Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Das clogs

Last night this outfit felt so nice. Now it appears CLUNKY. Part of it might be there weren't any photos that didn't make me look like I thought I was a tough guy.


This is that dress Dave made that is 5 yards of fabric. Peeing is interesting. I need ladies in waiting to help. When I got married I had to have my mom help me hike up my dress before I got into the stall.
Detail. There is gold around the blobby things and the flowers.


There are just two closures on it. A button that hold the front on and then the snaps on the front. It is a SIMPLE dress that looks complicated. It is all one piece. (see bottom  left)

Of course I spun around like I always do in this dress.


First time I wore it 2.5 years ago. Notice the short hair!

this one

Spinning in shoes that are over 5 inches is rough. I had to yell to Dave to catch me when I was done I was so dizzy and wobbly on them.


Do your feet expand and contract through the day? I swear sometimes they shrink a whole size then hours later are big again.

I wore contacts today. SEE NO NOSE MARK! I wore lots of shimmery pinks all over my face. I wish I had done a bold liner instead of sparkly white today. It would of helped the look.


Oh yes so.
Dress Dave made
Sweater Ann Taylor Loft
Shoes Nordstrom Jeffrey Campbell
Belt Target


Clare said...

Good grief. That dress is just absolutely incredible. This definitely goes in the "hints to Joe" folder.

Sal said...

I'm having serious clog envy.

Melissa said...

I love this! I do love anything belted but this really looks incredible on you.

And now I kind of want some clogs.

{How was your cupcake?}

Shaye said...

HILLARY. I made that same dress last year in an Amy Butler fabric, from that same pattern, although mine was a reproduction pattern and not an original. Clearly there is some sort of wardrobe convergence going on.

You're right, I don't have a profile, although I've been thinking about starting up a wardrobe-chronicle blog of my own. (Even though I hate the way I photograph.) But I'll try to get you pictures of me my 50's wrap dress and my zebra-striped Target skirt so you don't think I'm just some weird Single White Female-esque stalker.

That purple/maroon color is lovely on you. I don't think the outfit is clunky at all!

Little Miss Plump said...

Oh, I wish my boyfriend could sew me a dress like that!! Or that I could...

I love the colours in the dress, looks great on you!

Kelly said...

I don't think it looks too clunky at all! I think it's very pretty. The belted waist looks so good with such a full skirt.

I think my feet get bigger throughout the day. I always heard that you should go shoe shopping in the afternoon because if you go when you first wake up, you'll buy shoes that are too small.

Heather said...

Gorgeous dress - what a great, classic style. Also that belt makes me drool.

freeda said...

Ooh, I made that same dress! Mine's black with pink polka dots on the front. I wish I'd used the same fabric throughout. Doesn't it take forever to hem! Also the shoulders were a bit wide for me, and needed to be adjusted. I gave mine to a friend of my daughter's. Kudos to you! It looks lovely on you.

hillary said...

Freeda all kudos go to my husband not me ;) I didn't make
It he did. I'm not that talented sadly. The straps are wicked bizarre and I can't wear it without something over or something under it.