Monday, August 02, 2010

Monday Monday yup. Monday we established that.

Ever get somewhere and realize YOU LEFT YOUR CAMERA CHIP IN YOUR LAPTOP AT HOME. No just me? Doubtful.

I had really planned this outfit too. It is probably for the best because I think I missed the mark on this on.

Dammit OK went into bathroom.(Can you see I just leave the document open for awhile and just come back to it when I have second?) I have avoided pulling this card for the 4 years I have taken outfit photos but I give you gratuitous public bathroom shot.

Instead here are some things from my day. Uber busy at work basically doing a lot of this...

OK maybe it is more like this.

urg and more waiting for me over there.

About to leave for lunch doing the swap off.

And upclose for good measure.

Those are probably one of my best deals EVER. YSL new shoes in box at consignment store. $75. Original price tag said $600. The sales girl had NO IDEA who YSL was. Ha that was her problem!

I have little friends to keep me company though.

My coworker/ friend gave me the care bear. It is hilarious because I only had one care bear as a kid and it was that one. She is spooky like that. I blame it on us both being Libras.

And my lunch looked like this.

I had already eaten earlier because I was STARVING so I noshed at my desk while I worked. I was sitting in a seafoam colored Adirondack chair in front of my work.

And this is how I spent last evening.

Someone invited me to a pants off contest when he saw this. But I am wearing a skirt I said! He said last he checked a skirt wasn't pants. Touche I replied. So he entered me in the contest.

Speaking of is that for a lead in?

A small PS.
I entered a contest.

I apologize but I am going to shamelessly plug that I am in the Mad Men Casting Call contest and you can vote once per day until September. I WANT TO WIN. It takes two clicks. One on the link. (which I also put in the top right sidebar of my blog) and another click on the "vote" button below my photo.

So please vote early and often. 

Thanks you all so much in advance


Distractedly Yours said...

I also have a Domo on my desk (two actually). So, are you not twittering anymore or did I offend?

hillary said...

For a myriad of reasons I had to delete my account and apparently you can't undo it. I still have my private account. It won't let me approve people but if you email me we can coordonate a time an I can "unprivate it" for a minute and you can add me and I can lock it back down.

Distractedly Yours said...

Ah I'm sorry to hear that. I enjoyed your presence there.

I'm getting ready to go on vacation, but I'll coordinate something with you after that. (I'm sillygrrljen on there in case you hadn't figured that out). :)

hillary said...

I tweet more on my private account ;) I swear more though as a warning.

Kelly said...

I have done the bathroom-at-work shots a few times too. I try not to but sometimes I want to show a mid-day outfit alteration or something.

Also I love your little patterned desk bunny. He reminds me of peeps bunnies!

(That was my only care bear too!)

hillary said...

It is peeps brand! Coworker gave it to me.

Felicity said...

The Carebear and Domo look so real. I bet they get down and party "after hours." ; )

Dave77459 said...

I am kinda glad to see these random peeps (ha!) into your day!

Lacey said...

Love the Inotech TPS Report sheet! lol Love Officespace. After my desk stapler at work broke, I ordered myself a nice red Swingline stapler. It's the best.

Melissa said...

This post had me laughing out loud.

First, I love the bathroom shot. I've done that. I feel better now that you have.

Second, I LOVE Office Space.

Third, that was a brilliant seque into the contest plug.

Fourth, I voted today. And yesterday. Keep reminding!