Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mind the Gap

Man do I need to charge that thing. You know the thing. The thing I spent a lot of money on and it takes pictures. yeah KAMERA. Need to charge it. I have been so insanely lazy with the iphone photos and today I am a lovely shade of blurry.


Pants 2010 shirt 2009 Gap
Red cami H&M 2008
Wooden sandals Nine West 2010
Earrings I made
Ring Charlotte Russe

I love my new pants.
I got them last night at Gap. Yes I have had about 4 or more pairs like this but this time the rise isn't so darn high and cutting my middle. They need a little hemming. I tried the mirror photo to show Dave and see if he liked them. I am totally on tip toe because they were so long. (I need to hem them because wearing with 4 inch heels is not a daily solution.

green earrings i made

There is nothing wow about my outfit today and I usually hate how I look in pants but I just FEEL nice today. I know Dave digged it. He loves me in fussy stuff but he also likes when he and I are dressed on the same par. He gets all upset when I am dressed up and he feels underdressed.The crease helps. I really like creases in pants. The heels make a CLOMP CLOMP CLOMP too which I dig. You can hear me coming across the library.

Oh I got these pants for 40% off if you go into Gap you can get a coupon for 40% off one item for August 18th! The had one for yesterday and I didn't know until I was paying. I was going to pay full price because I know they are my style and will get lots of use.

What are you willing to spend full price on?
On something I fear will sell out in my size. Jeans that fit me. My Gap chambray dress. I did end up getting it on a little sale but I was willing to pay for it because I knew I would get a lot of use out of it and you've all seen how often I wear it. Also Clark's Shoes. I know I will always get a lot of wear out of a pair of their shoes. A really great winter coat too. I have a very hard time finding one for a petite person with large bust that isn't too big everywhere else.I would rather get everything on deep discount and to be honest most those things I don't usually spend full price on but I was willing to.

Edited to add my makeup. I did a greeney blue today. I kinda dug it. I used two greens, a teal and a pink and white eyeliner.

A small PS.
I entered a contest.

I apologize but I am going to shamelessly plug that I am in the Mad Men Casting Call contest and you can vote once per day until September. I WANT TO WIN. It takes two clicks. One on the link. (which I also put in the top right sidebar of my blog) and another click on the "vote" button below my photo.

So please vote early and often. 

Thanks you all so much in advance


Emily Kennedy said...

Mmm, yes. I love that The Gap finally lowered the waist on their jeans. Such a much needed-improvement.

I pair full price for Born shoes usually. When I need a new pair, I really need a new pair, and I'll do just about whatever it takes to get them.

Sheila said...

I love the green eyeshadows - very pretty! Also your nails and that cool ring.

I pay full price for Fluevogs...but I only get 1 pair a year.

Beck, At Her Best said...

Love your makeup! The bluey-green makes me think of mermaids.

I'm willing to pay full price for Doc Martens, but even then its after searching for a discount :)

Felicity said...

I love your outfit and thank you for the Gap coupon tip.

hillary said...

Beck that is how we refer to it in our house! mermaid makeup and this would be called a mermaid polish too!

spygrl1 said...

I really like that Gap blouse, and all the green accents (gorgeous eye makeup).

I will pay full price for quality shoes -- although that extends only so far. I might lust after a pair of hot LAMB heels, but I won't pay a few hundred bucks. And I paid full price for a dress at the Limited last year, because it was a gorgeous teal color and I was terrified they would sell out before it went on sale. Yeah, that's how rare it is for me to pay retail, I remember one specific dress! I'm cheap. :)

Melissa said...

Well, for as much as you don't like the outfit, I really do. I like the ruffly top and the red peeking out from underneath, and those pants really do look great on you.

And that first paragraph made me giggle.

hillary said...

I think you misunderstood. I love this outfit.

Lorena said...

You got me thinking.
What DO I pay FULL price on ?
Well antiques never go on sale.
But I think about buying anything expensive A LOT- I go over and over and over and think if I have anything similar and then think about it again.
Right now I am considering a LV bag. The Speedy. I will probably think about it for sometime before I decide.