Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My you smell... unique

I have horrible allergies yet I LOVE perfume. I love walking into a department store and sniffing bottles. My mom is a BIG perfume wearer and it is a frequent gift from her (and Dave). I really like oils because I like mixing up my own concoctions. Every once in awhile I would order a handful from Ebay (usually under $5 a piece) and I mix and match depending on my mood. Last January I had a custom oil made at an apothecary in Newburyport MA. It was around $40 so it wasn't cheap but it was also a great deal.... Until I found Peepshow Perfumes on Etsy! For $7 (YES SEVEN!!) dollars you can have your own 1.8oz oil custom made! You can pick up to 6 notes!


I held it to give you an idea on size.


I made Dave make one and I made one. Do you know who made which one? ;)

Pirate: Bay Rum, Carribean Coconut, Moroccan Fig, Superior Eqyptian Musk, Cinnamon Stick and Deep Blue Waters.
This one is kinda spicy but not. Ever smell Ralph Lauren Hot? You know how it smells WARM? This one does too but it smells nothing like Ralph Lauren. It is very much like a hot pirate girl. 

Hot Nerd Girl:  Honey Bear, Lemon Cake, Tobacco Flower and Black Tea.
This smells like a warm buttery lemon tart with a splash of spicy frosting.

I ordered it on Wednesday afternoon, she shipped on Thursday and it was here Monday afternoon! It was very well wrapped and she even included a little sample. You only need a little rub on the pulse points and the scent last for hours. I will DEFINITELY be ordering from here again. If you want your own perfume I highly recommend Peepshow Perfumes! Where else can you have 2 CUSTOM perfumes for $17 (including shipping)

So who made which one?
There is no actual prize if you guess right. You just have the honor of knowing you were right! (Ally no giving the answer away!)


Lisa said...

I'm voting on Hot Nerd Girl just because I think the name is awesome, although the Pirate one sounds good too.

How do you know what things will smell good together? It reminds me of mixing paints in art class, I could never get it right, so I feel like I'd be the same way with fragrance . . .

hillary said...

Im sorry I don't follow your vote.

You don't know it is a complete shot in the dark. They could of shown up and smelled gross. I do look perfumes up on sephora a lot and see what their "notes" are.

Melissa said...

I'm gonna say yours is the Pirate one. But I'm awful at guessing games.

I didn't even realize you could make your own perfume. That's really neat, I'll have to check into that.

Bridgett said...

my guess is that you made hot nerd girl and dave made pirate.

i too would be worried i'd make a bad smelling one!

Work With What You've Got said...

I'm guessing you did the Pirate one.

Would it offend you if I ordered the same things? I am tempted to order both but I think I would pick one and then do one of my own, but not if it would bug you!

hillary said...

I don't mind at all!


Jess said...

Hot Nerd Girl sounds sooo yummy.

This reminds me of way back in the day when they had Garden Botanika in the mall and you could mix your own perfume. I did one that was floral musk, pear and apple-melon...sounds like a weird combo but it was SO perfect. It was bright and fresh but had a nice undertone of vanilla-y musk. Everyone on my dorm floor absolutely went bananas for it. I have been tempted many times to order a bottle from GB online, but I'm afraid it won't be the same...

Heather said...

I think he made the pirate one. :)

Lisa said...

To clarify my vote is Hot Nerd Girl. However, if it turns out Pirate is correct I would not be disappointed, b/c I think that sounds pretty awesome too.

Good call on looking up perfume notes. I'm kind of intimidated to make my own, but for $7 it wouldn't be the end of the world if I botched it.

hillary said...

I revealed the answer earlier in the comments

I made hot nerd girl
Dave made pirate. He said it's official name is aaaaarrrrg I'm a pirate.

Lisa said...

Oops, didn't pick up on that. Good choice!

Megan Mae said...

Hot Nerd Girl sounds like it smells awesome! If I ever get around to actually deciding, this company is a godsend! I've been wanting to do a custom scent forever. Thanks for passing it on.

Heather said...

Oh! I hadn't seen that you'd told the answer before I left my comment. Pats self on back for guessing right.