know about her until last night I will never know. I am in mad mad girl/hair crush with her.

I saved a bunch of her pics on my tumblr because I am so going with that color when I start getting it professionally done in Oct. (I wanted to use up the dye I had at home then I am handing it over to the professionals)


accidentalcitygirl said...

I LOVE HER!!! I met her once briefly after a concert for her first album and she is just as delightful in person as she seems in her music. ;)

Bridgett said...

i love those pants on you!! also love the blue polka dot shirt and think that bright red color will look lovely for your hair.

Megan Mae said...

I love your polka dot top super cute! I haven't heard of Alison Sodul, but I love your makeup from the inspiration!

Melissa said...

Yay for functional cameras!

I love those pants. I think they look great on you and they seem so extremely comfortable. The sailor vibe with the buttons is great too.

Lorena said...

I love your make up, looks amazing.
The pants are also cool but for some reason I get totally lost when I buy pants that have buttons on the front, I just do not know how to wear them.

paisleyapron said...

Fantastic monochromatic outfit. The ring makes it for me, but I am partial to that blue. Yay for charged cameras!

Cara said...

I don't think they accent anything in the wrong way!
You may be afraid of Forever 21's pants... but I'm afraid of that store in general! Love it online, but in person, something about it just scares me!

Lisa said...

Love the pants and your hair! I always see people's awesome Forever 21 finds, but I rarely find anything nearly as awesome when I go.

Unless I'm shopping in a store that carries petites, I only buy trouser pants, b/c they're the only ones that can be hemmed without looking awkward. I wish my husband could hem, maybe I could convince him to learn!

spygrl1 said...

Oooh, good hair inspiration! I'm a brunette, but I dye my hair red a lot. I've been doing home dye for the past few months, since my long-time stylist moved away, and I'm more chicken when I dye my hair myself -- I was more bold when a professional was doing it and when that professional could nudge me out of a rut.